Tissue Antigens. 2000 Jan;55(1):53-6.

HLA-DRB and -DQB1 polymorphism in the Macedonian population.

Hristova-Dimceva A, Verduijn W, Schipper RF, Schreuder GM.

Institute of Blood Transfusion, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.

HLA-DRB1, DRB3/4/5 and DQB1 polymorphism has been studied in a population of 80 unrelated healthy Macedonians using molecular methods. Twenty-five different DRB1 alleles were identified of which DRB1*1104, *1501, *1601, and *1101 were found most frequently. Among the 15 identified DQB1 alleles, two were predominant: DQB1*0301 and *0502. The most frequent three-locus haplotypes were DRB1*1104-DRB3*02-DQB1*0301 (18%/), DRB1*1101-DRB3*02-DQB1*0301 (9%) and DRB1*1601-DRB5*02-DQB1*0502 (10%). Polymorphism for DRB1*04, *13 and *15 haplotypes was extensive. Eleven different DR2-related haplotypes were found, some of which were unusual for European populations: DRB1*1501-DRB5*0102-DQB1*0502, DRB1*1501-DRB5*02-DQB1*0502, DRB1*1501-DRB5*0102-DQB1*0601.