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Thread: (Briefly) Regarding: Jews and Insanity, Adults and Society.

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    (Briefly) Regarding: Jews and Insanity, Adults and Society.

    Nowadays, it is pushed upon us by the media and government to “grow up” and become an “adult”. Something has occurred to me while reading a book by an apparently Jewish author. I would like for you to think about this. When a child says he is playing with his imaginary friend, adults will brush this off as innocent childish imagination. Maybe a mother and father will share a smirk and make eye contact upon their child mentioning such innocent things. Perhaps they become a little bit concerned sometimes, but it is still chalked up to just children being children. Now, when an adult says that he is playing with an imaginary friend, he is frowned upon, locked up in a padded cell, maybe put on pills and moderated by the authorities. “Insane” people are perhaps the most pure, innocent of all. They are children at heart, and will most likely never succumb to the media and government expectations of becoming an “adult”. To put it another way; becoming a conformist (an agent of the jews). I encourage you to forever be a child at heart. Never grow up, and never become an “Adult”.

    I guess it is best that these “crazies” are weeded out of society. This is a step in the right direction. To further improve this, we must also weed out genetically defective creatures that will infect society. We have (mainly stupid and ignorant) skin-heads out there some-what cleaning the streets so to speak, but this is not enough. Sadly, for every step in the right direction, society takes 5 backwards. Such is the way of the Jews.

    - Johann Matthias Landsersen / Kämpfer (This is a name I have adopted, I would prefer to keep my real name and location etc out of the internet )

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    Firstly, though not an imaginary friend, I was visited by something from the same realm when I was a child, and it certainly wasnt imaginary.

    The ruling Jews certainly do belive in God, but they dont want us Goyim to even consider there is a Spiritual realm, they hate thier Messiah so much they want to steal all his possetions, maybe this is part of thier methods?, in what we would call, "backward" countries, the man who gets to meet the "imaginary people" is considered top dog.

    Interestingly, that when Jesus was with the little children, he told his diciples that in order to get into the Kingdom of God, they had to be as one of these small children.

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