Dr. Matt Johnson discusses on VoR:The Fall of Poland in the 18th Century
The Orthodox Nationalist: The fall of Poland

June 17, 2010

Matt Johnson discusses:

* The fall of Poland
* Jews in Polish history
* the nobles in Polish history
* the causes of Poland’s fall at the end of the 18th century
* Polish Economy

I regard this lesson a "must" for every WN.

Why is it relevant ? Most Westerners don't know or understand Eastern European history and the "general setup." I got deeper into the issue regarding Poland and the Jews in 2009 when reading Alexander Solzhenitsyn's " 200 years together - Russian and Jews". I didn't knew until
reading Solzhenitsyn that much of the land in Western Ukraine and Belarus, that is generally speaking the West side of Dnjepr river was owned by Polish nobles. There was a famine in Belorussia around 1790, and the Czar send out a commission to investigate the circumstances. The commission found out that these Polish nobles preferred to live a comfortable life in the salons of Vienna, Paris and London as exotic "Polish Knights" while basically have rented and leased out their lands to those who offered highest tenure:

Jewish money lenders...

And they pressed it out of the mostly illiterate peasants, and in case of this famine, exported too much of the grain harvest to the West, over their Lithuanian and London brethren. The result in Belorussia was mass starvation of the peasant population.

And here it is where it gets interesting.

Matt Raphael Johnson deserves to be quoted word by word.[18:40]
" The Polish nobility was smart enough not to give over the necessary economic power, the merchant power, the liquid banking power to Poles,
so what did they do ?
This is the thesis here, the central concept (of this 2 volume work from 1856 by an English historian):

They gave it to the Jews.

Like i said, about 80% of the world jews would eventually move to the Polish Empire (in the late 17th and early 18th century), even to the point
where jews prior to the Cossack revolt will view the Polish Empire as the New Jerusalem, and more than that, the jews will view the Polish Empire in of itself as Messianic. That the Messiah will come, because the jews have been given a tremendous level of power in the Polish Empire. Not until 20th century America the jews will ever again gain this level of power. The jews controlled all the money in Poland, they controlled all the commerce of Poland, they controlled the monarchy, and they controlled the nobility, and they did this through the fact, that the only people who had any access to liquid money were the jews that were deliberately imported from Khazaria, from Southern Russia into the Polish Empire, and the nobles did this to number one: Keep the monarchy away from money, keep actual Poles away from money, and to keep any of their political opponents away from money.

So by the middle of the 16th century, the early 17th century, you had a powerless monarchy, you had a society completely dominated by nobles,
you had million of slaves of Polish Catholic nationality, and the towns like Kracow and elsewhere were populated by jews who were given licenses by the nobility to engage in all banking, all trade, and the nobility
collectively gave the jewish population in Poland an absolute monopoly over the sale and distillery of alcohol.

I wanna suggest to you guys that a huge proportion of the modern jewish mentality came into existence due to their immense favorable treatment in the Polish Empire at the beginning of the 17th century."
Why do i undertake the tremendous effort to write a transcript ?

Because this pretty much sums up our own future if current affairs continue. "We the people" sold out by our Overclass as "bond-slaves" to a jewish dominated system. Yes, that's right, like the Polish nobles in the early 17th century, our "elites" sell out people of all races including their own.