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Thread: The Dresden Holocaust: Lest We Forget

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elizabeth View Post
    I joined facebook to connect with my paternal relatives. I wrote a little about Dresden, Germany. My aunt replied that it happened all because "of one very evil man", she means Hitler. I responded with your quote, "As regards Dresden, Churchill was the one to blame".
    I've seen this trick pulled at times. While the Anglo-American Air-Forces have bombed Dresden to create a fire storm, Adolf Hitler and by implication the Germans were to blame for it. Classical example of Victim-Perpetrator inversion. Of course also an attempt to deflect to other debates like the origins of the war, "The Holocaust", who started bombing on cities, etc. If this all gets soberly analysed with the facts, it still doesn't look to good for the blame-shifting, but most people can't or won't do that.

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