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Thread: Manuka Honey Can Help Fight Superbug Infections

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    Post Manuka Honey Can Help Fight Superbug Infections

    Research has revealed that manuka honey can help effectively combat superbug infections like MRSA!

    According to a new study presented at a Society for General Microbiology meeting, manuka honey – which comes from nectar collected by honey bees feeding on the manuka tree in New Zealand, also called tea tree at other places – can fight some of the most hard-to-treat infections which can resist strong antibiotics.

    With laboratory experiments showing that manuka honey can clear bacteria found in decaying wounds and contaminated hospital surfaces, it has been found that the particular type of honey chiefly works by breaking down the defences that bacteria use against antibiotics; thereby making it extremely effective in battling superbugs.

    While the antiseptic powers of honey have been well-known for centuries, the advantages of a specially filtered version of manuka honey – with no impurities at all – can be gauged from the fact that it is already being used in modern licensed wound-care products worldwide.

    Noting that the widespread use of a product like manuka honey, in place of drugs that cost millions to develop, may be a money-saving answer to a health nightmare, Professor Rose Cooper - of University of Wales Institute, Cardiff - said: “The use of an agent like this to eradicate bacteria from wounds is potentially cheaper and may improve future antibiotic therapy

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    Honey, beer, all good.

    Argh I love manuka! Makes me feel a little proud, being a Kiwi, to have such quality foods available. I'd love to get into a more broad native NZ diet, learning from Maori cuisine as well as European adaptations. Pity I'm in Australia right now, where all you can get is Kiwifruit, some Mainland butter and manuka honey - and manuka is bloody expensive!

    On another note, there is this amazing beer made from manuka by a brewery around the Nelson region, the Mussel Inn, based on the brew Captain Cook used to make for his crew upon landing in Fiordland. Fittingly, they've named the beer "Captain Cooker".
    A link to their website:
    And a website for the beer itself:

    Try it some time, I absolutely recommend it.

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