With Ymbe
Sitte ge, sigewif, sigath to eorthan!
Naefre ge wilde to wuda fleogan!
Beo ge swa gemindige mines godes,
Swa bith manna gehwilc metes ond edheles,
Ond ealle halignes.

Wiceard forfleoth ge, wyrtbedd ymbfleogath ge!
Beothryth, mid beobread ymbsele fyllath ge!
Bindath in goldburg beomodre goldbeorht,
Gesweostre swete, sweofotlic swegende,
Geond sunnanunderntid.

Blaedgiefa bringath blostmfreolstid.
Goldtorhte wihte goldhord ingadrian.
Hal beoth ge, gehalgod, here hunigbaerende,
Maedwegafol swete, wintres meodudream geworht,
Sumordream gefangen,
Sumordream gefangen!

"Charm for a Swarm of Bees"

Settle ye, victory wives, sink to the earth!
Never ye wild to the woods flying forth!
Be ye ever mindful, mindful of my good,
As each one is of home and food,
And every holiness.

Forth from your village, on blossoms now hovering!
Bee-tribe, with bee-bread your swarm-halls now covering!
Bind in golden city your goldbright mother queen,
Sweet swarming sisters, sleepily humming,
Through Sun's long afternooning.

Bliss-Giver brings the blossom festal-tide,
Goldhoard ingathered by golden-tinged wights.
Hale be ye, and blessed, ye honey-bearing horde!
Of sweet meadow-tribute is Winter's mead-dream wrought:
So Summer's bliss is caught,
So Summer's bliss is caught!

Tir bi tcna sum, healde trowa wel
wi elingas, bi on frylde,
ofer nihta genipu nfre swce.

Glory is some token it holds troth well
With nobles aye it is on course
Over night's mists it never wanders or deceive.

Si Galdor
Ich m on isse gierde belce
ond on unores helde bebode
wi one sran stice
wi one sran slege
wi one grimnan gryre
wi one micelan htnes
e bi ghwm l
ond wi eall aet l e in t lond fara
sigegealdor ich begale igegyrd ic m wege
wordsige ond weorcsige s m dage
n m wne n geswcan
n m wara n geswencan
n m nfre minum feorhe forht n geweoran.

Journey Charm
With this rod I enclose myself,
and on Thorburn's help call
agianst the sore stich
against the sore blow
against the grim horror
against the great presecution
all that loaths
and against all that loaths that in to the land fares
victory charm I sing victory rod I carry
word victory and wok victory that is what I do
No friend betray me
No man fool me
Never may my soul Fraught with fear become.

Frige ic beot Freo eallhalige
Wilgesith Wodenes Wundorweorcende cwen

Idese sciene Ond eadhredige
Theodcwen thrythful Getheodestre folces
Leodum leofnest Leohtmodige freo
Cynngeflit becaefestre Cynna gemyndig
Frydhen ond freothuwebbe Freondlice gyden
Thine bletsung giefe us Bearnum ond beornum
Modor arfaest Ond mode gethungen.
Rumheortige cwen Rune healdast
Mid godcundlice witegestrum Ond gleawhydigen
Raed ond wisdom giefest Geradscipe ond ferhthgleaw.
Caegheorde mihtige Caeppe tungolic on
Seolfor gehyrsted Sweglwundor cwen
Biddest us blithe aetsamne Aet bencum t
hine On Fennehealle sittende Ful gesellast
Frithes ond eadignes Frige cwen leof
Frige leof min.

Frige I boast Lady all-holy
Woden's loved companion Wonderworking queen
Shining lady Splendid queen of tribes
Blessed in triumph Binding folk together
Lover of your people Lady bright-minded
Bridler of kin-strife Bourne of kin-courtesy
Protector and peaceweaver. Friendly goddess
Your blessing give us To babies and brave men
Mother kind Of mind most excellent.
Great-hearted queen Holding secret counsel
With godly soothsayers To the wise-minded
Giving rede and wisdom Discretion and prudence.
Key-keeper mighty In your starry cape
Silver adorned Shining heaven's queen
Bid us blithely together To your benches
At Fen Hall sitting Offer us the cup
Of frith and happiness Frige queen beloved
Frige my beloved.

Hal Frige Mdor---myge Wdnes,
l of mid n lodum---lohtmd bist,
rne hieldst---rmheort bist,
mearum ond mmum---meduradenne,
for gesimgen--- symle aghwar;
eodor elinga---arest gegretest,
forman fulle---to Fran hond,
ricence geracst--- ond rad witst mann,
Frige eallcnwestre ---frfel gyden,
Esageardes cwn--- cwmlic hlfidge.
Biergst byrdum--- bearn weardst,
Agnar Grgies sunu ---setede cyning,
Wdne tacede---wealdend ws.

Frige's Prayer
Hail Frigga Mother--- Woden's mirth,
dear to the folk ---you are light hearted,
hold secrets---and generous are,
with mares and treasures---when the mead is dealt out,
for warriors---at symbel together;
always the princes---you greet first,
first the full---to the lord's hand,
greatness you attain---and for Man counsel know,
Frigga all knowing ---cunning goddess,
Asgard's queen ---pleasing lady.
You guard births---ward the young,
Agnar, Gearth's son---you sat as King,
Woden you showed---who the ruler was.

Edgeongan Bede
Edgeongan pples gyden
geifre geogua goda,
rad ond gold wstmas
pplas eallgeonges,
sceinde bld
healf swa scr swa u,
on in ortgeard wx
pplas goda ond hledas,
swa eald nfre weax
grg nfre wend.
Aweg t rymham
yrsas bron,
hwonne Puca mid wrenc
getihtde t weald,
Godas agon
Puca wes owon ,
Fron hafoces hama
Puca flag t yrslond,
hnut macode e
swa wes in hlot,
hwonne sageard flag
segyden on hond
ham to sageard
hwr pplas weax.
Ortgeardes gyden
giefre hl gdes
Wesa hal in trowas
wes hal in trow,
Wes hal pplas
pllas eallgeonges!

Idunna Prayer
Idunna apple goddess
giver of youth to the gods,
red and gold fruit
appleas of everlasting youth,
Shining fruit
half as beautiful as you,
Grows in your orchard
given to gods and heros,
so they never grow old
so gray they never go.
Away to Thyrnheim
Thruses did carry,
When Loki with a trick
lured you to the woods,
The Gods interrogated
tortured loki,
So with Freya's falcon coat
Loki flew to Thursland,
Into a nut he made you
So was your lot,
When to Asgard he flew
Aesir goddess in hand,
Home to Asgard
where apples grow.
Orchard goddess
giver of good health,
I wassil your trees
I wassail your troth,
I wassail apples
fruit of everlasting youth!

we god---hl bode!
inges Tw---rymcyning,
fdest one wulf---e era gefrte,
nme his trwe---e get ws h,
n hand nm wolf---hwonne bande u wearg
sw nhende s---he inclypia .
Tw bist tcna---healdest trwa well,
wi elingas--- bist on frelde,
ofer nihta genihtu---nfre swcest.
Sigebacn t manigum---swiclas ldere sa,
he riht dore healt---n hand onccega
t se---t lage and lafe,
t mrum ddum---ond mihitigum wordum,
lode laa Heargwearde---ond lofia nne nama
nhende s---Aewe god;
Dm gd rum ddum---ond rum drengum!

Tiw's Prayer
Law god ---whole abide.
thing god---strong king,
You fed the wolf--when others would not,
you took his troth---when tied was he,
your hand took the wolf---when you bound the outlaw,
so one handed god---they call you.
Tiw you are a symbol---you hold troth well,
with the princes---when you travel,
over night's mists---never do you mislead.
Victory symbol to many---loyal leader on paths,
those whom right hold dear---Your hand call on,
for truth---for law, and for what's dear,
for great deeds---and mighty words.
The poeple praise you Temple---and praise your name,
Victory lord---Truth father,
One handed god---law god;
Deem good our deeds---and our warriors.

Ingui Fran Frolsdg Bed

Ic lte --- lodfruma Wena,
Gielde ond gielpe---gale t ,
Ing Fda---Fra eallmihtig,
urh felda---fr in wgn,
fyrndagum ---frifullfyl,
bearn hlopon ---urh blstman,
ond lufras---lagon n meoda,
sw earlas sungen----saton t symle,
cwne cwadon--- cwmlicum wordum.
sumor lac---sylh n felda,
sw Ealdras---ealdgedagum,
tdg w ---trowa ,
weora ---Wena cyninge,
Esaweard---Eallmihtig Fra.
Ws hal---Woruldes god,
ws hal Fra---On fm Gerd grow,
beorht blwende---mid bearne,
Wena bearn--- woruldes blstm.
blts s---blum smarum,
micelum frium---frondscipe ece,
bearnum frgum---Ingui-Fra.

Ing Frea Featival Day Prayer

I bow to you ---Vanir's leader,
song and boast--- I sing to you,
Ing Froda--- Frey almighty,
through fields ---fared yo wain,
in olden days ---frith fullfilled,
children leaped--- through flowers,
and lovers---laid in meadows,
as earls sang ---seated at symble,
queens spoke---pleasing words.
summer draws on---plows in the field,
just as the ancestors--- in days of old,
today we---place faith in you,
worship you ---Vanir king,
the sir's protector---almighty Frey.
Wassail--- World's god,
Wassail Frey--- in your embrace Gerd grows,
bright blooming ---with child,
Vanir child--- the World's blooming.
bless Us--- eternal,
happy children ---Ing Frey!