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Yes and no. There's a reason these savages are still in the dark ages and it's precisely because of the way their social system is structured. Extreme xenophobia has the potential to be detrimental to a culture.
I have to disagree here, however wonderful our Germanic heritage may be, the bulk of what decides technology and power as we conceive it is social construction, technological competition, and available resources.

The European powers rose to dominance by virtue of their technology, which only really developed later in their history because principalities that were not innovative were conquered. The same was true of the Ottomans and the Chinese before them, but their centralized governments and lack of internal strife stifled technological development while the opposite was happening with our ancestors.

And for anyone who'd like to throw around the word savage like its a bad thing, that's exactly what we Germanics were to the decadent empires and religions that tried to conquer us. That, in light of our history, we'd use the term derogatorily might say bad things about what has become of our people.