Forensic Sci Int. 2000 Sep 11;113(1-3):43-6.

Y chromosomal short tandem repeat (STR) loci in a representative group of males living in South Wurttemberg: a database for application in forensic medicine.

Graw M, Seitz T.

Institute of Forensic Medicine, University of Tuebingen, Naegelestrasse 5, D-72074, Tuebingen, Germany.

In this study, we resolved the allelic distribution of three Y chromosomal short tandem repeats (STRs), DYS19 (n=218), DYS390 (n=257) and DYS393 (n=215), in a population study of 257 unrelated men living in the area of South Wuerttemberg/Hohenzollern. In DYS19 and in DYS393, five different alleles were discovered, and in DYS390, six different alleles. Forty-nine different haplotypes were found in 202 unrelated male individuals. By investigating each of the three STR systems separately, the most powerful results were found in DYS390, with a PE (power of exclusion) of 0.74, followed by DYS19 (PE: 0.65) and DYS393 (PE: 0.47). Using a combination of two systems (n=202), the PEs ranged from 0.79 (DYS19 and DYS393) to 0.89 (DYS19 and DYS390). The combination of all three STR systems revealed a PE of 0.93.