Here is the method we use to can sweet corn I hope you enjoy this and feel free to ask any questions or share how you can corn.

First either grow or buy from local farmer about four dozen ears of good sweet corn make sure it is in the "milk" stage a little on the green side helps. I did not grow this corn I bought it from the Amish, they grow better sweet corn than I do.

Next "shuck" the corn( remove husk ) and cut it from the cob. This is a good time to check for worms or other nasty things. Make sure you can the corn the same day it is picked or it might come out starchy.

After you cut the corn from the cob fill clean sterile pint( 1/2 liter ) jars. Make sure all you tools are clean and wash your hands. I like to use stainless steel tools when I can as they don't hold bacteria when cleaned good.

When you have the jars filled about 12 of them, you add 1/2 teaspoon sea salt, 1/2 teaspoon sugar and 1/2 Tablespoon of cider vinegar.

Wipe jar rims with vinegar to remove any food particles, make sure they are very clean.

Next place on the two piece lid and screw band system, just to finger tight.

Pressure can at 5 lbs for 30 min., then you can remove the jars and let them cool and store them for years or until you want corn. The corn always taste just like fresh when canned this way.


what ever you do, do not forget the vinegar it is very important.

Have fun and enjoy. If you like I will post more canning methods in the future. I like canning as I can be online while things are in the canner or between steps.