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Thread: Are Type A and Type B Personalities Supposed to Compete with Each Other?

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    Quote Originally Posted by feisty goddess View Post
    It seems like the predominantly type A personalities tend to gravitate towards capitalism, the predominantly type B's socialism or democracy, and the A/B intermediates are usually communist (I can just tell). So, I am wondering, is the polarization on this forum of capitalists Vs. national socialists basically a disagreement between A's and B's? Is it vital for our evolution for nature to create people with oppositional behavior patters? If you don't know whether you would classify as type A or type B and would like to know, just take this test, its quite fast and accurate if you answer honestly.
    According to this test, I'm 67% type A and I must admit the characterisation is quite accurate:
    "Overall results
    You have many of the characteristics of a Type A Personality. Type A Personality is characterized by two main factors, Achievement Striving and Impatience-Irritability. Type A persons tend to measure their success in terms of how many or how much of everything they acquire. They are generally dissatisfied with the world, including themselves. They are quite rigid in thought and conduct and tend to distrust others. In addition, they experience difficulty expressing their emotions, are generally very critical of themselves and others, and are of increased vulnerability to the physical and emotional effects of stress. Persons displaying Type A behaviors do not know how and when to relax. They feel impatient with the pace of most events. They strive to do too much at once and others often get tense and feel threatened in their presence. "
    I definitely tend towards capitalism, but not in its unrestricted form. A certain degree of competitiveness is necessary for progress. I everybody was satisfied with the status quo, there wouldn't be any incentive to get active and strive for improvement. If a society cannot change and cannot adapt to new realities, it is doomed.

    On the other hand I do understand that there are more passive / unaggressive people who would soon be left behind in a completely uncontrolled capitalist environment. So I'm actually quite satisfied with our social market economy as it is. Aggressive / more ambitious people can be (at least theoretically) successful, the more passive guys can still take part in society and are not completely dominated by the stronger. However, the number of the weak should remain relatively low, as otherwise the stronger ones will have to give away too much of their profits, lowering the incentive to work hard and compete = worse performance in general with all its consequences.

    I'm against socialism or communism, I just don't see how this could work. People have never been equal and they will never be. And history has shown that communism is a failure, prime example being the former USSR or the GDR. On paper, everyone was equal, but in reality the majority was poor and subdued whereas a small elite enjoyed any luxury possible. And the countries that still have communism like Cuba or North Korea are among the poorest in the world. Cuba even allowed a little capitalism last year to improve the economic situation.

    In our part of the world, individualism is far more pronounced than collectivism. We do have a sense for our community, but to a far lesser degree than Asian countries, where the collective is all and the individual is nothing. There might be too much individualism here at the moment, which is not good, but it's still better than in other regions of the world.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ingvaeonic View Post
    I believe in private enterprise, but not laissez-faire capitalism and I certainly don't agree with globalisation and globailsed capitalism. I believe in free trade only to an extent and not to the extent that it adversely affects a country's national economy. I have no idea of whether I am a Type A or B personality, and I don't really know what these terms actually mean.
    I think you tend towards type A or are mix of both types (which is good in my opinion). Laissez-faire capitalism treats weaker people like dirt, they are exploited to no end. I prefer a moderate capitalism too. Everyone has a chance to succeed but nobody needs to end up in the gutter.

    Quote Originally Posted by feisty goddess View Post
    People claim it's environmental, but I know that's so not true. It's innate, I was born with an overly ambitious and intense personality (I was the kid who cared about every little detail and I was naturally meticulous and also threw a lot of bad fits) and kids can't possibly be effected that much by the environment. Someone's true intensity and drive can only be altered so much by the way a person grows up. Time-impatience is going to be a bit different if you live in a rural area rather than NY, but you still have that predisposition.
    It's definitely innate. I was already competitive and aggressive as a child. Nobody made me, I was born like this and I'm sure everyone else is born either active or passive too. You only have a very limited influence on this kind of thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Autosomal Viking View Post
    I sense you are type B. You are laid-back and not intense.
    You're probably right. I'd like to think that I'm mellow, which comes with age to some extent, calm and phlegmatic: I'm not given to passion, emotional displays or agitation. Conversely, I wouldn't consider myself passive; I am active in what I do, but more motivated and guided by reason and rational thought than emotion. At least, that's what I like to think.

    Quote Originally Posted by Germaid
    I think you tend towards type A or are mix of both types (which is good in my opinion). Laissez-faire capitalism treats weaker people like dirt, they are exploited to no end. I prefer a moderate capitalism too. Everyone has a chance to succeed but nobody needs to end up in the gutter.
    That's possible, too. As I said, I'm not really au fait with the full definitions, meanings, and implications of these terms. And I've never been that interested to find out.

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