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The just-ended state legislative session was expected to be all about money with a side dish of immigration.

Turns out that new immigration measures didn’t go anywhere and the state budget was actually balanced, though some say it’s balanced on a wing and a prayer.

The session also produced a somewhat surprising bounty of gun legislation. The most controversial bill, allowing guns on the public areas of college campuses, passed the Legislature but was vetoed by Gov. Jan Brewer.

She said she favors expansion of 2nd Amendment rights but asserted the bill was poorly written.

Sen. Ron Gould of Lake Havasu City was the sponsor of the bill. Gould’s backing may have been the real cause of the veto, given his opposition to budgets proposed by the governor.

If politics, not merits, led to the veto, expect to see a new version of the same bill next year.

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This is good. Like several people here, I strongly believe in a right to self defence. Individual and institutional. Most innocent, honest people should learn how to fire a gun come a kill or be killed scenario, just like several of us learn to drive a car. Firearms should be kept in all classrooms, and the teachers and other school personell should be trained to use them when it is necessary to do so.