Here is a study of the Middle Paleolithic Jebel Irhoud and, Dar-es-Soltane hominids, from North Africa.

It is found that none of the features found in a specimen referred to the Aterian exclude this specimen from moderns. The teeth of Aterians are large and the mandibles are robust, which led to Aterians being interpreted as being less modern in the past. However they are less modern than Skhul and Qafzeh.

The only features that Jebel Irhoud hominids are found to share with neanderthals, are retained from the ancestors of neanderthals and moderns, and don't support the idea that Jebel Irhoud is neanderthal. Jebel Irhoud is close to the Aterian type.

It is argued here that there was multiregionalism within Africa, leading to moderns. But no claim is made for a significant genetic contribution from Aterians into Europe across Gibraltar, or the other way, despite the fact that the Jebel Irhoud hominids were associated with Mousterian tools which are similar to those found in Western Europe.