The ACT Party leader, Don Brash, has been accused of using desperate tactics to bolster the party's support.

ACT ran an advertisement in Saturday's New Zealand Herald featuring the Maori sovereignty flag, and asking people whether they are "Fed Up With Pandering To Maori Radicals?".

Dr Ranginui Walker, an Emeritus Professor at Auckland University, says Dr Brash is using the same tactics he did in a speech at Orewa in 2004, when he attracted attention for his views on supposed Maori privilege.

But he says any visit to a marae will quickly reveal that far from being privileged, Maori are among the country's poorest people.

He says the advert is a sign of desperation, but its message will only appeal to a narrow band of voters with racist attitudes.

In a statement, the Maori Party says the advert is deeply offensive, but it won't comment further.

The National Party has also declined to comment

Don Brash has launched a fresh campaign against Government policies which he says give Maori more rights than other New Zealanders.

In a half-page advertisement in today's Weekend Herald headlined "Fed up with pandering to Maori radicals?" the Act leader claims National is trading away the country's resources for Maori Party votes.

"Under a string of weak governments, New Zealand has been slowly morphing into a state where those who are Maori have more rights than those who are not."

The marketing guru behind controvesial new Act Party adverts has quit after he attacked "white cowards" for not standing up against the "Maorification" of the country.

Act Party creative director John Ansell said Maori were taking advantage of New Zealand's fear of appearing racist and he wanted the Act Party to speak out
He said: "These guys (Maori) have gone from the stone age to the space age in 150 years and haven't said thanks. That's the nature of the thing. In Maori world, if one tribe conquers another you eat the guys eyeballs. The Brits were pretty civilised by that standard."