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I thought it was a TOTAL of 6 million. Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, handicapped people etc.
No, the six million figure is a sacred figure for the Jews.
Thier disgusting Satanic religion tells them that when 6 million die in a holocaust, they will return to the promised land, the rabis get that prophesy from applying occult numerology to scriptures in Leviticus to change thier meaning.

Thats why the holocuast is a religion to the Jews and it is blasphemy to question it.
They killed the real Messiah Jesus, they know they will never get another one, so they had to make thier own, a mass human sacrifice, basically they have given up on God so take the role upon themselves.

It is well worth reading this book :- http://www.amazon.com/First-Holocaus...8240931&sr=8-1
You can see on the front cover alone newspaper articles claiming 6 million Jews where in danger, this however was the first world war, there outrageous claim and lies failed to materialise, thats why they had to prevent Hitler from removing Jews from Germany, the Zionists wanted the Jews trapped there in the hope of getting thier magical figure, and when it failed to materialise again, they resorted to lies.
This to however, they got thier wish, the nations of the UN felt so sorry for the poor jews that they gave them half of Palestine.

Now Israel commits its own Holocaust on the Palestinians so they can steal the other half.