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Thread: Age Differences in Relationships

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    Quote Originally Posted by Finnish Swede View Post
    Then man is much older than woman ... in average levels does he love her body/outlook more/most and less her soul/personality vs cases they are about the same age? Or is it actually always so with men? No matter of age of woman?

    Woman loving older man? If she is loving him (not being so called gold digger etc.) ... she will probably love him as full human (all the ways).
    If a man is going to go after looks and body while ignoring the personality and beliefs of the woman, then he's shallow, and age is the least of his problems. But that can happen in any relationship, not just age difference ones. I can speak for myself and my husband (who is older than me), the age difference was never a problem for either of us. Besides, looks and body can change at any time, in my case it changed after I had children (gained some extra weight due to pregnancy etc.), but my husband didn't love me less because of it.

    Honestly, when I look at the behavior of men my age, a lot of then behave as they were boys. I'm glad that I have a mature, responsible husband and father of our children who takes care of his family.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schwab View Post
    I have a sister in law that is married to a man almost 15 years younger. They both live like cats and dogs, they have nothing in common anymore. She is retired, he is still working. He is a home body, she still is a go-go girl. They sleep in different bedrooms.
    Marriage counseling is not helping. The other problem is he is a non-practicing catholic and she a protestant running to church.
    Sorry to hear about your sister-in-law! Her situation sounds very unfortunate. In real life, I know very few couples where the woman is significantly older.

    Quote Originally Posted by schwab View Post
    Age difference should not be more than 5 years in my opinion.
    I know of a man who is nearing 60, but will only date women between the ages of about 18-35. He has desperately wanted to marry since his mid-twenties, sadly. The gentleman's friends have argued that his requirements for a mate (virgin, same religion and level of devotion, same exact ethnic background...) are too rigid, but he strongly disagrees.
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