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Thread: 'Eugenics', from ''The Way Ahead'' by Colin Jordan

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    Arrow 'Eugenics', from ''The Way Ahead'' by Colin Jordan

    While studying the NSDAP and post-WWI German National-Socialism may be important for historical purposes, I believe strongly in thinking towards the future. These ideals and principles must adhere to the demands of both specifics and expediency, and made applicable to our current circumstances, and not modeled exclusively on Germany between the World Wars.

    I feel post-war or modern philosophical thought is crucial in representing our ideology, and there seems to be an abundance of it that transcends nation and race. The true values and principles never change, but are made applicable for each selective group, respectively.

    Colin Jordan in my opinion is one of the great thinkers in this struggle, who stands high among many modern intellectual representatives of this ideology. An activist for over 40 years who continually writes solid work, I consider him a great champion for our cause. Even though hes been quite active in writing the last few decades, his health has greatly deteriorated and I feel his time on this Earth is coming to an end soon. I'll post some of his works that have personally influenced me, as well as some articles related to him. For anyone unfamiliar with Jordan or his work, I hope you find him as intriguing and insightful as I do.

    from ''The Way Ahead'' by Colin Jordan

    A State which, in an epoch of racial adulteration, devotes itself to the duty of preserving the best elements of its racial stock must one day become ruler of the Earth." Adolf Hitler ("Mein Kampf", James Murphy edition, P. 378)

    In issue 4 we surveyed various races, arguing for the identification and preservation of our own Nordic or predominantly Nordic Race within the Aryan racial assortment. That is one half of the subject matter of the great R of Race, partnering the other great R of Religion in the Vanguard's alphabet of vital reform. The other half is the concern to improve our racial stock by increasing the higher strains and decreasing the lower strains and eliminating the defective strains. This is the field of eugenics to be dealt with in this part of "The Way Ahead" series.

    Paper propositions of amelioration are plentiful under Democracy. The best of proposals, however, depend on and are determined by the quality of the people involved, both those applying the proposals and those to whom they are applied. They come to frustration, not fruition, if the human material is inadequate, as is characteristically the case under Democracy. It is precisely the transcendent proposal of breeding better people as the direct access to a better world which Democracy in deference to its manipu- lators and clientele inevitably and eternally excludes from all consideration.

    This is so because Democracy is the virtual parent of Communism in all essence in its ultimate implications and full consequences. We have now reached the stage of metamorphosis in the West where formal Communism can seemingly withdraw because of the extent of its absorption by advanced Democracy in the sythesis of Commu-Capitalism. With the covert Communism of Democracy, no less than with the overt form, the materialist environment of the masses is held to be the determinant of Man, not heredity. The oracles of Democracy, the system which creates a debased human herd, argue that eugenics lowers humans to the level of animals. Humans, they declare for the purpose 0£ the argument, are too high and mighty to breed "like animals". To this contorted contention the overpowering answer is that it is precisely because humans are on a higher level than animals that good breeding which is accepted and pursued in good animal management is that much more justified in good human management.


    How illustrative it is of this perverse and ruinous outlook of Democracy that its citizens are obliged to take a driving test and to be licensed to drive a car in order to reduce the risk to others, including the precious class of overlords, whereas anyone, however deficient and degenerate and diseased, can freely, without let or hindrance, produce more of his kind, regardless of the cumulative harm to society over subsequent time. The contradiction is immediately resolved once it is taken into account that Democracy essentially depends on a low-grade human herd as the means and surety for the undisturbed domination of the overlords. Hence sex, the fountain-head of life, is reduced under it to a sensual pastime, massively commercialised and deprived of all racial purpose.

    Thus this incubating agent for Communism is in its pose to the public inevitably and eternally committed to the criterion of equality, to the arbiter of the head count, in conflict with quality as an objective. Find- ing its sustenance in the hallucinogenic vapours of contemporary Christianity, it not only holds that all races are equal and mixture commendable, but that all bipeds pronounced human, whether a genius like Richard Wagner or Isaac Newton or Rembrandt or Michelangelo, are likewise to be equated in civic evaluation. Accordingly for its propaganda purposes in flattering and charming and retaining the support of the masses, Democracy makes out it upholds and champions any and every depraved dolt engaged not in contributing to a flowering of human achievement, or even the steady functioning of ordinary society, but to the brutish procreation of even more dolts.

    Great minds have not failed to reject the racially debasing process of Democracy, snd to voice the eugenic imperative contrary to it. Alexis Carrel, 1912 Nobel Prize winner, on the staff of the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research in New York for nearly 30 years, did so in the following concise words in his perceptive treatise, "Man, the Unknown" (Pelican Books, 1943):- "Modern society must promote, by all possible means, the formation of better human stock. " -P. 277 ."Modern nations will save themselves by developing the strong, not by protecting the weak." -P. 273. "It is imperative that social classes should be synonymous with biological classes." -P. 273.

    The botanist Luther Burbank did so expansively in the following frank words:- "Will the growing intelligence of man forever tolerate the wholesale production of the ever-lasting proportion of idiots, morons, mongoloids, insane, criminal, weak, destitute, nervous, diseased half men and women who infest the earth to their own sorrow and disgrace and perhaps the ultimate destruction of our present state of civilization?"

    Oliver Wendell Holmes, distinguished judge of the Supreme Court of the U.S.A., did so in affirming in 1927 the constitutionality of state laws for the sterilisation of the mentally defective, when he declared:- "It is better for all the world if, instead of waiting to execute degenerate off- spring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind."


    Eugenical action is no new concept of modern times. The tiny Sparta of ancient times withstood and predominated over far more numerous neighbours through the promotion of quality which prompted its people to leave defective children out on the hillside to die. There we have a prospect certain to send the slobbering Christian democrat of today into a paroxysm of remorse.

    Marriage outside the Spartan folk community was forbidden. There were penalties for celibacy and late marriage, and men who fathered several children were exempt from various obligations. All such racial right practice gave rise to a society ruled by devotion to duty and honour and commuunity service, the features so flagrantly rejected by Democracy and so vital for a resurgent Aryan society. Said the Greek philosopher Aristotle of the Spartan: "Such a man chooses to live nobly for a year rather than to pass many years in ordinary life, and he will rather do one great and noble deed than many small ones." What a world apart from the ethos of Democracy, centred on the feeding-trough and the constant thought of "What's in it for me?"

    Ancient Rome, in the heyday of its pristine vigour, culled Nature's fail- ures as did Sparta. The earliest,written, Roman, legal code, the Law of the Twelve Tables, which was first set down in writing about the middle of the fifth century B.C. but was based on a much older, legal tradition, specifically called for the immediate destruction of any conspicuously de- fective infant. Five centuries later, the Roman statesman, Lucius Annaeus Seneca (4 B.C. -65 A.D.) confirmed the continuation of this far-reaching, beneficial practice, writing "We drown the weakling and the monstrosity. It is not passion, but reason, to separate the useless from the fit."

    The pursuit of racial betterment has only in recent decades become something condemned and prohibited, and this in the wake of the victory of Democracy in alliance with formal Communism in 1945. Given the name of "eugenics" by its founding theorist, the distinguished scholar, Francis Galton, in the second half of the last century, it flourished in influence for many decades prior to then. By the outbreak of the First World War, promotional societies were thriving in both the U.S.A. and the U.K. The first public meeting of a Cambridge (England) society was told by Prof. Inge that, unless controls limited the reproduction of the urban proletariat, it "may cripple our civilisation as it destroyed ancient Rome." Leftists were not then immune or antagonistic to the new thought: Labour Party pioneers, Sidney and Beatrice Webb, who wrote the syllabus for British socialism, expounded their conviction that the social theory of collectiv- ism required the state to ensure that only the fittest survived.


    In modern times it was the U.S.A. which preceded National-Socialist Germany with eugenic legislation. As far back as 1907 the Indiana legislature passed the first state sterilisation law, making sterilisation mandatory for confirmed criminals, idiots, imbeciles and other institutionalised people when deemed appropriate by an expert board. Thirty states had sterilisation laws by 1931, and by 1939 more than 30,000 people had been sterilised on eugenic grounds.

    With the National-Socialist attainment of power in Germany, there came into being the first state in the modern world based on the bedrock of systematic, racial betterment, pursuant to Adolf Hitler's dictum in "Mein Kampf" : "The Weltanschauung which bases the State on the racial idea must finally succeed in bringing about a nobler era, in which men will no longer pay exclusive attention to breeding and rearing pedigree dogs and horses and cats, but will endeavour to improve the breed of the human race itself." (P.228, James Murphy edition).

    In July of the very first year of power, a law for the Prevention of Genetically Diseased offspring required social workers and nurses to report all apparently "genetically defective" individuals to the health author- ities, so that a genetic health court could decide whether they ought to be sterilised because in the judgement of the court they suffered from genetic illness such as feeble-mindedness, genetic epilepsy, schizophrenia, manic depressive insanity, genetic blindnesss or deafness, Huntington's chorea or serious physical malformation.

    In November of the same first year a law against Dangerous Career Criminals allowed castration of sex offenders.


    By early next year, 205 special eugenic courts were established, each consisting of a judge and 2 doctors, and with a series of Higher Hereditary Health Courts to deal with appeals. one year later nearly 100,000 applications for sterilisation -mostly by social workers on behalf of their clients - had been forwarded to the courts, and almost 56,200 operations had been carried out. (These facts from "Mothers in the Fatherland" by Claudia Koonz.)

    The law for "Preservation from Hereditarily Diseased Posterity" , enacted in July of 1935, provided for sterilising individuals with specific hereditary diseases, and in october of the same year the law relating to Matrimonial Hygiene prohibited marriage between persons with hereditary disease, requiring henceforth for marriage a medical certificate of biological fitness. Couples were required to take a medical examination before marriage, and marriage was forbidden between those suffering from any genetical in- firmity specified in the July 1933 law.

    According to Cesare Santoro' s sympathetic survey, "Hitler Germany" (Internationaler Verlag, Berlin, 1938), German statistics at the time showed that about 400,000 needed to be sterilised, arising from the following categories of hereditarily transmitted diseases:- Congenital feeble-mindedness 200,000, schizophrenia or dementia praecox 80,000, maniacal depres- sive dementia 20,000, epilepsy 60,000, chorea 600, congenital deafness 16,000, congenital cecity 4,000, serious physical deformities 20,000, hereditary alcoholism 10,000. It has been estimated that about 400,000 were sterilised between 1934 and 1945.

    Racial investigation and dissemination of racial knowledge abounded in the revolutionary New Germany of National-Socialism as never anywhere else before or afterwards. By 193610 German universities had Racial Hygiene departments, and all the others taught Racial Hygiene in their medical faculties; and many racial hygiene institutes also existed. Grandfather of the awakening was Fritz Lenz, author of "Die Rasse also Weltprinzip" (Munich, 1933). The Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Human Genetics and Eugenics had by the end of 1934 trained 1,100 physicians in "genetic and racial care" , and by 1940 had published a total of 569 scholarly works on racial hygiene and allied fields. ("Racial Hygiene, Medicine under the Nazis", Robert N. Proctor, Harvard University Press, 1988; Pages 41 & 42).

    The office of Racial Policy, between its foundation in 1934 and 1938, organised 64,000 public meetings and seminars. It acquired a staff of 3,600. Its journal, Neues Volk, attained editions of up to 300,000.

    It may be noted in passing that under German National-Socialism the health of the race, the betterment of the race, was an all-embracing concept encompassing thought in advance of that prevalent then elsewhere, such as the holistic view of "the whole man" , natural methods of medical treatment, concern with the toxic effects of substances such as tobacco, heavy metals, asbestos and alcohol, and with the importance of a diet rich in fruit and fibre and inclusive of whole-grain bread. In 1935 Reich Phy- sician's Leader, Gerhard Wagner, denounced the modern world's white bread, and in a speech at the 1938 Nuremberg Congress spoke out for a diet of less meat and fats, more fruit and vegetables, and more whole-grain bread. German medical journals in the 1930s warned against the ill effects of ar- tificial colourings and preservatives in foods and drinks. Adolf Hitler gave 100,000 RM from his own personal funds to the first Institute for the Struggle against Tobacco, established at the University of Jena in 1942.

    In underlying conflict with the Christian conception of legitimacy, created by conformity to that creed's ritual of marriage, was the eugenical one of National-Socialism, recognising illegitimacy only in procreation which was racially detrimental. In similar underlying conflict with Christianity was the National-Socialist attitude to abortion, seen not as a universal evil in interference with the workings of the deity, but as something abhorrent specifically when harmful to the race, while acceptable and desirable when racially beneficial. This brings to mention one of the most maligned features of the race-based Germany of Adolf Hitler: the Lebensborn project.


    Luridly portrayed by the lying democratic propaganda as some blend of brothel and stud farm, the Lebensborn maternity homes were absolutely nothing of the kind. Inaugurated in 1935 to counter the appalling loss of racially valuable babies, there having been nearly a million abortions in Germany the year before the National-Socialists came to power, their stated aim was "To care for racially and genetically valuable mothers of whom it may be assumed, after careful investigation of their own family and that of the father, that they will give birth to equally valuable children ."

    From the start they cared for mothers both married and unmarried, and children both those rated "legitimate" and those rated "illegitimate" in conventional parlance. They were not limited to SS families. Only women already pregnant were admitted. Men were only allowed to visit the homes on special occasions, and no sexual contact was allowed in them. A mother could opt to have a child adopted or to bring it up herself. If she chose the former, the greatest care was taken with adoption. If she chose the latter, she received an allowance on leaving the home until able to manage for herself.

    At the other end from promoting the entry into the world of racially desirable, new life was the issue of promoting the exit from it of human monstrosities who otherwise cause an immense drain on the resources of the community. Here we are talking of children born with gaps where facial organs should have been, missing limbs, eyes which never open and tongues which protrude grotesquely, heads larger than bodies or as small as fists, open skulls in which part of the brain is missing, and heads with eyes in dislocated positions; adults who as long as they live have to be kept lying on sand or sawdust because they perpetually soil themselves, even putting their own excrement in their mouths as if it were food. According to Christianity, all such creatures are the precious creations of the deity who gives them life and appoints their death, and hence are to be preserved at all cost, which must distinguish that deity as an abomination also. For National-Socialism the kind necessity is to put such errors of Nature out of their misery painlessly and promptly. Hence National-Socialist Germany introduced a euthanasia programme which is reckoned to have rid the country of some 70,000 such creatures.


    Before precipitately succumbing to the frantic pangs of Christian revulsion at the first sound of a suggestion of such a programme, face up to amd tally the cost and the cruelty of prolonging the life of such creatures who cannot properly be called "human" ! True kindness conjoined to racial responsibility justifies and demands their elimination as part of the stern measures which have to be pursued to save the race. As Friedrich Nietzsche put it: "What causes more suffering in the world than the stupidity of the compassionate?"

    The German public was enlightened as to the dire menace of hereditary defect and disease through a series of films in the cinema, produced by the Racial and Political office, beginning with "Sundender Vater (Sins of the Fathers) and "Abseits vom Wege" (Off the Path) in 1935, and continuing with "Erbkrank" (Hereditarily Ill) in 1936, and "Alles Leben ist Kampf" (All Life is Struggle) and "Opfer der Vergangenheit" {Victims of the Past) in 1937.

    All this unique work for racial betterment was brought to a halt and reversed in the outcome of the great war for Democracy, 1939-1945. Its victory brought in the present dark age of racial downfall. Under it in Britain today welfare benefits are accorded for offspring regardless of their inferiority and defectiveness, and that of their parents; and the Health Service and Social Services call out constantly for more and more money to cope with the consequences of hereditary defects. Britain's vaunted "Welfare State" is in fact its Woeful State in its dysgenic fea- tures and effects, dedicated to the care and promotion of the lower and lowest levels of life in preference to and at the expense of the higher order of humanity. According to a survey in the London Independent (6 January 1994) "A million people in Britain are members of families affected by genetic disorders and 15,000 babies are born each year with significant inherited disabilities ." "Scientists have described more than 5,000 inherited disorders caused by single gene defects."

    Over 30 years ago, Her Majesty's Stationery office report, "A Census of Patients in Psychiatric Beds", revealed that on census night, 31 December, 1963, there were 195,811 people on the books of psychiatric hospitals and units of whom 135,831 were in mental illness accomodation and 59,980 in that for subnormality (London , Daily Telegraph ,( 5 May, 1967). Evidently not satisfied with the numbers, a BBC Radio 4 programme in December, 1982, deplored the lack of sexual opportunities for the mentally handicapped, seeing it as an awful restriction that they lacked the fullest opportunity to produce more and more of their kind to the peril of the public purse and the health of the nation.


    One hereditary disease of the brain is Huntington's chorea, distinguish- ed by speech disturbances, mental deterioration and uncontrollable move- ments, ending in total incapacitation and death, and for which there is no successful treatment. There were 6,000 in the U.K. with this disease pre- vious to 1979 who had by that date by democratic right of procreation brought into the world 30,000 children and grandchildren similarly afflicted, and the proliferation has proceeded apace since then.

    Down's syndrome is far and away the commonest form of congenital mental deficiency. Another hereditary disease is Friedreich's ataxia, characterised by a hardening of the spinal column,swaying and paralysis. As far back as 1979, 1,000 babies were being born each year with this disease. Another is Homocystinuria, an inherited biochemical disorder whose clinical signs include mental retardation, thrombosis, and a weakening of the wall of the big arteries to the extent that they sometimes burst. Along with spinabifida, muscular dystrophy and cystic fibrosis, there is a severe combined immune deficiency whereby a child is programmed by genes inherited from its parents to have no immunity to disease, so that it dies from the first infection. There is also Lesch-Nyhan syndrome which affects only boys, causing spasticity of the limbs, involuntary movements, gross mental retardation and a bizarre compulsion to self- mutilation.

    One could continue with the catalogue of congenital defects and dis- eases which deny a person a proper life, yet which are preserved and patronised under the system of racial decline and death known as Democracy. The British Medical Association voiced the mentality of this sinister system in a pronouncement relating to a court case concerning whether a 17- year-old girl with a mental age of 5 should ''as a last resort" be sterilised specifcally because she could not cope with pregnancy and childbirth, and for no other reason. It laid down that "There should never be the slightest suggestion that sterilisation is being carried out for 'eugenic' reasons, that is to prevent the birth of another mentally handicapped child ." (London Daily Telegraph , 17 March, 1987) .

    Jews may consider themselves divinely selected, but their Jehovah has not chosen to render them immune to hereditary diseases, including some peculiar to them. Ashkenazi Jews, who are those from Eastern Europe and who make up the majority of world Jewry, are ethnically unique in being subject to the incurable Tay Sachs disease, a genetic disorder causing progressive destruction of the central nervous system. Children afflicted with the disease usually die before they reach four years of age.

    Another hereditary disease of ethnic peculiarity is sickle cell anaemia, an inherited disorder affecting the red blood cells which assume a sickle shape instead of the normal spherical shape, and which is peculiar to people of African, Afro-Caribbean, Asian and Mediterranean origin, the lastnamed where a negroid racial infusion can be suspected. Its symptoms range from weakness, swelling of hands and feet, lowered resistance to infections, growth disturbance, enlarged heart, enlarged liver and lymph glands, and impaired renal function. There is no known cure.


    The appalling, ultimate cost to society of tolerating the proliferation of degenerate stock was exemplified in the record of the Jukes family presented in Lothrop Stoddard's classic study, "The Revolt against Civilisation" (Chapman & Hall, 1922). One lazy vagabond named Jukes, living in the U.S.A. in the early 18th Century, had two sons who married five degenerate sisters, resulting in six further generations by 1877 numbering about 1,200 persons distinguished by idleness, viciousness, lewdness, pauperism, disease, idiocy, insanity and criminality.

    The terrible fact is that the lower the human type, the greater its reproductive achievement. When Stoddard's book was written the Eugenics Record Office in the U.S.A. considered that over 30% of the entire U.S. population carried some form of mental defect That was three-quarters of a century ago, so what of the percentage now?

    The plague of civilisation Stoddard defined as the extirpation of the superior strains and the multiplication of the inferior. "Late marriage, fewer children, and celibacy combined to thin the ranks of the successful, diminish the number of superior strains, and thus gradually impoverish the race." "Meanwhile, as the numbers of the superior diminished, the numbers of the inferior increase. No longer ruthlessly weeded ny natural select- ion, the inferior survived and multiplied." These inferior elements Stoddard assessed as instinctively or consciously the enemies of civilisation.

    On the hereditary factor in the delinquency plaguing contemporary society, J. Philippe Rushton in "Race, Evolution and Behaviour" (Transaction Publishers, U.S.A., 1995) reported:- "In a study of delinquency among 530 adolescent twins by Rowe and Osgood (1984), path analysis revealed not only that antisocial behaviour was about 50 percent heritable, but that the correlation of 0.56 between the delinquency of an individual and the delinquency of his friend was mediated genetically, that is, that adolescents genetically disposed to delinquency were also genetically inclined to seek each other out for friendship " .P. 82.

    At the other end of the eugenic spectrum, Francis Galton, the founder of the science, in his "Hereditary Genius" (Julian Friedman, London, 1978) ex- amined 300 families containing between them nearly 1,000 eminent men, 415 of whom he distinguished as illustrious. -P. 316. Concening in this con- nection the notion that inbreeding is always damaging, Sir Arthur Keith ("ANewTheory of Human Evolution", Watts & Co., London, 1948) clarified the matter on Page 143:- "All depends on the quality of the genes assembled in a group pool: if all are health-giving, then all will be well; but if there be a proportion, even a small proportion, of defective or recessive genes, then repeated mating within a small isolated group will speed.ily bring defective genes together, so damaging the life of a group."


    Concerning the genetic peril confronting us, Dr. William Shockley, 1956 Nobel Prize winner, was outspoken despite a contemporary environment fierce- ly hostile to eugenics. In an article in the April 1981 issue of Leaders magazine, entitled " Intelligence in Trouble" , he warned: - " The effectiveness of human leadership will deteriorate on a worldwide basis by the year 2000 because of the action of dysgenics on their followers. Dysgenics is backward evolution caused by the excessive reproduction of the genetically disadvantaged. "

    He proposed that low IQ people be paid for agreeing to be sterilised, the rate being $1,000 for each IQ point below 100; the expenditure being justified by the fact that each of these payments might save taxpayers as much as $250,000 through not having to care for the mentally retarded off - springs of the man's liaisons. ("Master Race, Catrine Clay & Michael Leap- man, Hodder & Stoughton, 1995).

    He was not afraid to declare in relation to Blacks always scoring some 15 points lower than Whites in IQ tests:- "The major deficit in Negro intellectual performance must be primarily of hereditary origin and thus relatively irremediable by any practical improvements in the environment." Prof. Arthur Jensen, Shockley's contemporary, reached the kindred conclusion that heredity accounts for about 80% of the difference in IQ between Blacks and Whites, likewise his colleague, Hans Eysenck.


    All of those academics who have dared to highlight heredity have been victims of persecution by the forces intent on repressing their research and its eugenic implications. Eysenck was assaulted by invading Marxists while lec- turing at the University of London, and he and Jensen had to have police bodyguards for years. Philippe Rushton, a professor at the University of Western Ontario, became scheduled to be prosecuted by the Canadian Government for "hate crime", although the prosecution failed because of lack of pursuit by the Minister of Justice: the "hate crime" being that his disclosure of the results of his IQ and brain size studies had brought him to express the conclusion that racial equality is a non-existent figment of multiracial propaganda.

    Another victim has been Edinburgh (Scotland) University lecturer, Christopher Brand, who in his book "The g Factor - General Intelligence and its Implications" (John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 1996) has courageously affirmed the dominant role of heredity in intelligence, and proclaimed Blacks to be less intelligent than Whites. "I am perfectly proud to be a racist in the scientific sense," he has told Student magazine in April, 1996. His publishers have withdrawn the book from distribution in response to intense pressure from the tyrants of Political Correctness.


    As part of the Continuing campaign against eugenics, a great effort is being made to turn people against anything which can be termed "genetic engineering", seeking to frighten them off with Frankenstein imagery. Of course anything under the sun can be misused, but this ever-present and universal possibility should not deter Us from considering and accepting the great good that can be obtained through genetic management. The development of techniques whereby scientists can influence or Control the characteristics passed from one generation to another may some day lead to the possibility of eliminating hereditary diseases and defects and deformities. It can also lead to the Cultivation of genes resulting in improved human faculties,and increase health all round. Research on human embryos could lead to the cure of cancer.

    Standing in the way of such desirable progress are the cohorts of Christianity such as those leaders of the faith who petitioned the U.S. Congress for a ban on research into genetic management: an advocacy of Obscurantism Plunging us back to pre-Galileo times, subbstituting superstitious ignorance for knowledge. This was the attitude responsible for the April 1989 decision by the European Community's Research Commissioner to ban research in to the genetic origins of disease on "ethica1 " grounds , and which incurred the following caustic comment:- "A ban on human embryo research will condemn future generations to suffer 4,000 inherited diseases which could be eliminated if scientific work is allowed to Continue, says a report Published today. About 14,000 babies a year are born with diseases which could be detected by embryo screening, claims the Interim Licensing Authority., ( Daily Telegraph London, 28 November, 1989 ).

    In the first few weeks of pregnancy, foetal cells can be extracted and examined and defects discovered, and a defective child aborted. Beyond this, embryonic biopsy is the name for a screening whereby eggs are taken from the mother and fertilised in vitro, grown to 8 or 16 cells, a cell taken off each embyro and developed as rapidly as Possible, and then only disease-free embryos are put back into the mother. Said Insaturation magazine (U.S.A., June, 1986):- "Destroying embyros that Contain genes that cause hereditary diseases and defects would be the greatest boon to human development and progress since Homo Sapiens evolved from Homo Erectus.

    What a deflationary boon for health care, the spiraling costs of which are now threatening to bankrupt many Western nations!"


    As indicated in opening the Subject, and here stressed in coming to a lose on it, what we Aryans desperately need is better people, not better Lans for existing people. Eugenics, put into public practice as the selective control of procreation to uplift the breed by eliminating the inferior and defective, and promoting the superior and faultless, is the greatest conceivable means for human improvement, infinitely more efficious than any grandiose Policies dependent on and spoilt by the Poor quality of persons involved. Yet this super-highway to super-humanity is day under Democracy wholly a maligned and disregarded route.

    As also said before but also here deserving repetition in conclusion,this so because of Democracy's underlay of Christianity, that great obfuscation embracing the belief that the giving and taking of life is the exclusive prerogative of a deity who fathers and cherishes all human beings his handiwork, regardless of their Condition. Persons committed to this dismal dogma will never prove reliable for the full requirements of racial struggle in all its rigour. Up to a Point they may Contrive to reconcile the irreconcilable, but sooner or later they will reach a Point re they back off in dismay, stopping short of what is necessary, and retreating into the comforting cocoon of their delusions.

    Electioneering is also to be seen, like Christianity, as always a by - pass to racial betterment,- and never a route to it; being a forlorn coment to the corrupting pastures of compromise. This is So because the process of electioneering is to make the body concerned palatable to the great mass of the public, while that great mass incorporates all the inferior and defective elements who need to be acted against, and accordingly can be depended on fiercely to oppose eugenical measures affecting them which will only be introduced and enforced against their will, and never by their mandate.

    Hence the inevitable price of fighting elections is stultifying and emasculating inhibition which becomes habitual. Electioneering has to begin with self-imposed censorship, preventing the presentation of so much that is essential. It has to continue in the cast of compromise, constituting conversion to the desires of the lauded, common herd. It has to end, if this prostitution does bring enough votes, in the abandonment of principles, in the attainment of a powerless power in that conditioned by compromise, brought to power by compromise, that custom of compromise causes power to be spent in the avoidance of doing what is essential.

    Thus the right route to racial betterment is not through the nullifying wilderness of electioneering, seeking popularity in the cause of illusory, ballot box success, but through methodical progression to the seizure of power by feasible methods to be examined later in this series. Meanwhile, members of the Vanguard can here and now positively pursue real, racial betterment by carefully investigating and wisely selecting a person of high-quality stock to mate with, just as they can in a variety of other ways attain now in microcosm the future New Order.

    "I speak prophetically. Just as the discovery that the earth moved around the sun led to a complete transformation of the way people looked at the world, so too the blood and racial teachings of National Socialism will change our understanding of mankind's past and its future."

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    "If a policy strengthens our people, if it increases the survivability of our people, it is a good policy. If it weakens us or puts us at a disadvantage in the struggle for survival, it is a bad policy. That's all that matters. That's all that we should consider. Racial survival, racial victory in the struggle for life and dominance, must be the goal of every plan, of every policy, of every thought and action. Tribal thinking."

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