Int J Legal Med. 2004 Jun;118(3):178-83. Epub 2004 Apr 07.

Duplication of DYS19 flanking regions in other parts of the Y chromosome.

Butler JM, Schoske R.

Biotechnology Division, National Institute of Standards and Technology, 100 Bureau Drive, Mail Stop 8311, 20899, Gaithersburg, MD, USA,

During the testing of alternative primers for the Y chromosome short tandem repeat marker DYS19, a duplicated region of the Y chromosome was discovered. The duplicated sequence is contained within GenBank accession AC006335 and has a high degree of homology with the DYS19 flanking region (GenBank accession AC017019) but without the polymorphic TAGA repeat. Bioinformatic approaches have been taken to try and understand the implications of this homolog to enable improved primer design for DYS19. Sequence alignments and careful placement of primers in order to obtain specific amplification of the DYS19 locus are discussed in the context of all previously published primer sets. Since the DYS19 locus is part of the widely used minimal haplotype, its robust amplification is highly desirable particularly in multiplex reactions. The discovery of this duplicated region of the Y chromosome shows the value of newly available human genome sequence information for assay design and the importance of using sequence queries and alignments in the primer design process.