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Thread: "Jews Will Play a Leading Role in Multicultural Europe"

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    “We Jews Should Be Proud Of Our Role In The Diversity Revolution”

    “Europe Has Been Able To Be At Peace After Being Successfully Ethnically Cleansed”: Jewess Inadvertently Admits The Alt Right Is Right

    On Twitter, “Russian” Jewess Julia Ioffe has inadvertently blurted out a truth Jews usually seek to conceal: that ethnic diversity is a source of conflict.

    The Second World War is now regularly invoked by elites to disparage ethno-nationalism and the ideal of ethnic homogeneity. But in the immediate aftermath of the fighting, it was tacitly understood by everyone that ethnic diversity had been a contributory factor in the tensions that had led to war. There were mass population transfers and some territorial adjustments aimed at creating ethno-states.

    Jew Tony Judt discusses this in his book “Postwar”.

    At the conclusion of the First World War it was borders that were invented and adjusted, while people were on the whole left in place.
    After 1945 what happened was rather the opposite: with one major exception boundaries stayed broadly intact and people were moved instead. There was a feeling among Western policymakers that the League of Nations, and the minority clauses in the Versailles Treaties, had failed and that it would be a mistake even to try and resurrect them. For this reason they acquiesced readily enough in the population transfers. If the surviving minorities of central and eastern Europe could not be afforded effective international protection, then it was as well that they be dispatched to more accommodating locations.
    The term ‘ethnic cleansing’ did not yet exist, but the reality surely did—and
    it was far from arousing wholesale disapproval or embarrassment.

    With certain exceptions, the outcome was a Europe of nation states more ethnically homogenous than ever before.

    “We Jews Should Be Proud Of Our Role In The Diversity Revolution”

    What was the Jewish role in the Diversity Revolution? This Washington Museum gives a full picture.

    Al Amriki, New York, November 12, 2218

    By Ibn Al-Mahsoud

    One of the most sensitive topics in Jewish history is their role in the Diversity Revolution of the 20th and 21st centuries which, barring some stubborn pockets of resistance here and there, and a few determined holdouts in Eastern Europe, saw the centuries-long scourge of White Supremacism finally brought to an end.

    “For a long time Jews were reluctant to talk about our role in bringing this change about,” said Baruch Cohen, director of Washington D.C.’s Heyer Museum of Tolerance, which is launching a new exhibition titled “White Genocide: Jewry’s Greatest Achievement?”

    President Mohammed Babangida visited the museum on Friday after attending prayers at the city’s Grand Mosque. “Some people say I shouldn’t tear myself away from managing the civil war to attend a museum of tolerance. I say there is no better time to do it,” the President said, choosing to speak in English for the occasion to show respect for the country’s founders. “The founders of this country fought for the right to be diverse. And we must fight for it too!” he declared in an impassioned tone, clearly genuinely moved by the occasion.

    “We were greatly honoured by the President’s visit,” says Cohen. “He was fascinated by the exhibits. He said he was not previously aware of the important role Jews had played.” What explains past Jewish reluctance to talk about it? Cohen is clear. “It was fear of giving currency to antisemites. Because this is something that the antisemites always said, you see. It was the Jews; the Jews calling for immigration; the Jews suppressing free speech; the Jews making white people feel ashamed about their ethnic identity, their history and their culture. And the fact is, we can admit it now, they were right.”

    How can Jews have been responsible when they were only a small percentage of the population?

    “They wielded great influence. It’s difficult to measure objectively. You can look at political donations, the proportion of elite journalists, academics, media executives who were Jews, if you’re looking for hard metrics. More generally, if you trace currents of thought and intellectual fashion, the Jewish role in promoting ideas and ideologies that delegitimised the pursuit of European ethnic self-interest is very clear to see.”

    And you’re saying Jews should be proud of this now?

    “As a public official, I have to maintain strict neutrality. I’m trying to stimulate discussion, provoke thought. That is the role museums should play in our society, I believe. But certainly that case could legitimately be made.”

    What about those who say that white people had a right to exist, that it was wrong to take their countries away from them?

    “We can never forget what a terrible thing White Supremacy was. The Holocaust, Slavery, the Crusades, as well as innumerable lesser acts of violence, such as the Charlottesville Car Rampage which tragically took the life of Heather Heyer, after whom this museum is named.”

    But if we look at things now, you could argue they’re not so great. With the secessions and rebellions and the civil war, the USA is now a fifth of its former size. Some even say it’s very name is now a joke. In Europe, there have been the jihad wars, nuclear weapons used, millions dead. Some would say “Maybe White Supremacy wasn’t so bad?”

    “The USA is still one of the great nations of the world. Europe has had major problems. It’s true.”

    And so have we.

    “Yes. Diversity is painful. But the end result is worth striving for.”

    What is the end result?

    “A world in harmony.”

    But how can you seriously say that in the midst of a civil war here and the ongoing strife in Europe, the “Diversity Wars” as some are now calling them.

    “Harmony comes at the end. But we have to fight our way through to it. It’s the paradise that awaits us at the end of the Diversity Trail.”

    If we can clamber over the mounds of dead bodies?

    “Yes. Sometimes that’s how it has to be.”

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    If you give up your control and freedoms, someone will control you as they see fit. Europeans have to take some stand in large numbers and decide that they have something valuable to protect. We build up culture and civilization so there are always those critics to bring down the system in place. You can see the terrible revolts over the last 150 years in Europe against the oligarchs and banker class.

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