Pedro Varela Imprisoned in Spain for Selling Politically Incorrect Books!

My close friend, Spanish dissident Pedro Varela, has been sent to a Catalonian prison to begin serving a one-year three-month sentence for disseminating Politically Incorrect materials.

Mr. Varela is the owner of the Barcelona bookshop Librera Europa was accused of disseminating books that dare to have opinions that conflict with the orthodoxy of the mass media. He has dared to publish books by historians, educators, political figures and others who have disagree with the controlled media. The Zionists control the mass media, TV, Movies, Newspapers, Magazine and Book publishing. That same media puts out endless sick garbage promoting sadism, masochism, violence, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, the destruction of the Palestinian people and the wars that have racked this world and killed millions of innocents, but they cannot bear the freedom of one man who has a tiny bookshop and who publishes just a few thousand copies of politically incorrect books. No, they cannot afford one tiny expression of dissidence to their evil! So they send their thugs to kidnap him from this family and imprison him for having the courage to act according to his conscience.

Pedro has suffered for years under court case after court case. His book shop has been destroyed by Communist and Jewish extremist mobs and he and his patrons have been physically attacked. I was there personally for a speech when we were attacked and the store was shattered by club wielding terrorists who also burned and attacked the neighborhood and injured many innocents. All of this because he has made available books that dared to intellectually question and offering countering evidence or opinion on aspects of the Second World War and that one HOLY event called the Holocaust. As the Iranian President Ahmadinejad so correctly stated. In the West one may freely question God, any and every historical event, but cannot even ask legitimate questions about the The Holocaust. It is the only historical event in Western countries that cant be questioned in any way. If someone has even the slightest disagreement on any aspect of the official Holocaust story, he or she can face years in prison.

As Mr. Varela pointed out, the laws in Europe today are actually more draconian than the those of the Inquisition during the Middle Ages. In the Middle Ages the Church put out a list of proscribed books, the law was clear. Today, one publishes a book and then finds out that he has somehow offended the masters of the modern age by completely capricious standards and finds himself kidnapped and jailed for simply uttering his opinion or simply publishing the opinion of someone else.

Whether or not one agrees with Mr. Varelas opinions, or even the opinions expressed in the books that he published, everyone who truly believes in the basic human right of freedom of speech, thought and expression, should protest this mans imprisonment and kidnapping from his work, his wife and his children simply for allowing dissenting academic opinions to be heard and published!

If a jailed Chinese free speech activist should win the Nobel Prize, why not Pedro Varela, for he has fought and sacrificed for true free speech in the same way? What hypocrisy for the West to criticize China or Iran for suppression of speech and thought when there are thousands of Europeans jailed for having wrong opinions or beliefs about historical events that happened over 65 years ago!

Whether or not one agrees with what the media says are the beliefs of Pedro Varela, the imprisonment of this courageous, NON-VIOLENT, kind and decent, free speech activist is the real crime.

Those who would kidnap a man from his family and imprison him for expressing his political or historical opinion are the real criminals here. They are the ones guilty of the violation of human rights, and indeed, they are the ones who should be sent to prison in a truly free society, not Pedro Varela! It is they who are the real criminals.

I urge all true friends of freedom, and all those who oppose tyranny, and intolerance and violation of human rights to protest the imprisonment of Pedro Varela!

Here is his address and I hope that every single person reading this will take a moment right now to sit down and write him a letter wishing him a Merry Christmas, even while he is behind bars, for he is a man who even through the hardship he now faces, should hear from all of us how he respect him and honor him. He is a real man, a courageous man, a man of principle, unlike those who have imprisoned him in violation of the most elemental of human rights!

Sincerely, Dr. David Duke

Here is his address, please write him and please send him my greetings and yours from all over the world. Let him know that we look to him as a true hero of our times!

Seor Pedro VARELA
Centro penitenciario Brians 1, Apartado de Correos 1000,
(Codigo Postal 08760) Barcelona,