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Thread: Burzum on the Curriculum

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    Burzum on the Curriculum

    It teaches future diplomats to separate Satan from Odin.

    Prologue: On the subway on the way to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). A man with a ponytail and leather jacket pointing at Havard Rems black metal history, "Native scream":

    - You must remember that they analyze a lot. It's just young people who are doing this. I even gave out a record in 2000 that were analyzed up and down in thought. I did not so much in it when I wrote it.

    Black Metal in cultural education
    - But if they focus on the lyrics, why they cry like that?

    Silje Bryne (27) is one of about 20 aspirants from the State Department has turned up at the lecture that the author keeps the Seed of True Norwegian Black Metal (TNBM). The three-year trainee program to the Foreign Ministry intends to qualify them for permanent employment in the foreign service and the training includes everything from the correct bestikkførsel, Henrik Ibsen and now: Black Metal.

    Read also: How to get into the MFA

    - Why is black metal?

    - We now have 106 foreign missions, and they receive many inquiries from people wanting information about the norwegian black metal phenomenon. The trainee program, we have a large cultural program to give aspirants a good understanding of Norwegian culture and Norwegian culture industry. Black metal is definitely a part of this, "said Kjersti Sommerset, director of the Foreign Service Centre.

    The subculture of export
    Promote the catheter has writer Seed clicked forward a cover plate with a puppy-like, neon-colored satan figure.

    - And here is satan harry, "he said.

    The man behind the history of the book "Native screaming" come to the end of the 80th century. Decade-old school black metal satan and its references are about to be exhausted for both horror and symbolic effect.

    - TNBM is a global awakening that makes children of 68'erne to go back to their roots from førkolonial and pre-Christian times. And what will a 20-year old boy in Bergen when he's looking for them? Yes, he finds åsatro and Odin , "said Rem.

    A special variant of metal music developed, True Norwegian Black Metal that is characterized by screaming vocals and Odin References. It will be a major export.

    - Why?

    - Young people in the world identifies with this quest for their roots. In Asia occurs Vedic metal TNBM as a role model, "said Rem.

    - Will the future ambassadors have a use for knowing the difference between thrash metal and Norwegian black metal?

    - Definitely. For people under 40 is what one associates with Norway. Even if you do not like the music it quickly becomes an issue.

    Mountains, fjords and black metal
    - Sings the mainly Norwegian or English?

    It is a civil Tonje Lie (29) who has stretched out his hand. This fall she is going to Rome and work on UN issues, while political scientist Silje Bryne sent to Paris to work with culture and the media. Both have traded eagerly throughout the lecture.

    - I think I will get really great use for this. I see the value of not just talking about Ibsen and fjords when talking about Norway, but also export goods black metal. That we have such a strong brand that makes us stick out among the Nordic countries is worth gold, there is black gold, "says Silje.

    - Since I'm completely novice in this field it is useful with a background story. As Rem points started the much of this before the Internet became widespread, so it's not all it's so easy to google to do, "says Helen.

    Dark time
    - Inventory from Hell was then taken over by Nosebleed Records.

    It may sound funny, but the story of the record store Helvete belong to the truly dark chapter of success story Norwegian black metal. Holder Øystein Aarseth was assassinated in 1993, one of several incidents involving violence, killings and church fire in the 90's.

    - How do we use this to sell Norway, and we really want it, demand it from the saddle.

    - You have to relate to you that this is the story, but it's 20 years ago and today the Norwegian band room clean, "says Rem and adds:

    - You can promote Norwegian salmon without using all the time talking about lice. Ibsen was also considered destructive of his time.

    "Make strong old dreams lest our world lose heart." -Ezra Pound

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    It is a shame people still claim that Odinism has something to do with Satanism. Obviously these critics and Judeo-Christian types have no knowledge of the Pagan religion whatsoever. They use sickly paradox's to cater their wicked deeds like trying to convince one to turn against the other by injecting falsehood into the whole plan.

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