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Thread: Obama Administration Unveils Internet ID Plan

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    Obama Administration Unveils Internet ID Plan

    They always unveil this as something to benefit the people when really it's just about the government being better able to track people online.

    Not is it only to track people but to monitor their purchases. It will probably also open a door for state tracking of purchases for tax reasons.

    Obama Administration Unveils Internet ID Plan
    April 15, 2011

    Obama Administration Unveils Internet ID Plan -

    The Commerce Dept. unveiled a plan Friday to create a national cyber-identity system that would give consumers who opt in a single secure password and identity for all their digital transactions.

    The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) will be a voluntary system designed to protect consumers from online fraud and identity theft -- which hit 8.1 million people last year, at a total cost of $27 billion. The problem: The current system of half-remembered passwords jotted down on post-it notes and based on pets and maiden names simply isn't good enough.

    "Passwords just won't cut it here," said Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, who announced the initiative at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “We must do more to help consumers protect themselves, and we must make it more convenient than remembering dozens of passwords,” he said.
    Obama Administration Unveils Internet ID Plan -
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    Besides the point that such an ID is by no means a way to protect people's identity against fraud anyway. Considering all the hacking that goes on, I wouldn't be surprised if they'd find away against such unique IDs as well. As such, it's easily unmasked: Either our politicians are particularly naive and stupid, or particularly cunning and manipulative in order to fit their perverse agenda of having utmost control over people.

    I'm placing my bets on the latter.
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