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Thread: "Black Man Created All Other Races"

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    Post "Black Man Created All Other Races"

    Black Man Created All Other Races
    Posted: October 10, 2001
    An analysis by
    Dr. Kwame Nantambu

    It is quite clear that any human that had its birth in Afrika could not have survived in an equatorial region without pigmentation. According to Senegalese scientist, deceased Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop (pronounced Jop), the world's modern-day multi-genius or Imhotep, since nature does not do anything by chance, then humankind that was born in a sub-equatorial region was given melanin to protect its skin from the hot rays of the sun.

    For this reason, it is certain that the first man had to be a BLACK man.

    It is only after that Black race left Mother Afrika to people other parts of the world that had different climate conditions that that original Black man changed and took on different aspects or physical characteristics.

    He acquired a different look as a result of his migration. Indeed, scientific evidence suggests that nature created six specimens of man before we get to man as we know him today.

    According to this evidence, it appears that the first three of these species never acquired the potential to leave Afrika. Three others did leave Afrika.

    The fourth and fifth of these species disappeared. What remains is man as we know him today B that is, the sixth species. The fifth species did not have a forehead; the eyes were situated very close to the top of the head.

    However, the brain inside this species was very different from the brain of man today. He did not have the anterior lobe of the brain. That's the major difference between Homo sapiens sapiens B what we are today and the fifth specimen.

    This species was never able to overcome nature to an extent that he was able to create works of art.

    The sixth species was a BLACK man who in pre-historic history is called Grimaldi man. He is the man whom we are today.

    Between 40,000 and 20,000 years ago, this BLACK man left Mother Afrika and went into Father Europe at a time during the last glaciazation. The climate in Europe was extremely cold; it was much colder than it is now and during this period of some 20,000 years, this BLACK man underwent significant physical adaptations to eventually become what we call or know today as the WHITE man.

    This original BLACK man had to adapt or adjust to his new cold environment.

    In other words, this BLACK MAN DID NOT need his sun-required melanin in this cold environment. He lost that. He DID NOT need Black skin in this cold environment. He lost that.

    He DID NOT need his sun-required broad nose, large, thick lips and hair in this new cold environment. His environmental adaptation caused him to loose all of these Afrikan physical features. As a result, his nose had to contract and become thin and narrow so that the cold could not enter, his lips also became thin and the colour and thickness of his hair had to change.

    He thus became WHITE to survive in his new cold climatic surroundings. However, a more vital adaptation took place.

    In his original Afrikan form, this human man was in-tuned with nature but in his derived European human form, he became anti-nature as a result of 20,000 years spent in the ice cold caves during the Ice Age. According to Dr. Diop, it is very clear to all the scientists in this field that the man we know conventionally today to be a White man evolved from a Black man over a period of some 20,000 years of adaptation to a different climate.

    That is the only scientific conclusion at which to arrive. If this sixth specimen has never left Afrika to people in other parts of the world and if those people in other parts of the world in different climates had not through the process of adaptation become what they are in various regions of the world, all humankind would be homogenous and all humankind would be BLACK.

    If that sixth species, that Black man, had not left Mother Afrika then the rest of the world would be just a desert; it would never have been peopled.

    The bottom-line is that the first man was BLACK and it was he who gave birth to other races of the world.

    In terms of human anthropology, there are two theories in regard to the origin of man.

    They are first; the monogenetic theory which contends that man was born in one place and subsequently became different as he migrated to populate other parts of the world. There is only one source for the origin of humankind.

    The second is the polygenetic theory, which suggests that man was born in Africa and also in Europe and Asia. In other words, there are different and several sources or locations for the origin of humankind. Africa is just one of them but NOT the primary one. At face value, the polygenetic theory may seem to make a lot of sense but under very strict scientific scrutiny and analysis, it quickly falls apart and collapses just like a deck of stacked Euro-centric, racist, supremist cards.

    There are two basic flaws in this theory; namely first, nature never creates the same being twice or it never strikes twice in its evolution.

    Second, in the animal kingdom, throughout the evolution of animals, a being was created and it either disappeared or changed somewhat or a new being was created completely.

    The same being was never created twice. And if we are to remain strictly scientific, it does not make common sense to say that man was created twice.

    This is total circular reasoning which does not even compute in the arena of historical sanity.

    In Kenya, the most ancient evolutionary information of humankind is found and it is for this reason scientists can state with certainty that man can only have been created one time.

    All fossils that were found outside Mother Afrika have only been found much recently compared to those found in Afrika.

    In fact, no other Continent contains the complete set of the six human species of man but Afrika.

    The only species that appears in America is that Homo sapiens sapiens. America was peopled through the Bering Strait at the end of the final glaciazation and it is only for that reason we find only Homo sapiens sapiens in America.

    In Asia, we have Homo erectus, Neanderthal man and Homo sapiens. In Europe, we have Homo erectus, Neanderthal man and Homo sapiens. Through their migration process from Mother Afrika to populate and civilise the rest of the world, the original Afrikans used the Suez Canal or the Isthmus of Suez to go into Asia and Eastern Europe or the Straits of Gibraltar to the north into Europe.

    It must be borne in mind that the polygenetic or polycentric theory seeks to establish a hierarchy among races and to indicate that some races are superior to others.

    This theory thus represents European anthropological supremacy at its racist zenith.

    This is all part of the manifestation of "the evil genius of Europe" in their attempt to maintain, perpetuate and strengthen their global power control intent.

    In sum, the polygenetic theory represents the Euro-centric thought process in its geo-politically coded, multi-diversified supremist context.

    It seeks to deny Afrika and Afrikans of any sense of human originality.

    It suggests that Mother Afrika and Afrikans cannot stand-alone; we need a European or Asian connection or imprimatur to make us legit. Indeed, history of humankind totally rejects this European racist and supremist master-plan.

    It must be understood that within the context of European global supremacy, Asians are regarded, treated and respected as "honorary Whites" or "quasi Europeans".

    In the United States of America, they are regarded, treated and respected as "probationary Whites".

    On the contrary view, if man has the same origin then, of course, there can be no intellectual hierarchy because all the three races of the world have the same intellectual ability and capacity.

    If the three races had different origins then one can argue that they had different intellectual capacity as a result of having a different intellectual history.

    The polygenetic theory is essential to defend the position that there must be inequality between races.

    On the other hand, the monogenetic theory supports the notion and contention that because our origins are the same then we have the same intellectual capacity.

    This theory DOES NOT contend that BLACKS are superior to Whites; that would also be false in the reverse.

    The salient fact of the matter is that no race is superior to any other; all races have the same intellectual capacity and human dignity.

    However, as a result of the original and derivative aspects of the human race, we now have two different peoples existing on the planet today.

    We have the Afrikan from the so-called "Southern Cradle" and the European from the "Northern Cradle". These are two different modern-day peoples with two different ways of life, mind-sets and value systems.

    According to Dr. Diop, the characteristics of the "Southern Cradle", Afrika, are:
    1. Abundance of Vital resources
    2. Sedentary agricultural economy
    3. Gentle, idealistic peaceful nature
    4. Matriarchal family structure
    5. Emancipation of women in domestic life
    6. Territorial state
    7. Xenophilia
    8. Cosmopolitanism
    9. Social Collectivism
    10. Material solidarity of right for each individual which makes moral or
    material misery unknown
    11. Ideal, peace, justice, goodness and optimism Literature emphasis, novel, tales, fables and comedy

    Those of the "Northern Cradle", Europe, are:

    1. Bareness of resources
    2. Nomadic hunting economy (piracy)
    3. Ferocious, war like nature with a spirit survival
    4. Patriarchal family structure
    5. Debasement/enslavement of women in domestic life
    6. City, state
    7. Xenophobia
    8. Parochialism
    9. Individualism
    10. Moral solitude
    11. Disgust for existence, pessimism
    12. Literature favours tragedy

    The fact of the matter is that as a result of this ancient Afrikan global migration and adaptation, if one were to go to any part of the world, including Europe and Asia, one would find remains, remnants and reminders of Afrikan original life forms.

    The monogenetic theory proves scientifically that Afrikans are the ancestors of Europeans.

    This theory rejects the slightest notion of Afrikan superiority; it only proves the Afrikan human originality in Mother Afrika.

    It does not represent reverse supremacy.

    The monogenetic theory coincides with the reality that in real life, there is only one original life to live, not three as the polygenetic theory contends.

    Furthermore, in the musical arena, there is only one original master copy, not three; in real life, a child has only one original mother and father, not three.

    Afrikans are the original peoples with original ideas; we are the global majority.

    Every human being on this planet, whether European, Asian, Chinese, Syrian, Indian, Portuguese or even "Dougla" is derived from the original Black, Afrikan race.

    Shem Hotep

    Dr. Nantambu is an Associate Professor, Dept. of Pan-African Studies, Kent State University, U.S.A. a Public Policy versus Human Needs

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    Post Re: Black Man Created All Other Races

    So we're all basically brothas:african ??? Whatever dawg:anieyes Afrocentric BS!

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    Post Re: Black Man Created All Other Races

    Goddamn that fool! I actually detest Asians more than Africans, but I am sick of their infantile attempts to say that the white man is the racist enemy but then go ahead and say their shite back. Well, that's what they are, shite. They got balls of shite.

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    Post Re: Black Man Created All Other Races

    Quote Originally Posted by ginoJDA
    So we're all basically brothas:african ??? Whatever dawg:anieyes Afrocentric BS!

    Hmmm. The first blacks into Europe used the Suez Canal to get to Europe
    and eventually become white... An astounding achievement, considering that
    the construction of the canal took place in the 19th century. (incidentally,
    it was built by the opressors!)
    As for the traits given for the respective "cradles", why is it that Africa seems
    to have adopted in the present so many of the traits ascribed to the "European Cradle"? I suppose that the typical answer would be that Africa is
    such a mess today because of several centuries of brutal oppression and exploitation of its people, yet if we look at world history, we can easily see that similar things have happened on all continents. In Europe, it was the
    Mongols, the Ottoman Turks and North African Moslems who attepted to
    subjugate and exploit the native Europeans with varying degrees of success.
    All of them were eventually defeated, however, and European civilization quickly rebounded, whereas in Africa, things only seem to be getting worse.

    If Black Africans are really so much more highly evolved than the brutal iceman, why did they not quickly return to thier implicitly superior folkways
    and turn the continent back into the Eden it supposedly once was?

    As for the assertion that the first humans were black, based on the argument that the physical traits found among blacks today are the same traits that
    were necessary to survive in prehistoric Africa, I think it is important to remember that during the Ice Ages, if much of Europe was covered with a
    mile-thick sheet of ice, then it is very likely that Africa's climate was in fact
    much cooler than it is today. For comparison, the northernmost part of the British Isles is about seven hundred miles from the Arctic Circle. Look at the climate of Britain today. If the ice sheets during the last Ice Age advanced
    as far south as what is Today northern Italy, then it seems likely that the climate of Africa during that time was also much cooler, given the proximity
    of northern Africa to southern Europe. (it was certainly known to have been much wetter, which means, much less sun, which means that lighter skin may in fact have been an advantage to early Africans).

    In the end, though, we may never know who the first race was. Who cares?
    It is who we are today and what we do that really matters...

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    Post Re: Black Man Created All Other Races

    Good last response there! There is everything to agree with in that statement!

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    Post Re: Black Man Created All Other Races

    What about this thought :

    Evolution is about evolving into something better/superior.

    So being the first race on earth makes you inferior to the ``newer`` races?

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    Post Re: Black Man Created All Other Races

    I don't care where we came from 20,ooo yrs ago, what counts is what we are today, the black race is still primitive and the white race rules.

    Of course this idiot has no proof to what he claims except his nigroid imagination.

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    All people are racist, some people are honest :)
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    Post An alternate theory.

    Here's an alternate theory on the same subject. It is part of Nation of Islam's theology.

    I won't post the whole thing, just the humorous parts, because it is very long.
    Quote Originally Posted by blackmans history

    The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us
    that, just as we pointed out a moment ago, the
    black man has been here a long time. He never
    has had a beginning. But the white man has
    never had a knowledge of the history of the
    black man. It's like a father and a son. If
    the father is fifty years old and the son is
    only ten, the father knows everything there is
    to know about his son because he was here
    before his son was born; the son only knows what
    has happened during his own ten years. He only
    knows what went on before his arrival from what
    his father tells him. It's the same way with
    the black man and the white man: the black man's
    been here a long time, but the white man has
    been here a short time. Now the white man only
    knows about himself, what he's been told, and he
    hasn't been told anything. He came to himself
    up in the caves of Europe, and he can't get any
    information that goes beyond the cave. And
    since you and I fell into his trap and were made
    deaf, dumb, and blind by him, we don't have
    access no tho any information that the white man
    doesn't know about. So we think that the
    beginning of the white man meant the beginning
    of everything, us too. We're not aware that we
    were here before he was made. Can you
    understand that? The Honorable Elijah Muhammad
    teaches us that sixty-six trillion years ago
    -trillion, how much is trillion? Not hundreds,
    not thousands, nor millions, nor billions, but
    sixty-six trillions years ago - the black man
    was here.

    ....Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us that
    sixty-six trillion years ago our people were
    living on this planet: the black man was living
    on this planet. But in those days it was larger
    than it is now, and the planet Mars, that was
    off here beyond it, had an effect upon our
    planet then in the same manner that the moon
    affects us today. At that time there was no
    moon up there. Where was the moon? The moon
    was down here, the moon was part of this planet,
    the moon and this planet were one planet, and
    the black man was living here then. He was a
    scientist, he was a wise black man. Black men
    have always been wise, black men have always
    been the wisest beings in the universe, and
    among these beings, black beings, there is on
    who is supreme; he is referred to as the Supreme
    Being, do you understand?
    [b]So The Honorable Elijah Muhammad tells
    us that a wise black scientist, sixty-six
    trillion years ago, began to argue with the
    other scientists because he wanted the people of
    Earth to speak a certain language, and since
    they wouldn't agree he wanted to destroy
    civilization. So this scientist drove a shaft
    into the center of the Earth and filled it with
    high explosives and set it off. He was trying
    to destroy civilization; he was trying to
    destroy the black man. But you can't destroy
    the black man; the black man can't destroy
    himself. The black man has the most powerful
    brain in the universe. So there is no
    intelligence more powerful than the intelligence
    of the black man. And because of this the black
    man can't even create thought that would destroy
    him. He is indestructible. You can blow up
    everything and the black man will still be here.
    You just can't get away form him, brother. So
    The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said he filled the
    Earth, the planet, with high explosives and set
    it off, and when it was exploded the piece that
    you and I today call the moon was tossed out
    here into space and it rotated around the Earth.
    It still rotates around the Earth; it came from
    the Earth; it was blasted right off the Earth.
    And as it was blasted right off the Earth, it
    turned over and over and over and all of the
    water that was on it stayed with the earth.[b] So
    that the piece that was blasted out there has no
    water on it today, and because it has no water
    on it it has no civilization on it, has no life
    on it. You can't have life where there's no
    water there's no life; where there's no life
    there's no civilization. Can you understand
    that? So this dead piece, called the moon by us
    today, turning over and over and over, lost all
    of its water, all of the water coming with this
    piece. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us
    that this piece, that the earth, that we
    remained on, shifted, dropped thirty-six
    thousand miles in the pocket that we remained
    in. And as it dropped and all of water came
    with it, that left a situation in which today
    the Earth that we now live on weighs six
    sextillion tons

    ....The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that
    all the time that this was going on there was no
    white man. The white man was nowhere on the
    scene. He says that when the moon was blasted
    away and we came along with the Earth, one tribe
    was in fact destroyed. Prior to the time that
    the explosion took place there were thirteen
    tribes. In the explosion set off sixty-six
    trillion years ago the thirteenth tribe was
    destroyed and then all of the time down through
    the wheel of time since then there were twelve
    tribes until six thousand years ago. And six
    thousand years ago, a scientist named Yacub
    created another tribe on this Earth.
    Understand, prior to the time the
    explosion took place, there were thirteen
    tribes, but the thirteenth tribe was destroyed
    in that explosion and then six thousand years
    ago another tribe came on the scene. It was
    made different from all of the twelve tribes
    that were here when it arrived. A new tribe, a
    weak tribe, a wicked tribe, a devilish tribe, a
    diabolical tribe, a tribe that is devilish by
    nature. So that before they got on the scene,
    The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that when we
    came with the Earth, the oldest city on the
    Earth is the Holy City, Mecca, in Arabia. Mecca
    is the oldest city on Earth. Mecca is the city
    that is forbidden. NO one can go there but the
    black man. No one can go there but the Muslims.
    No one can go there but the believer. NO one
    can go there but the righteous. And at Mecca
    are kept the records of history that go on back
    to the beginning of time. He says that fifty
    thousand years ago another scientist named
    Shabazz became angry with the scientists of his
    day. He wanted to bring about a tougher people.
    He wanted the people to undergo a form of life
    that would make them tough and hard, and the
    other scientists wouldn't agree with him. So
    this scientist named Shabazz took his family
    and wandered down into the jungles of Africa.
    Prior to that time no one lived in the jungles
    of Africa. Our people were soft; they were
    black but they were soft and delicate, fine.
    They had straight hair. Right here on this
    Earth you find some of them look like that
    today. They are black as night, but their hair
    is like silk, and originally all our people had
    that kind of hair. But this scientist took his
    family down into the jungles of Africa, and
    living in the open, living a jungle life, eating
    all kinds of food had an effect on the
    appearance of our people. Actually living in
    the rough climate, our hair became stiff, like
    it is now. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says
    that the only hair that the black man has today
    that looks now like it looked prior to fifty
    thousand years ago is your and my eyebrows.
    Right here, you notice, all Negroes has straight
    -I don't care how nappy their hair is -they have
    straight eyebrows. When you see a
    nappy-hair-eyebrowed Negro [chuckle] you got

    ....The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that
    the wise black man who was a master of science
    never wrote his history like it is written
    today, of the past. The wise black man in that
    day wrote his history in the future. The
    Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that the
    circumference of the Earth is 24,896 miles,
    approximately 25,000 miles. So when he says the
    wise black man of the East writes history a year
    of every mile, he writes history to last for
    25,000 years -not in the past, but in the
    future. He says that on this Earth there are
    wise black men who can tune in and tell what's
    going to happen in the future just as clear
    -they can see ahead just as clear -as they can
    see in the past. And every 25,000 years he says
    that civilization reaches its peak, or reaches
    its perfection. At this time the wise black man
    can hear a pin drop anywhere on he planet Earth.
    And they sit down and write history to last for
    25,000 years. After this history expires they
    put it in a vault at the Holy City, Mecca, and
    write a new a new history. This has been going
    on and on and on.

    ...... These twenty-four elders
    are called angels. They are actually
    twenty-four wise black men who live right here
    on this Earth, but no one knows who they are.
    At the end of every 25,000 years this one calls
    all of them into conference, and they sit down
    at the Holy City, Mecca, and he informs them
    that the history of the past 25,000 years has
    expired and it's time to write a new history.
    So these twenty-four, these scientists, begin to
    tune in on the population of the planet Earth
    and he says that back in his day -at that time
    there were five billion people on this Earth
    -all of them black, not a white man in sight
    -five billion people -not a white man in sight,
    so he says that when these twenty-four
    scientists begin to tune in, they look down
    through the wheel of time. they can tell not
    only what the people on this Earth are thinking,
    but they can tell what their children are
    thinking, what the unborn children's children
    are thinking, what the unborn children's
    children are thinking. They can look right down
    through the wheel of time and tell
    minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, day-by-day,
    week-by-week, monthly-by-month, year-by-year,
    for 25,000 years exactly what is going to take
    place. And they discovered that in the year
    8400 to come it would register that among five
    billion black people, seventy percent would be
    satisfied and thirty percent would be
    dissatisfied. And out of that thirty percent
    would be born a wise black scientist name Yacub,
    and Yacub would teach among these thirty percent
    dissatisfied form whom he would come, and create
    a new race, start a new world, and a new
    civilization that would rule this Earth for six
    thousand years to come. So they brought these
    findings back to the king and they were put in a
    book. And by the way, that which is written to
    last 25,000 years is called the Holy Koran.
    The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that
    this was put into the history and then when the
    year 8400 came, Yacub was born. When Yucab
    reached the age of six years he was playing in
    the sand one day with two pieces of metal, two
    pieces of steel, at which time he discovered
    what is known as the law of magnetism: that
    unlike attracts and like repels. Two objects
    that are alike repel each other like two women
    repel each other, but man and woman attract each
    other. Unlike attracts and like repels. Yacub
    discovered this. So Yacub knew that all he had
    to do was make a man unlike any other man on
    this Earth and because he would be different he
    would attract all other people. Then he could
    teach this man a science call tricknology, which
    is a science of tricks and lies, and this weak
    man would be able to use that science to trick
    and rob and rule the world. So Yacub turned to
    his uncle and said, "When I grow up I'm going to
    make a man who will rule you." And Yacub's
    uncle said,"What can you make other than that
    which will cause bloodshed and wickedness in the
    land?" And Yacub pointed to his head and said,"
    I know that which you know not."

    he was born with this idea in him, and when his
    uncle realized that this was he about whom it
    had been prophesied his uncle submitted. The
    Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that Yacub went
    to school in the East; he studied the
    astronomical sciences, mathematical sciences,
    and the germination of man. He discovered that
    in the black man there are two germs. IN the
    black man there's a brown man. In the black
    man, or the black germ, which is a strong germ,
    there's a weak germ, a brown germ. Yacub was
    the first one to discover this and Yacub knew
    that by separating that brown one from the black
    one, and then by grafting the brown one from the
    black one so that it became lighter and lighter,
    it would eventually reach its lightest stage
    which is known as white. And when it got to
    that stage it would be weak, and because it was
    weak it would be susceptible to wickedness. And
    then Yacub could take that weak man that he made
    and teach him how to lie and rob and cheat and
    thereby become the ruler of all the rest of the

    .... The Honorable Elijah
    Muhammad says that Yacub took 59,999 of his
    followers down to the seaside, with himself
    making 60,000. He piled them in boats and took
    them out to an island in the Aegean Sea called
    Pelan. In the Bible it's called Patmos. When
    you read in the Book of Revelation where John,
    on the island of Patmos, heard the word of the
    Lord, that is Yacub. What was John doing on the
    island of Patmos? John was Yacub. John was out
    there getting ready to make a new race, he said,
    for the word of the Lord. What was the word of
    the Lord? The word was that in the year 8400 a
    new man would be made, a new race world be made.
    And when Yacub and his followers got out there
    his followers realized that Yacub was wiser than
    any man of his day, and they recognized him as a
    god; he was a god to them. So when you get to
    the place in the Bible where it says, "And God
    said, 'Let us make man,'" that was Yacub too,
    not the Supreme Being. It wasn't the Supreme
    Being who made the sun who said, "Let us make
    man." When the Supreme Being made the sun he
    said, "Let there be light." He said He was
    supreme, He was independent, He needed no help,
    no associates. But when it came to making a
    man, that god said, "Let us make man." He
    didn't speak with independence, because there
    were two different gods. God the Supreme Being
    made the light. His word is "be"; that's how He
    makes things. But Yacub, who was lesser god,
    said to 59,999 of his followers, "Let us make
    man, let us make a man in our image, in our
    likeness. We're going to make a white man." It
    was Yacub talking: "Make him in our image and in
    our likeness, and give him dominion over the
    fowl of the air and the fish of the sea and the
    creatures of the land. And we'll call him
    Adam." It's only a name for the white man. The
    white man has taken mastery over the air, his
    airplanes rule the sky, his submarines and ships
    rule the sea, his armies rule the land. This
    was the man that was made six thousand years ago
    and the purpose for making him was so he could
    rule the world for six thousand years. That's
    the white man.
    The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that
    first thing Yacub did was to get his ministers,
    doctors, nurses, and cremators together. He
    gave them the laws because he had to set up a
    birth control law. He told the doctors whenever
    two black ones come to him to get married to
    stick a needle in their veins, take some blood,
    and go back and tell them that their blood
    doesn't match so that they can't marry. He also
    said when a black one and a brown one come, let
    them get married, or if two brown ones come let
    them get married. Then he told the nurse nine
    months after they're married, when you're ready
    to deliver their child, if it's a black child,
    put a needle in its brain and feed it to a wild
    animal or give it to the cremator. Let it be
    destroyed. But if it's a brown child, take that
    child to the mother and tell her that this is
    going to be a great man when he grows up because
    he's lighter than that the others. Tell her
    that the child you destroyed was an angel baby
    and it went up to heaven to prepare a place for
    her when she dies. Same old lie they tell you
    today -when a little baby dies he goes to the
    same place a man goes when he dies -right down
    into the ground. Is that right or wrong? So
    The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught us that
    Yacub right there set up his birth control law.
    Within two hundred years they had killed off all
    of the black babies on the island. Everything
    black on the island had been destroyed. And
    them Yacub only lived 150 years. But he left
    laws and rules and regulations behind, for his
    followers to go by. And after they had
    destroyed all of the black on the island of
    Pelan, they began to work on the brown germ.
    They saved the yellow and destroyed the brown,
    because you see in the black there's brown and
    in the brown there's yellow. Can you see how it
    goes? The darkest one always has a lighter one
    in it. So in the black man there's a brown man,
    in the brown man there's a yellow man, in the
    yellow man there's what? A white man. Oh yes.
    Getting weaker all the time. So it took two
    hundred years to destroy the black. And then
    they worked on the brown for two hundred years.
    And in two hundred years all the brown was
    destroyed and all they had on the island of
    Pelan was a yellow or mulatto-looking
    civilization. And then they went to work on it
    and began to destroy it. So that after six
    hundred years of destruction on the island of
    Pelan, they had grafted away the black, grafted
    away the brown, grafted away the yellow, so that
    all they had left was a pale-skinned, blue-eyed,
    blonde-haired thing that you call a man. But
    actually the Bible calls him the devil. That's
    the devil that the Bible is talking about: old
    Lucifer, Satan, or the serpent. Because the
    lighter they got, the weaker they got. As they
    began to get lighter and lighter they grow
    weaker and weaker. Their blood became weaker,
    their bones became weaker, their minds became
    weaker, their morals became weaker. They became
    a wicked race; by nature wicked. Why by nature?

    The Book says concerning the devil : "
    He was conceived in inequity and born in sin."
    What does this mean? At the outset the nurses
    had to kill the little black babies, but after a
    while it got so that the mother, having been
    brainwashed, hated that black one so much she
    killed it herself. Killed it herself, and saved
    the light one. And right on down for six
    hundred years. In order for the white one to
    come into existence, the darker one was always
    murdered, murdered, MURDERED! this went right
    into the nature of the child that was being
    born. the mother wanted a light baby when the
    child was being conceived. This went right into
    the baby. The mother hated black when the child
    was being conceived. this went right into the
    baby. So that at the end of the six hundred
    years, after planting the seed of inequity right
    into the brain, right into the mind, right into
    the heart, right into the nature of these
    people, by the time they got the white man, they
    had someone who by nature hated everything that
    was darker than he was. Why, they had to murder
    off the black to get to the brown. They had to
    murder off the brown to get to the yellow. They
    had to murder off the black, brown, and yellow
    in order to get to the white. And right to this
    very day the white man by nature wants to murder
    off the black, brown, and yellow. You don't
    have to teach him to kill the black man. He
    does it for sport. He does it for kicks. he
    does it because it's his nature to do it. Do
    you understand that?
    So in six hundred years now they got a
    devil in the scene, a blue-eyed devil,
    bond-haired. Oh yes, they were out here on the
    island of Pelan. Yacub was dead. Yacub was
    their father but he never saw them. They never
    saw him. Yacub was their god. When the Bible
    says no man has seen God, that's what it means.
    No white man has seen their god. NOne of them
    saw Yacub because Yacub only lived to be 150
    years old. This doesn't mean that no man can
    see God the Supreme Being. Why, the Book of
    Revelation says when He comes every eye will see
    Him. So The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says
    after these devils go grafted -now we're not
    going to call them white any more. We call them
    what they are. White, that's their color, but
    devil, that's what they are. These aren't white
    people. You're not using the right language
    when you say the white man. You call it the
    When you call him the devil you're
    calling him by his name -serpent; another name
    -snake; another name -beast. All these names
    are in the Bible for the white man. Another
    name -Pharaoh; another name -Caesar; another
    name -France; French; Frenchman; Englishman;
    American; all those are just names for the
    So after they were out there six hundred
    years, after they were made and grafted and
    Yacub was dead, then they packed up their bags
    and made it back to civilization. Yacub had
    left them some laws to go by. He left them a
    science called "tricknology" : how to divide and
    Yacub told these people in his book :
    "All you got to do to take over the world is
    lie. Go back among the black people. Take your
    woman and send her to the black man's woman and
    let her lie about the neighbor across the
    street. And then send another woman to that
    woman to lie on this woman to that woman. And
    when they get through spreading those lies and
    they all started fighting and killing one
    another, you tell them to let you be the
    mediator." This is the trick the white man
    used. It all comes from Yacub. You see, he's
    an underdog. He's a minority, and the only way
    a minority can rule a majority is to divide the
    majority. This is the trick that the white man
    was born to execute among dark mankind here on
    this Earth.

    ...When the white man was
    run out of the East by the Muslims six thousand
    years ago into the caves of Europe, the people
    called Turks were put there at the Straits of
    the Dardanelles, with swords, and any old devil
    that they caught trying to come back across the
    water -WHOP!!! -off went his head. The Book
    tells you that the angel had a flaming sword,
    and any time any of them tried to come back
    across they were put to death.
    The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that
    the white man went down into the caves of Europe
    and he lived there for two thousand years on all
    fours. Within one thousand years after he had
    gotten there he was on all fours, couldn't stand
    upright. You watch an old cracker today.
    Crackers don't walk upright like black people
    do. Every time you look at them, they're about
    to go down on all fours. But those who have had
    some education, they straighten up a little bit
    because they're taught how to straighten up.
    But a black man can be the most dumb, illiterate
    thing you can find anywhere, and he still walks
    like a million dollars because by nature he's
    upright, by nature he stands up. But a white
    man has to be stood up. You have to put a white
    man on the square. But the black is born on the
    Can we prove it? Yes. You notice in
    the East, dark people carry things on their
    heads, don't they? Just throw it up there and
    walk with it, showing you they have perfect
    poise, perfect balance. It just comes natural
    to them. You and I lost our poise. We, you,
    can't even wear a hat on your head, hardly,
    today [chuckle]. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad
    says that within one thousand years after the
    white people were up in the caves they were on
    all fours. And they were living in the outdoors
    where it's cold, just as cold over there as it
    is outside right now. They didn't have clothes.
    So by being out there in the cold their hair got
    longer and longer. Hair grew all over their
    bodies. By being on all fours, the end of their
    spine begin to grow. They grew a little tail
    that came out from the end of their spine...Oh
    yes, this was the white man, brother, up in the
    caves of Europe. He had a tail that long. You
    ever notice that anything that walks on all
    fours has a tail? That which straightens up
    doesn't have a tail, because when you get down,
    you see, you just make that spine come right on
    out. And just like a dog, he was crawling
    around up there. He was hairy as a dog. He had
    a tail like a dog. He had a smell like a dog.
    And nothing could get along with him but another
    dog. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that
    all the beasts up in Europe wanted to kill the
    white man. Yeah, they tried to kill the white
    man. They were after the white man. They hated
    the white man. So, he says, what the white man
    would do, he'd dig a hole in the hill, that was
    his cave. And his mother and his daughter and
    his wife would all be in there with the dog.
    The only thing that made friends with the white
    man was the dog. Everything else hated him.
    He'd sit outside of the cave at night in a tree
    with rocks in his hand, and if any beast came up
    and tried to get in the cave at his family, he'd
    throw rocks at it, or he'd have a club that he'd
    swing down and try to drive it away with it.
    But the dog stayed in the cave with his family.
    It was then that the dog and the white man
    amalgamated. The white woman went with the dog
    while they were living in the caves of Europe.
    And right to this very day the white woman will
    tell you there is nothing she loves better than
    a dog. They tell you that a dog is a man's best
    friend. They lived in that cave with those dogs
    and right now they got that dog smell. They got
    that dog...they are dog lovers. A dog can get
    in a white man's house and eat at his table,
    lick out of his plate. They'll kiss the dog
    right on the nose and think nothing of it.
    You're not a dog kisser. You don't see black
    people kissing or rubbing noses with dogs. But
    little white children will hug dogs and kiss
    dogs and eat with dogs. Am i right or wrong?
    You -all have been inside their kitchens cooling
    their food, and making their beds, you know how
    they live. The dog will live right in the white
    man's house, better than you can; you try and
    break your way in there and they'll put a rope
    around your neck [chuckle], but the dog has got
    free run of the whole house. He's the white
    man's best friend.
    The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that
    they lived up there for two thousand years, and
    at the end of two thousand years the scientists
    i the East, realizing that it was originally
    predestined that the white race would rule for
    six thousand years, and that they already lost
    two thousand years in the caves of Europe, sent
    a prophet up there, form Mecca, to teach the
    white race, the race of devils, how to become
    civilized again, and become upright, and come
    back and rule the way they had originally been
    meant to. The name of that prophet was Moses.
    moses never went down into Egypt. Moses went
    into the caves of Europe and civilized the white
    man. It was Moses who raised the devil form a
    dead level to a perpendicular and placed him on
    the square. Moses taught the white man how to
    cook his food. Moses taught the white man how
    to build a house for himself. He taught the
    white man also some of the tricknology that
    Yacub had originally meant for him, and it was
    Moses who put the white man back on the road
    toward civilization. He told him that he was
    supposed to rule for six thousand years, but
    that much of the time had already been lost, and
    at the end of time one would come who would
    destroy the whole white race. Moses taught them
    this. And this is why when the Jews, two
    thousand years later, were looking for the
    Messiah, they thought that Jesus was the Messiah
    and they put him to death because they knew when
    the Messiah came he was going to destroy that
    whole race of devils. The Jews knew this, so
    they put him to death thinking that they could
    stop him from destroying them. But actually,
    they made a mistake because Jesus two thousand
    years ago wasn't the Messiah. Their time wasn't
    up two thousand years ago. Their time would not
    be up until two thousand years later, the day
    and time that we're living in right now.

    So, brothers and sisters, my time has
    expired. I just wanted to point out that the
    white man, a race of devils, was made six
    thousand years ago. This doesn't mean to tell
    you that this implies any kind of hate. They're
    just a race of devils. They were made six
    thousand years ago, they were made to rule for
    six thousand years, and their time expired in
    the year 19914. The only reason God didn't
    remove them then was because you and I were here
    in their clutches and God gave them an extension
    of time -not them an extension of time, but they
    received an extension of time to give the wise
    men of the East the opportunity to get into this
    House of Bondage and "awaken" the Lost Sheep.
    Once the American so-called Negroes have been
    awakened to a knowledge of themselves and of
    their own God and of the white man, then they're
    on their own. Then it'll be left up to you and
    me whether we want to integrate into this wicked
    race or leave them and separate and go to our
    own. And if we integrate we'll be destroyed
    along with them. If we separate then we have a
    chance for salvation. So on then note, in the
    name of Allah, and His Messenger The Honorable
    Elijah Muhammad, I bring my talk to a close,
    "As-Salaam Alaikum."

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    Post Re: Black Man Created All Other Races

    Doesn't it say something that since the cold climate of Europe made us more rugged, that we are "superior" atleast in survival skills, and strength.

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