I have to agree with Ishild here on quite a few things, perhaps even taking it a bit further then she did ! That opening statement is simply ridiculous !!! One prejudice is followed by the next., and it is painfully obvious, that he has never really talked with atheists about this, which i would call an indispensable basic prerequisite for making his argument. Since he failed to do that, it is no wonder his argument goes so laughably wrong. He doesnt even begin to have any idea what actual atheists think about his ideas
Of course atheists have a sense in life, they give it one, instead of following one made by someone else. Let us take right the start :

QUOTE :"Suppose you REALLY BELIEVE that there is no God...
and you REALLY BELIEVE that there's no intelligent purpose or design to the universe...
So, therefore, you believe that nothing REALLY MATTERS. (belief, actions, etc...)
Then, why would you go through the trouble arguing about it? " END OF QUOTE

How does he get from no intelligent design to nothing really matters ??? That simply makes no sense, and it doesnt get much better later on ! Most atheists I know argue because they are fed up with religion trying to rule their life, which is quite a good reason as far as i am concerned (and since they believe they only have this life you can imagine how much it pisses them of if someone tries to interfere with how they live it)!!!

I think that already debunks most of his argument. AGAIN atheists believe they have only this one life, so they try to make it count, and make the best out of it. One could ask the other way around : if you believe in paradise, why don´t you live your life as risky as possible, hoping to die sooner rather then later ??? Technically it is not suicide, so you are fine on that angle too. If you guys really believed whole heartedly in paradise you would all do that (well, perhaps excluding those with kids) !!!