Anthropol Anz. 1999 Mar;57(1):51-60.

Genetic studies in Medzev, a village in south-eastern Slovakia. 3. Morphogenetic traits.

Sivakova D, Weisova E, Cvicelova M, Walter H.

Department of Anthropology, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia.

Eleven anthropometric traits, five indices and eight anthroposcopic and behavioural traits have been studied in the population of Medzev, which is located in the region Spis in South-Eastern Slovakia. An attempt has been made to compare the results of the present study with other population groups in Slovakia, particularly with an ethnogenetically related population from North-Eastern Slovakia (Chmel'nica). Barring zygomatic breadth in males, biogonial breadth in females, biacromial breadth und jugomandibular index in both sexes, hair pigmentation, ear lobe attachment and arm folding, the remaining traits show no significant differences between the Medzev and Chmel'nica population. On the whole, these two populations are closer to each other than to any other Slovakian group.