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Thread: How Germanic is France?

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    I recommend using the search function as this topic has been discussed several times already. To sum it up, Skadi does not have a forum dedicated to France/the French, as Skadi's definition of the term Germanic is an ethno-linguistic one. While that naturally includes genetic substance, genetic substance alone is not enough to make someone Germanic - just like linguistics alone is also not enough; Germanicity is a combination of both factors. The French as a whole are a mix of several meta-ethnicities (Romance, Celtic and Germanic), and that I'm afraid is not enough to warrant them a particular section on the forum. Now of course some of the French, like the Alsatians, Lorrainians and Normans, as well as their colonial descendents (Acadians) are more Germanic than others, and the board does recognize this and consequently accepts, from time to time, members of such background. However, the staff usually evaluates them on a case by case basis - we accept those who are partially or peripherally Germanic at best. Skadi promotes, among others, cultural and linguistic preservation in addition to ethnic and genetic preservation.

    As far as phenotype is concerned, it usually only tells half the story. Being of a certain phenotype does not automatically qualify someone as Germanic just like being considered "atypical" does not necessarily disqualify. Germanics can vary phenotypically speaking, yet genotypically, they are all related. I am sure you're seen plenty of examples of siblings who do not look like each other, or like their parents or other relatives, and yet they come from the same genepool. For example, a brown eyed Germanic can have a blue eyed gene or viceversa.

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