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Thread: The New Racial Classification of European Races

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    Lightbulb The New Racial Classification of European Races

    For a long time, the division of "sub-races" of Europe was as follows:

    - Nordic: tall, pink skin, athletic build, straight nose, chin shapely, dolichocephalic, light hair and eyes. Considered the peak of human evolution.

    - Mediterranean: short stature, dark skin, slender formation of a slender, straight nose, regular features, dolichocephalic, hair and dark eyes. Considered the most talented race in Europe after the Nordic.

    - Dinarid: high or medium Height, brown skin, slim, aquiline nose, brachycephalic, hair and dark eyes. Considered a gifted race, especially in mixtures with the Nordic race.

    - Alpine: Average height, light skin, heavy constitution, brachycephalic, brown hair, brown or light eyes.

    - Baltic / East: medium or low Height, fair skin, strong constitution, brachycephalic, light hair and eyes.

    This classification is obsolete.

    Now, after a thorough investigation of Valgard in the field of physical anthropology and the contrast with scientific data in the field of genetics, which has delved into the origins of the various human ethnic communities, we know, for example, that:

    - The Nordic race is a mixture of Nordic-white (the blissful "Nordids") and Nordic-red (sometimes called "Brünns"), usually mixed with Dinarids and / or to a lesser extent, mongoloids.

    - The "Mediterranean race" is a mixture of Nordic-reds, Dinarids, Nordic Whites, congoids in small proportion and sometimes mongoloids in small proportion.

    - The "Dinarid race is a mixture of Nordic and Dinarid-white (or" Armeniods "), usually with red-Nordic influences.

    - The "Alpine race" is a mixture of Nordic-red, Mongoloids and often, to a lesser extent, Dinarids and Nordic-whites.

    - The "East-Baltic race is a mixture of Nordic-whites and Mongoloids.

    I have not written this article to foster divisions among whites, if I touch these issues is because I sincerely believe that will contribute to the strength of our White Race and our Western Civilization. So knowing this lets go on:

    NORDIC WHITE RACE (Also named NW, nordic race, white nordid,WN, white race or europid race)

    This man is a target of a Nordic-high purity. Note that the skin is not milky white, nor capable of blushing, but rather "gold", which looks set to be moderately tan without burning, and a quite vertical forehead.

    Psychologically, this is a noble, harmonious, serene, serious, patient, balanced, martial, agile, honorable, disciplined, honest, efficient and racist race, but also innocent, too angelic "little savvy" for some things. Unlike was suggests his dress, the example is not Jewish, there are different photos with different liturgical dresses.

    Height: Very high (probably more than 2 meters in the pure specimens).

    Body Type: Lean, athletic. Well-shaped broad and straight shoulders, Long neck. Although it is a “thin” physical type propensity to build muscle under the right conditions.

    Eyes: Very light gray, almost whitish. The "bright" colors like sky-blue is always a mixture between blue-gray color of the Nordic-whites and dark blue color of the Nordic-reds.

    This eye color, very light gray, almost white, is the quintessential color of the eyes of a pure Nordic-white.

    We can often see the gray eye color in Finland, the Baltic nations and the most European part of Russia. They have melanin levels even lower than blue eyes, and the optical phenomenon that makes them look gray is the same look like a gray cloudy sky.

    Elongated shape. Inserted deeply into the face under low brows, thin, purely horizontal (forming a T with the nose), moderately populated gives a thoughtful expression and bold, and a penetrating and intense gaze. Large pupils, medium-short distance between eye and eye. Small eye sockets. Moderately marked brow ridges.

    Nose: Narrow, straight, slightly fleshy and harmonious. High nasal bridge: the key to the Nordic-white nose is that the "root" is very high, almost at the front, and therefore has no eyebrows sunk as in the case of the Nordic-red. Nordic-white nose, in fact, is the one that corresponds with the famous "Greek profile" of classical statues.

    Ears: Tight, "slightly rounded."

    Mouth: Marked and dark lips, but thin and slightly bulky. Naso-labial groove (vertical line that divides the mustache in two) wide, which gives the central points of the upper lip look slightly separated and a "disgusted" expression, the same style as the classical statues.

    Teeth: Quite straight, little difference in the built of the teeth.

    Hair: Blond-platinum close to white, smooth and fine. Aimed at crushing the skull.

    Body Hair: The same color hair, very fine and scarce.

    Skin: White-ivory, clean. In the absence of tan pale. Low levels of both eumelanin and pheomelanin, but the Nordic-white race has the gene M1CR active, and therefore their skin is able to synthesize melanin, that is, this race, unlike the Nordic-red that we will see later, can be tanned. Interestingly, the image of a Nordic-white sun tanned, as a sign of life for outdoor working, was the favorite image in the propaganda of the Third Reich, it was the image the Nazis were trying to promote, by instinct, even without the modern knowledge of Genetics, was the Nordic-white type.

    How has fair skin appeared, and why? As there are many pseudo-theories of fans who like to conclude that white skin is vulnerable, I will clear this matter turning over the tables once and for all.

    Light skin is an adaptation to a shortage in the North and the lower strength of the Sun in arctic conditions. Under northern conditions, the excessive melanin too dark skin does not let to pass enough sunlight, essential to catalyze the production of vitamin D (skeletal strength, immune system, bones of the mother and fetus). That is why, in arctic climates, races like the Negroid can only survive if they have a very complete and abundant diet and sufficient sunlight.

    Otherwise, the situation will produce Vitamin D deficiency: weakness, softening and / or bone deformity, rickets, cessation of growth in children, osteoporosis, bone fractures, malnutrition and susceptibility to immune system collapse. The dark races require intense amounts of sunlight (and / or a diet too full) to produce sufficient amounts of vitamin D, while the light races make do with less light and less food. This is the reason why health authorities both in Canada and the United States have recommended to dark-skinned people, mainly American blacks and mestizos, but also many dark-skinned individuals from southern Europe, that between fall and spring, when sunlight is weaker, to consume daily between 1000 and 2000 IU (international units) of vitamin D: the perpetually dark skin is poor compared to the white anywhere other than a hot zone.

    Nordic-white race, therefore, is adapted to let pass the sunlight to your body (Winter, pale skin) and limit its absorption in Summer (Summer, tanning), unlike the Nordic-reds, which have been more time in arctic conditions (they would actually be and “ultra-nordic” race par excellence), definitely they have been adapted to an arctic climate losing the ability to produce melanin.

    Skull: dolichocephalic (long seen in profile, narrow width, narrow temples). Curvooccipitalia (occipital bulging). This race has developed cranial capacity back and forth mainly.

    Difference between the brachycephalic skull (left) and dolichocephalic (right) seen in profile and from above (profile is not enough, just watch from above reveals its head type safety). Note that the dolichocephalic is not only characterized as "long", but its illusion of length is increased by the narrowness of the temples (temporal bone) compared with the roundness of the brachycephalic, wider and bulkier temples ( more developed temporal bones). The interim between the two skulls are called mesocephalics. Viewing a profile skull only reveals if it is planooccipital (occipital flattening) or curvooccipital (occipital prominently.)

    Forehead: Straight, big and quite vertical.

    Jaw & chin: harmonious and shapely jaw, “pointed” chin. Prominent chin between the Nordic-red and the Dinarid retracted chin.

    Profile of face: not completely vertical but close. Progressive and straight (orthognathic facial angle open)

    Dolichocephalic skull (long). One way to see the degree of Nordic influence of a European is to check the facial profile angle. If it tends to be almost vertical and almost straight (fully upright and completely right in the Nordic-red), along the red line represented, it is normal to have a lot of Nordic influence. With mixtures Dinarid, usually the first feature to betray the open angle (vertical red line) is the forehead, which becomes "elusive" backwards. Other features that end up betraying non-Nordic influences are the nose (very prominent) and chin (long overdue). These characteristics easier to see in Nordic whites, because as I said, the Nordic reds have more exaggerated features and more, "struck."

    Other features: facial features denoting kindness, compassion and balance, very youthful and fresh appearance is preserved until very old age (although not as much as the Nordic-red). Image "golden" in general.

    Abundance of active and athletic women but extremely feminine, attractive and almost supernatural beauty, which translates into a very high reproductive success of the Nordic-white maternal lineages.

    The distribution of the Nordic-white is to some extent related to blood group A.

    · Paternal lineage (Y-DNA): I (eg, I1, I2b, I2C)

    These two maps give an idea of the inheritance of the Nordic-white race. Top, distribution of Haplogroup I1 (formerly I1a, corresponding to types like the Scandinavian Vikings or the Normans). Down I2c distribution, corresponding with people over the South Germans (Saxons "?). The distribution of I2b (Balkan peoples as the Thracians), I don't put it because it belongs to an area where the indirect lines have been contaminated by Dinarid invasions (Neolithic, Ottoman Empire, to name a few examples) and the racial aspects of its people is not as representative of the high frequency of I1b that exists, for example, in Bosnia and Slovenia, although it is detected an abundance of individuals of Nordic-white racial base.

    This map can be quite interesting, although only as a guide. It represents the distribution of the runic inscriptions considered from the old Futhark. A second phase of expansion of new runic alphabet include Holland and England.

    Maternal lineages (mtDNA): U, K

    K matrilineal distribution in Europe.

    Mythology: This race corresponds to the recurring notion of "Hyperborea" (Greeks), "Ultima Thule" (Romans, Germans), Septentrionis Lux, Aryana Vaejo (Persians) and many other references to a sacred place of the Far North, found among Indo-Iranians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Celts and Germans. What all these legends have in common is that North describes a mild climate and voluntary conditions, that suddenly suffered a sharp drop in temperature that it became uninhabitable, throwing the inhabitants to invade other lands. This version, which I think is too recurrent in many Indo-European people to be a lie, although is not yet sufficiently supported by science, so I stick to the most "official" version, that also does not have to contradict the Hyperborean thesis.

    In Germanic mythology, the white Nordic clan would correspond to the God of the Aesir or Aces, a group of gods of war, honor and order.

    Funeral Rites: Incineration. In the ancient mind, burn the dead meant that their ethereal parts (mind, spirit) ascended to heaven, from which they came, while their material parts (the body) is turned into ashes and returned to Earth.

    Spirituality: Related to Heaven. Ancestor worship and the fallen in battle, the war, manhood and fire. Appreciation for a short and glorious life ended by a “triumphalis mors” or "death triumphant."

    Psychology, idiosyncrasy and racial character: Love of honor, devotion to order, respect for authority and seniority, a great warrior and military vocation (militarism and war as a way of life of this race), courage, altruism, idealism , loyalty, racism, heroism, self-discipline. Intelligence, reflection. Will highly developed: the tendency to asceticism and sports training. Eagerness to explore.

    Also innocence and total disability for the "tricks", including diplomacy. This carefree innocence come phrases like "blonds are dumb”. It is not lack of intelligence but a way of being "angelic", which means that these people are "less savvy" about things that have much to do with the degeneration of modern society, where darker, primitive and less evolved racial types can take advantage of them. Is the myth of the carefree and confident Siegfried the archetype of the "stab in the back."

    • Distribution: The white Nordic race has its core strengths in Scandinavia (southern Sweden being the most pure heart), North America, Oceania, Britain, Holland, Germany and Poland. However, it is distributed throughout Europe and both Americas, the Middle East, South and Central Asia, Siberia and North Africa.

    Current situation: This race, along with the red variety that we will see, is the quintessence of the entire West, as it is in all white countries and thus constitutes a kind of nexus, the excuse that unites us all as "white." Although extremely difficult to find Nordic high-purity white (photographs that we sample are gems of Physical Anthropology), the highest purity and proportion found in southern Sweden and eastern parts of Norway, and corresponds roughly the distribution of haplogroup I1. However, numerically, there are more white blood Nordic-United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Britain and some Eastern countries such as Poland, Russia, Ukraine and others. Generally, it is assumed that such people are descended from these waves were Germanic Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Normans.


    NORDIC RED RACE (also called NR, Nordic-Red, NR, red race, Nordic race West race, Brünns, although there are several meanings for the term "Brünns" and this only one of them.)

    This man, from northern England, is a high purity Nordic-red and almost impossible to find, even in areas where there are many genetic inheritance nordic-red.
    We can see the orange hair, eyebrows thinly populated, dark-blue eyes and the skin is completely red.
    Low nasal bridge, tip and fleshy nose, square features, tendency to accumulate body mass. Note that the facial configuration is tougher, more solid, broader rougher and more in "block" than the Nordic-White race.
    The Nordic-white race inspires serenity, light, order and balance,the Nordic-Red inspires some concern is more impulsive, more brutal and more aggressive enclosed and a greater tendency to tyranny.

    It is also more passionate, less "ethereal" than the Nordic-white and more "dense" materially speaking, more temperament as well as more muscular "brute force", probably higher levels of testosterone and greater attachment to nature, which was probably what made them develop natural medicine (the Egyptians had simply amazing knowledge of the medical effects of thousands of plants). Surely here women play an important role, where they carried the archetype of "witch" in medieval times that was related to redhead women.

    Height: Medium-low (around 1.65).

    Build: Massive. Strong and wide bones. Tendency to accumulate mass, either of muscle or fat. Low shoulders (tendency to develop the trapezius).

    Eyes: Wide ("very open"). Dark blue ocean color, deep, small pupil, medium distance between the eye and eye. Large eye sockets, thin eyebrows in arch form. Less marked brow ridges than in the Nordic-white variety.

    Nose: A little lower, wider, more rounded and more fleshy in general that the Nordic-white. The key to the Nordic-red nose is in addition to its fleshy tip, that his root is not in the forehead, but below, being "sunk" in the forehead.

    Ears: Thinner and smaller than the Nordic-white, tendency to tip pointing outwards.

    Mouth: extremely thin, tight lips, naso-labial groove thin.

    Teeth: Straight, vertical, little difference in height between the teeth. Tendency to increase the separation between the teeth in mixtures with Dinarids. This may be due to inherit a big mouth and spacious, the Dinarid teeth can not "fill" at all. C dental arch form.

    Hair: Orange, smooth. When short, tend to remain somewhat bristly.

    Body Hair: Medium-rare, but in mixtures with Dinarid hair becomes very dense. Thick beard and mustache.

    Skin: complete lack of eumelanin, high levels of pheomelanin. Red or pink skin, very bloody. In mixtures with other races, the bloody appearance is especially concentrated on his face, and inside the face, cheeks and under eyes. People with tendency to become visibly red and angry, heated or embarrassed, always have a nordic-red contribution. In red race people, the MC1R gene is disabled, so that these people, unlike the pure Nordic-Whites lose the ability to pigment the skin and have instead increased risk of diseases related to skin, especially when exposed to the sun, pure red race is unable to produce melanin and is more predisposed to get skin cancer than other races.

    Skull: brachycephalic, occipital, but prominent temples. Increased cranial capacity and wider face than the white variety and the Dinarid race. This race has developed brain volume forward (front) and to the sides (temporal).

    Forehead: Very high and straight vertical profile view, more than the Nordic-whites, who do not have it perfectly vertical.

    Jaws & chin: strong, square, wide and powerful jaws, prominent chin.

    Profile of the face: very upright and very straight ultraprogresive (orthognathic facial angle is very open, rather than the white variety.)

    Other features: fast metabolism, active blood circulation, youthful appearance whose freshness is preserved even better than in the Nordic-whites.

    Increased sensitivity to thermal pain, reduced sensitivity to electrical pain. High purity redheads usually require 20% more of anesthesia than other races.
    In general hard facial features and even cruel, arrogant and threatening appearance.
    Very masculine men. Women with a tendency to become wild, rough, spontaneous, independent and natural possessing a bloody and passionate beauty, less "helpless" than Nordic-white women.

    Freckles are not assets of the red race, or any other race in its purest form. However seems to be common, in the Nordic-red mixed with Nordic-white Dinarids. Remember that freckles (like moles) are small spots concentrated of melanin.

    Milky-pale skin that can not produce melanin does not correspond to a pure racial model, is a mixture of Nordic red + Nordic white with red predominance. Something similar can be said of the pink skin, but this is the result of a more balanced mix.
    When the red race mixes with Dinarids his orange hair turns red and reddish brown, while the mixes with the Nordic-White variety provides a power-blond hair, similar to the color of fire.

    Green eyes, like freckles, they are not assets of any pure race, but mixtures. Green eyes are brown eyes with low pigmentation levels, result of mixtures with gray or dark blue eyes. High tolerance to lactose.
    The distribution and abundance of red hair seems to be associated with 0 blood group and Rh -, abundant in western Europe and less abundant the further east.

    · Paternal lineage (Y-DNA): R (R1a, related to the Slavs and Iranians, and the famous R1b, predominant haplogroup in Western Europe).

    The distribution of the red lineage. Above, the R1a, which is most common in the countries of Eastern Europe. This haplogroup, which appears to have originated in the Slavic Urheimat is also clearly linked (the "trail" and this "pool" built in Iran, Afghanistan and some former Soviet republics) with the Iranian invasion. Below, the famous Haplogroup R1b, the most common in Western Europe.

    The frequency of R1a lineage-associated with the Slavic peoples, Iranian and Indo-Iranian. Note that this haplogroup has its greatest concentration in areas that are considered Urheimat of the Slavic peoples, such as Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and southern Russia. Note also how there is a sharp drop in the level of R1a in nations (Serbia, Bulgaria) which, although considered Slavic heritage, came into contact with other people (Illyrian, Byzantine, etc.., While the Thracians and Dacians were I certainly lineage) and were subjected to the Ottoman Empire. In this context, note the difference between Croatia and Bosnia, and between Ukraine and Romania. In Spain it is likely that R1a few contributions have come from the hand of the Alans and the later Slavic mercenaries employed by Al-Andalus, Moorish and Persian blood. Another interesting detail is the frequency of R1a in countries such as Syria or Iran, were under Persian rule and therefore received a major Iranian flow. Also curious if the Greek region of Macedonia, which, although belonging to Greece, has higher concentrations of Slavic nations R1a that close, as Macedonia and Bulgaria.

    Distribution of R1b in Italy, seeing that it has its strength in the regions of Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy and the areas around the Alps. It also coincides with the most prosperous and developed part of the country.

    · Maternal lineages (mtDNA): H, V.

    The distribution of matrilineal H.

    Mythology: This human race would be related to "Atlantis", supposedly located somewhere in the west of Europe. According to tradition, Atlantis was an advanced civilization that degenerated and was punished by the Gods, immersed in the sea. This theory can be discarded or accepted (not enough evidence either for one nor for other), but it seems clear that the red varieties have their strong point in nations facing the Atlantic coast. In Germanic mythology, this range would correspond with the divine of the Vanir clan or Vans, a group of gods of magic, love, health and nature.

    Funeral Rites: This race, a great expert in medicine and anatomy, it seems more geared to the preservation of dead bodies (we also severed heads as trophies of Celtic warriors). The construction of underground tombs or graves of some ancient European cultures within which deposited the body of the dead, especially of great leaders (perhaps hoping to keep symbolically "hibernating" until awakened at a future time of need for its people) are examples of this, from which the myth of the "king asleep" (which often is a redhead, like King Arthur or Barbarossa) and the doctrine of resurrection of the hero. The Egyptians carried to the extreme with its huge pyramids and refined processes of embalming and mummification. Redheaded mummies found not only in Egypt but also in China, South America and New Zealand.

    Spirituality: Related to the Nature. Sun worship and observance of their cycles. Worship the spirits of water, air, fire and earth. Plenty of "phallic" buildings related to the stars. This race seems more gifted than the white variety for matters of esoteric and "magic."

    Psychology, idiosyncrasy and racial character: love of nature, patriotism, attachment to the homeland, intelligence, impulsive, unpredictable personality, tendency to anger attacks and sudden upheavals, prone to excesses in matters of violence, but also overwhelmed with joy. The ancient Ayurvedic medicine of India described redheads as "bloody" temperamental (further proof that red hair was not unknown in India, and that there where redheads in the Indo-Iranian migration). Strength, toughness, fierceness, well-developed character, individuality, temperament, great memory. This race is without doubt the race of passion, fire, anger, and even end a certain cruelty.

    One way to be louder and Dionysian than the Nordic-white, which is one of the reasons that the Spanish we say that we fit better with the Irish (with more nordic-red heritage) than with more cultural and genetic contributions of Nordic-whites and more "serious," such as English, German or Scandinavian.

    Judging from many sites and mummies, and the descriptions of Scottish Picts (considered mainly red), it seems that this race was given to tattoos (even in the face) and body painting, using a blue pigment in Scotland was called woad.

    Distribution: This race has a pure heart in Scotland and northern England, connected to the R1b (there is more R1b in other countries, but is also more mixed in its autosomal or non-direct tracks).

    The red (not the Celts, who came later) had the dominant role in the megalithic culture (think Stonehenge in Britain and Carnac in France), France, in Spain (where the Iberian element), in Britain, Phoenicia and Palestine, North Africa and also very mixed with Dinarids, in ancient Egypt. We think that the Basque language and culture is the cultural vestige of the red race (although Basque paternal lineage are abundant in red, are generally much more mixed with Dinarids than for example, the Scots). Nordic-red blood was present in the formation of India, Persia, Greece and Rome. We can find its heritage in areas as far away as Eastern Siberia, Mongolia (Genghis Khan was high with red hair and blue eyes), China (mummies with red hair, smiling trend in many individuals) and even Easter Island. Over time, after mixing, the Reds also had a lot to do with the settings in "Celtiberian" and the Spanish Empire, as well as the British Empire.

    Current Context: Race Nordic-red corresponds to the red-haired people. They have a reputation for cast, very given to over-issues of anger, temper outbursts and impulses in general. We know the important legacy that has the red race in Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England, United States, Canada, Australia, Norway and New Zealand. In Spain there are many red-Nordic race, but it is far more mixed than in the places mentioned. Still, it is very common in Spain for persons with red reflections in his beard. It can be said that this race is the foundation of the nations of Western Europe (except Sweden), especially those with Celtic heritage.


    DINARID RACE (also called Armenoid Race). "Dinarid" may be an appropriate name for this race, as the Dinarid Alps (Balkans) were an area of expansion and penetration of this race in Europe. It is a "mountain" race. This is the term that has curdled over "Armeniod race" (Armenia has quite pure Dinarids, but was only a "transit zone" for this race.) Another good description would perhaps be "race central" because it was developed in the central regions of three continents and also forms an "intermediate" of evolution between Khoisan (a black variety) and the Nordic races, which would be a sort of "backbone" of humanity, the quintessence of it.

    This is a pure Dinarid, in this case from the Armenian community in Syria. The intuition of H. Günther in his day left us this sunset photo of a guy he called "Armeniod" and that, in its purest form, it may already be extinct. Wedge profile, receding forehead, narrow nose, large nasal bridge and high (nearly the height of the eyebrows), weak jaw, receding chin, delicate constitution. is opportunist, materialistic and greedy, too clever, dreamy, nervous but calculating, equipped for business and for priestly religion, lunar magic, labored to compete with the northern races. As guessed, this is the predominant race, mixed with others in the Semitic type.

    Height: Medium-low.

    Build: Slim. High shoulders and short neck: a tendency to slouch.

    Eyes: Brown, medium pupil, short distance between eye and eye.

    Nose: Large and columbine. As mentioned, one theory is that natural selection shaped the nose of this breed in order to moisten the dry desert air before introducing it into the lungs, while another argues that developed large nostrils to absorb more oxygen in the rarefied mountain air, which is more likely. We see that the large roman nose is not something exclusively Jewish or Semitic, but it is always Dinarid (typical Semitic nose is wider due to the African influence, an aquiline nose due to closer European Nordic influence).

    Ears: More elongated and rounded to two Nordic varieties.

    Denture: small mouth, narrow and "wavy" teeth (height differences between the teeth).

    Hair: Black, thick, smooth-rolling, probably quite fat. Trend entries.

    Body Hair: Abundant.

    Skin: brown. Active MC1R, tendency to tan.

    Skull: Dinarid dolichocephalic type with a curvooccipitalia higher than the Nordic-white. High cranial vault. This race has developed cranial capacity upward and backward.

    The Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II, had Nordic-red influence (in fact, had red hair and has a low nasal bridge), but was certainly Dinarid racial base, and is a good example of dolichocephaly of that race.

    Forehead: Fleeting (leaning backward).

    Jaws & chin: Mandible thin, small and triangular when viewed from the front, receding chin and undeveloped (sign of lack of character).

    Profile of the face: wedge-shaped tip of the nose, "thief" or "Shark" profile.

    Looking at the profile of the example set and compare it with the right profile dolichocephalic skull from above, we see the facial angle is closed and how the vertical line has become a wedge "streamlined."

    · Paternal lineage (Y-DNA): F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, S, T.

    This interesting map combines the distribution of all J lineages that appear to have strong core in "Yemen", southwest of the Arabian Peninsula. The J are clearly Semitic Haplogroups par excellence.

    Each map corresponds to a different sublineage of haplogroup J. By the way, pay attention to the second, J1, which is the paternal haplogroup typical in Cohanim Jewish families, and has its highest concentrations in the Sinai Desert, Egypt and southern Israel ("Judea").

    Map that combines the distribution of the Congo E3b lineages [9] and Dinarid J2 [10] in Italy. If southern Italy is quasi-third world, for the simple reason that it is infested of these genes and lineages, the Romans did a mass importation of slaves from Syria and North Africa, whose immigration should compensate the massacres carried out in Italy by the Carthaginians. Such stupidity would be solved only after the Germanic invasions in the V century, and only in the north. As suspected, the ability to civilization and cultural development seems to be related to the presence of genetic lineages from European origin.

    J2a distribution (Semitic, Arabic, Middle East) in Italy.

    · Maternal lineages (mtDNA): A, B, F, I, J, N, P, Q, R, S, T, X, Y. Note that in Europe the Dinarid maternal lineages are much more abundant than Dinarid paternal lineages. This involves input probably the first mixture is produced between Nordic men and Dinarid women, which implies, in turn, that the Nordics were in a position of superiority over the Dinarids, enough to take their women.

    Funeral Rites: Burial of the dead, what they consider to return the man where he belongs (the ground) Other rites consist of exposing the bodies to scavengers until the skeletons are cleansed, after which they were buried.

    Spirituality: Related to the Earth and home. Worship of a long and prosperous life. Adoration of the Moon.

    Psychology, idiosyncrasy and racial: Immediate personal gain, love of practical short-term, great shrewdness and cunning, calculating, materialistic predisposition for intelligence, trade, diplomacy and seeking personal advantage: the desert (or perhaps better said the mountain) invites you to get the most out of everything.
    Easy to intuit and prejudging people, great ability to "capture" the weaknesses of an individual.Weaker and less military skills than any of the Nordic races, the Dinarids were probably more accustomed to make their way through diplomacy, trade, alliances, the labia and even betrayal, that thanks to brute force as people of the North.
    Prone to shoaling communities and crowding. Forms of mass society and pseudo-communists. Little or no appreciation of Nature (the desert is basically the absence of an active nature.)
    Fanaticism, religious intransigence, human sacrifices, slave trade, piracy, illegal trade. Gifts for the "organized crime" in multiracial environments.

    Distribution: The breed, mixed as it is, is immensely prolific, it can be found in Europe, North Africa, and Middle East to India via Central Asia. Its pure group probably correspond to Yemen some type of Jews and some people in Italy and the Balkans.

    History: Genetic studies suggest that Dinarid originated 70000-45000 years ago from the pigmoid Khoisan race an African variety proto-Mongoloid. According to the paternal lineage, the CF, which was Capoid, led by one side to C, leading to C3 and the Mongoloid race, and on the other side to F, resulting in the Dinarid race and all its lineages. The Dinarids have their origin in the Middle East.
    The Dinarid is likely to correspond with those regarded as the earliest human civilizations in the Near East (although there are indications of the presence of Nordic breeds in Sumeria, for example).

    The origin of J2 haplogroup (considered "Arab") may be a good reference to put the Urheimat of the Semites (Semitic origin should be pure Dinarid), from which the Dinarids entered Europe (from the Neolithic Migration introduced matriarchy). It can also be guidance to place the primitive Semitic (J2, J1 after, is the typical haplogroup or Cohen Cohanim, a priestly Jewish family, already mentioned). The Minoans and Etruscans also had a high frequency of this haplogroup.

    The Dinaric, then, correspond to the inhabitants of which are now considered the first sedentary populations and the first cities on the planet, and of which the oldest is believed to be Catal Huyuk, in what is now southern Turkey . Dinarid race, in theory, would have been the first to adopt the urban lifestyle characterized by high population density and urban agglomerations in the logic that attaches importance to the meekness and "get along."

    This is a reconstruction of the aspect that should be Catal Huyuk in times (between 6300 and 5400 BCE). It was probably 5000 to 6000 inhabitants. There was a cult of the bull heads and vultures, and it was a matriarchal culture. In this backdrop Eastern Neolithic cultures emerged in southeastern Europe, which eventually seeping through the Danube to central Europe and the Mediterranean to Spain and North Africa. It is accepted that the Etruscans, the Minoans had their origin in these populations in Minor Asia, although they had a Nordic-red influence.

    "Goddess" Huyuk Catal. Can not say enough about the idea of reproductive and anti-evolutionary is ideal choice as a fat woman instead of an athletic type as that enjoyed in the North.

    The above Neolithic cultures spread, as we shall see, throughout the Mediterranean mingling with the Nordic-red, and broke through the Danube, which led them to central Europe (what is now Hungary and Austria, where they contacted the Nordic-whites and mixed with them there was also this kind of mixture in the Balkans). It is believed that the Etruscans, the Minoans (the bull cult reminiscent of the eastern populations), the Phoenicians and Carthaginians were predominantly J haplogroup, although it seems that their caste leaders should be more mixed with R1a and R1b. In Egypt dominated the T parental lineage, although there were also contributions of Nordic-whites and Nordic-reds judging by the look of some mums.

    In North Africa, they produced the "moor" Type mixing with Negroids and reds. Today Dinarid blood can be found in almost all of Eurasia, North, East and even Central Africa, and also in pre-Columbian America (see the noses of some Native Americans, who have nothing of Mongoloid). The European royals, by the influx of Jewish blood, are usually quite Dinarids.

    Current Context: It is extremely difficult to find pure Dinarid, being a race older than any European, so they had more time to mix, and probably they had being by nature less racist than the Nordic races, perhaps more likely to trade Tribal links and alliances for marriage benefits. The Dinarid race is prevalent in Jews mixed with absolutely everything you can imagine (Negroid heritage is visible in the thickness of the lips and the width of the nose, while Dinarid heritage is visible in nose, chin and forehead, red or white heritage in the skin tone of some.).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lezo View Post
    Paternal lineage (Y-DNA): I (eg, I1, I2b, I2C)
    I don't think this works at all. Associating subracial types with a particular haplogroup just doesn't work. I know several Nordids and Tronders that are R1b, not haplogroup I as you suggest they should be. And something you're forgetting is that we don't inherit our phenotype from just our paternal lineage, like we do with y-haplotypes. I get my Faelid looks from my maternal grandfather. Does that mean I'm not a Fealid, since it didn't come from my paternal line? A person can fulfill all the physical qualifications to be Nordid, but belong to haplogroup R1a for example, and no longer qualify as Nordid? Is that what you're saying?

    I've said this before, but saying that Nordids can only belong to haplogroup I is totally incorrect. If anything, haplogroup I is associated with the Cro-Magnid survivors in places like Scandinavia.

    The assumption that Cro-Magnids carried haplogroup R1b is no longer the accepted theory. The idea that Cro-Magnids carried R1b comes from the fact that the Basques are nearly 100% R1b, and since they don't speak an Indo European language, it was assumed that they spoke a Cro-Magnon language. A more recent theory, and one that is gaining acceptance, is that haplogroup R1b is associated with the introduction of farming to Europe sometime around the Neolithic.

    This means that the Neolithic subracial types (Nordid, Atlantid, Mediterranid) should be associated with haplogroup R1b, NOT haplogroup I.

    Anyway, my point is this, if every Nordid on this forum took a haplogroup test, and we only allowed them to keep their Nordid classification if they were haplogroup I, we would have a LOT fewer Nordids... If a person belongs to haplogroup I, particularly M-253, they are probably Germanic in origin. But not all Germanics, and certainly not all Nordids, NECESSARILY belong to haplogroup I.

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    Besides the physical attributes mostly bollocks, especially about the Dinarid race.
    And the day they sold us out, Our hearts grew cold
    'Cause we were never asked, No brother, we were told!
    What do they know of Europe, Who only Europe know?

    Ancient DNA: List of All Studies analyzing DNA of Ancient Tribes and Ethnicities(post-2010)

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingdans View Post

    I know several Nordids and Tronders that are R1b, not haplogroup I as you suggest they should be.

    True, BUT in this classification we are talking about the pure especimens, If an R1b (nordic-red) man mixes with a nordic-white woman, the son can be pretty nordic-white and be R1b in paternal linage.
    As is written in the classification what we think is "Nordid" is the mixture between Nordic-Whites, Nordic-Reds with some Dinarid influence and sometimes Mongoloid influence.
    Nowadays is VERY DIFFICULT to find pure specimens of each sub-race. The photos of the three examples are very difficult to find.
    If you have photos of what you consider pure Nordids put them and I will try to show you why are mixed attending to the caracteristics of the article.

    For example Brock Lesnar I really dont know if according to your racial classification you will classificate him as "Nordid":

    He is a mixture between Nordic-Red and Nordic-White. As you can see he has height of a Nordic-White, he is blond with blue eyes. BUT he has high nordic-red influence, as you can see in his skin color, in the nose and in this photo you can see he is totally brachycephalic:

    If you pay attention to powerlifters or strongmans is very difficult to find any of them with no nordic-red high influence.

    And something you're forgetting is that we don't inherit our phenotype from just our paternal lineage, like we do with y-haplotypes.

    Maybe the article is not very organized, but if you read it again its exposed the matrilineal lineages too. In the case of Nordic-Whites the matrilineal lineage is:
    Maternal lineages (mtDNA): U, K.

    A person can fulfill all the physical qualifications to be Nordid, but belong to haplogroup R1a for example, and no longer qualify as Nordid? Is that what you're saying?

    As I said before that person can be quite nordic-white and be classified as "Nordid" but is not a pure specimen.

    The assumption that Cro-Magnids carried haplogroup R1b is no longer the accepted theory. The idea that Cro-Magnids carried R1b comes from the fact that the Basques are nearly 100% R1b, and since they don't speak an Indo European language, it was assumed that they spoke a Cro-Magnon language.

    TRUE R haplogroup was formed in West Asia as we can see here:
    I haplogroup seems to be formed in Europe.
    They were formed during the Wisconsin/Würm Glacial Episode. As you will know in this period, there was a genetic isolation because of the ice sheets. So is imposible that two different haplogroups evolve to the same phetotype race.
    The R haplogroup suffered worse climate conditions, thats why Nordic-Reds are more adapted to arctic conditions than Nordic-Whites.

    A more recent theory, and one that is gaining acceptance, is that haplogroup R1b is associated with the introduction of farming to Europe sometime around the Neolithic.

    True but in that period Nordic-Whites I and Nordic-Reds R were already well mixed. What we call today white race is the mix between this three branches: Dinarids, Red-Nordics, White-Nordics.
    Some places of Europe have more influence of any of this three races. For example in south europe we have more Dinarid influence, than in North Europe and central Europe, summarizing countries with Germanic heritage, where you have more Nordic-white and Nordic-red influence, as you can see this is explained in the migration maps of Dinarid race:

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    Here are some examples of strongmans. As I said all of them have nordic-red influences, is quite difficult to find a strongman without nordic-red influence. We think nordic-reds are the strongest world race:

    Strongman 1:

    Although he has a lot of Nordic-White influence you can see he has a Nordic-red racial base. brachycephalic, remember how is a brachycephalic skull:

    Strongman 2:

    Again brachycephalic with red-pink skin color. He has nordic-white influence too for example in the nose, same as the previous example. Compare the nose of this man with the example of the Nordic-White, its the same nose.

    Strongman 3: (powerlifter)

    Nordic-red base, again brachycephalic, with dinarid influence in the forehead.
    This Dinarid influence has changed the red color of the hair to brown-red color.

    Strongman 4:

    Nordic-red base, again brachycephalic, with some dinarization and nordic-white influence

    Strongman 5:

    Nordic-red base, again brachycephalic, look at the red tone of the skin, he has dinarization in the nose, ears, and a little bit in the forehead. Nordic-white influence.

    Strongman 6 (powerlifter):

    Nordic-red base, again brachycephalic, look at the red tone of the skin, orange hair.

    As you may have guessed this is not a coincidence
    If anybody has doubts of how I detect the little influences of the three races, just ask, and I will try to explain you in detail.

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    I'm not an expert but Your nordic reds are called upper palolithic survivors, (cro magnoids, old strong race perhaps made for resisting rough environment), while white nordics are from neolith, dinarics came from the eastern south(closest to near east area, hence they're perhaps mixture of central european races with armenoid)
    So your post seem to be rather generalisation of old classification.
    Are baltids european races mixed with mongoloids, I don't know(maybe some genetic studies show)
    What about meds? I know guy who is absolutely dark copy of your white nordic example, but shorter in stature.

    I like your psychological characteristics, seem to be accurate.
    that's most interesting part for me, apart from hfk gunther works, I haven't came across anything about this pc incorrect matter.

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