Int J Legal Med. 1999;112(1):15-21.

Y chromosome STR haplotypes: genetic and sequencing data of the Galician population (NW Spain).

Pestoni C, Cal ML, Lareu MV, Rodriguez-Calvo MS, Carracedo A.

Institute of Legal Medicine, University of Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain.

Recently described Y-STR polymorphisms can be analysed as informative haplotypes which are useful in the forensic field. In order to include these systems in our forensic routine, we have carried out a population study in Galicia (NW Spain) analysing seven Y-STR polymorphisms (DYS19, DYS389-I, DYS389-II, DYS390, DYS393 and DYS385: two loci). The results were compared with other population studies. In addition various alleles for each system (except DYS385) were sequenced and the corresponding allelic ladders constructed.