Short Communication
Evaluating forensic DNA mixtures with contributors of different structured ethnic origins: a computer software
Yue-Qing Hu1 and Wing K. Fung2

(1) Department of Mathematics, Southeast University, 210018 Nanjing , China
(2) Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong, China

Received: 30 December 2002 Accepted: 3 April 2003 Published online: 21 June 2003

Abstract The effect of a structured population on the likelihood ratio of a DNA mixture has been studied by the current authors and others. In practice, contributors of a DNA mixture may belong to different ethnic/racial origins, a situation especially common in multi-racial countries such as the USA and Singapore. We have developed a computer software which is available on the web for evaluating DNA mixtures in multi-structured populations. The software can deal with various DNA mixture problems that cannot be handled by the methods given in a recent article of Fung and Hu.