A rare set of drinking glasses that belonged to Adolf Hitler are to be auctioned.
The set of four goblets, emblazoned with the symbol of the Nazi eagle atop a swastika and the dictator's initials, A H, were found in his Berlin bunker.

Experts believe that although the Nazi leader was a strict vegetarian who was known not to drink much alcohol, he is likely to have sipped from the glasses while holed up in the bunker.

They are expected to fetch up to £8,000 when they are auctioned tomorrow in Towcester, Northamptonshire.
Auctioneer Jonathan Humbert, of J.P Humber auctioneers, said he was 'excited' to be selling the pieces.

He said: 'There is every chance that Adolf Hitler himself sipped from these very glasses.

'The late owner's son told me that his father only dealt in the finest military collectables.'
The glasses are believed to have been found in the bunker in Berlin where Hitler killed himself in April 1945. His wife, Eva Braun, whom he married less than 40 hours before they both committed suicide, ingested cyanide.

The bunker was destroyed by Russian forces in December 1945 but it is believed that valuable possessions were salvaged first.
Mr Humbert added: 'It was well known that Hitler had a personal valet in his bunker, and that he dined alone most evenings, using only the finest silver and glassware.
'Certainly the quality is there- the etching is superlative and the mouth and foot of each glass is superbly gilded.
'Whilst there is no written provenance, the fact that the same vendor owned Hitler's sword means that there is every chance that Adolf Hitler himself sipped from these very vessels.
'Certainly Hitler was egocentric enough to surround himself with monogrammed articles.

'This really could be a little piece of history in our sale rooms. The glassware is estimated at £5000 - £8000 but prospective buyers will have to make of it what they will.'

As with all Nazi memorabilia, Mr Humbert added the auctioneer is always mindful of people's feelings.
'We have to be tasteful in all we do and would not wish to upset anyone with the item,' he said.

The glasses will be auctioned at The Northamptonshire Auction Centre at 6pm tomorrow.