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Thread: USA Collapse is Imminent

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    USA Collapse is Imminent

    Very interesting and informative interview/discussion about the facts behind zionism and zionists.

    The Military Industrial complex takeover of the US is almost complete and the lifestyle of many Americans is about to change forever.

    Zionist infiltration of Christianity has meant a new type of religious direction for US politics and foreign policies.

    In this interview Former Aerospace engineer and Researcher C4 speaks with old friend Steve Johnson about what is happening in the world today and what direction the world has to look forward to in the future.

    Amongst the things discussed is Canadian zionism, President JFK and the emerging fact that Hebrew language is a derivative of Greek based on the book by Joseph Yahuda. Hebrew is Greek (9780728900134): Joseph Yahuda: Books

    Pages from Joseph Yahuda - Hebrew is Greek part1

    Dog gets rabbinical order to be stoned to death:

    Rabbi's dog gets death sentence - Religion and Beliefs - NZ Herald News

    Mexicans caught dressed as US MARINES trying to enter USA:

    Lone Star Watchdog: Border Patrol Caught US Government Van With Foreign Nationals in US Military Uniforms.

    Joel Osteen the Jewish Christian:

    Joel Osteen Converts to Judaism « Scotteriology

    Regensburgh Teknikal Instituten:

    "Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society."


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    Regarding the Mexican cartel disguising themselves as US Marine Corps and everything else for that matter, it seems as though our SHTF catastrophe is indeed imminent. We must prepare ourselves for what is to come because if we don't, it's going to bite us in the arse when we least expect it.. and that Marine should have been awarded for capturing those illegal aliens. Instead he loses his job over an act of precaution that saved lives? What bullocks.

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