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Thread: Disabled People from Abroad Can Get 300,000 a Year

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    Disabled People from Abroad Can Get 300,000 a Year

    Insurance Refugees flock to Norway. - Something must be done, "said the head of Labour and Social Committee.

    REACTIVITY: - Naturally, there are strong concerns that unemployment has increased by respectively 49 percent and 29 percent when it comes to workers from Lithuania and Latvia on comparing March 2010 with March 2011, "said Leader of the Labour and Social Committee in Parliament, Robert Eriksson ( FRP) to Nettavisen.
    (Scanpix / Government)

    At the end of March, there were 74,200 unemployed with NAV. The 5,600 fewer than a year ago - but for some countries arrow pointing the wrong way:

    Newspaper wrote Monday that one in ten registered unemployed come from Poland or the Baltic states.

    While the unemployment rate drops to just about everyone else, so it rises with respectively 47 percent and 29 percent from March last year and March this year for job seekers from Lithuania and Latvia.

    - Strong concern
    - Naturally, there are strong concerns that unemployment has increased by respectively 49 percent and 29 percent when it comes to workers from Lithuania and Latvia on comparing March 2010 with March 2011, "said Leader of the Labour and Social Committee in Parliament, Robert Eriksson (FRP) to Nettavisen.

    There he elaborates as follows:

    - It's the combination that it is hard to get work and our welfare system that makes it quite lucrative to go unemployed. The fact that the present government has tightened up the possibility of using temporary employment has unfortunately also been shown that transfer many foreign workers from the workplace and onto tax-funded welfare programs.

    Read Stavrum comment: anti-social dumping

    - Not desirable
    - What do you think that Norway provides incentives to be insurance refugee?

    "Employees who move between the EEA countries, to transfer the rights vested in one EEA country to another EEA country ..."

    "Dagpengerettigheter earned in an EEA country can be transferred and released in another EEA country ..."

    Source: NAV

    - Progressive Party believes that it is both unfortunate and undesirable that our social security schemes to stimulate increased welfare immigration, "said Eriksson - and specifies that the FRP does not want to weaken the Norwegian welfare schemes.

    - We want to develop the welfare society to come to meet future needs. But my point is that we can not be so naive that we do not believe that people from some countries find it very tempting to come to Norway, and access to our social security schemes. These schemes are very lucrative.

    He mentions Bulgaria as an example:

    - Can get 299,000 Norwegian kroner in disability benefits
    - In Bulgaria, the average annual salary of between 18,000 and 19,000 Norwegian kroner. If you come to Norway as a working immigrant, becomes free, then get disability benefits which you get at least the performance of disability. The public committee that has put forward proposals for new disability benefits, has suggested that the short duration of residence in Norway may reach 299,000 Norwegian kroner in disability benefits. This is money you can bring to their home country.

    It makes Eriksson stated:

    - Everyone understands that you can live a good life in Bulgaria for 299 000 kroner. Such arrangements we need to put your foot down when we should treat new disability benefits. These are schemes that are helping to undermine people's legitimacy to our welfare.
    Country: Minimum monthly salary: Norwegian Kroner Unemployment:
    Bulgaria 240 lev 960 11.60%
    Romania 670 Leu 1270 7.40%
    Lithuania 800 Litas 1814 17.40%
    Estonia 278.02 euros 2176 14.30%
    Latvia 200 lats 2207 17.30%
    Hungary 78,000 forint 2262 12%
    Slovakia 317 euro 2481 14%
    Czech Republic 8,000 koruna 2560 7%
    Poland 1,386 zloty 2687 9.70%

    - Shows how important it is
    - What the current rules should be changed?

    - Yes, you should definitely have a debate about our social security schemes have unintended effects. This is a debate that should be run continuously, so that we may have made the necessary changes to prevent increased and unnecessary pressure on our welfare system, "said Eriksson.

    He mentions that the Progress Party proposed to amend the Insurance Act so that criminals can come to Norway to serve the social security rights while seated and is serving sentence in Norway.

    - This is a suggestion for our success in Parliament, even with a majority government. This just shows how important it is that you constantly have a debate on whether our regulations have elements in them that lead to unintended consequences, "said Progress Party politician.

    Linking to citizenship?
    - Progress will evaluate to see if it is possible and natural to associate a part of our social security schemes to citizenship. Here we have not concluded but the party is ready to debate. When it comes to disability should increasingly be linked to citizenship, "says Eriksson.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hersir View Post
    I hate to say this Hersir, my friend, but this is the price people pay for liberal politics and Socialism.
    In 2008 with the new president in office (you know who I mean) there was a strong movement to create a Socialistic form of government here and there are still people who advocate this.
    Socialism strips people of their incentive to work. Yes, there may be people who WANT to work, but it encourages (and rewards) those individuals (I prefer to call them "Leeches") who "suck on the teat of the government for sustenance."
    Socialism and Communism are the 2 best forms of government in theory, but as has been clearly seen from practical application, neither works.
    I have attached an interesting article addressing the merits of Socialism (and its faults) vs. Capitalism (and its faults - if you consider there are any - I don't).

    Socialism vs. Capitalism:

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