A measles outbreak in Auckland is worsening, with concerns new cases are spreading among plane passengers who travelled with an infected person.
Auckland Regional Public Health Service today said the number of confirmed cases of measles in the city had risen to 39.
Though infections were originally thought to be mainly limited to a school in Oratia, at least nine cases had now been detected in other places including several early childhood centres, it said.
Its medical officer of health Richard Hoskins said a measles-infected person had also entered Auckland on a Thai Airways flight from Bangkok on June 19.
The person was in the early stages of the disease and may have infected fellow passengers, he said.
"All passengers onboard the flight who have not had the right number of measles immunisations for their age, or are unsure, should be vigilant if they suspect they could have measles.
"We will be trying to contact a number of passengers who were sitting close to the passenger with measles