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Thread: Jews, Find Out About Them Whilst You Can.

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    Jews, Find Out About Them Whilst You Can.

    Just as with the holocaust, jews cannot protect themselves with facts, so have to protect themselves with laws, jews are now trying to make any critisism of themselves illigal, (rather than change thier behaviour of course)!


    By Rev. Ted Pike, 16 Nov 10

    Since Israel’s siege of Gaza and recent deadly flotilla attack, its reputation has plummeted worldwide, including on American college campuses. Not content to respond with debate and internet censorship, Israel's PR rep, the Anti-Defamation League, has been struggling to do what it does best: Make such criticism a hate crime.

    ADL’s latest “anti-bullying” legislation, HR 6216, which I have dubbed the Don’t Criticize Jews and Muslims Act, was submitted last month to the US House of Representatives by Jewish members of Congress Sen. Arlen Specter and Reps. Brad Sherman and Elliot Engel. Its purpose is to end increasing criticism of Israel on US campuses; it would actually make such criticism, which creates “emotional distress” in Jewish students, illegal.

    By adding religion to the protected classes in the Civil Rights Act of 1964, this bill will criminalize general, repeated criticisms of broad issues around Jewish religion and ethnicity. Like nothing else, the state of Israel epitomizes Jewish religious aspirations, ethnicity and culture. Although this bill is only one page long and seems innocent, don’t be deceived!

    HR 6216 violates the Fourteenth Amendment by granting special rights and privileges to yet another group under the Civil Rights Act. This addition is especially ominous for Christians because Attorney General Holder admitted federal hate crimes law does not protect Christians but only Jews and Muslims. (See NPN Video, 'Holder Admits: No Equality Under Hate Bill' at This is another free speech-ending hate crimes bill ADL is trying to sneak under the radar of the even more pro-Israel Congress.

    ADL Already Invaded Dept. of Education

    Especially irked by the free speech happening in American universities, Jewish groups have already been pressuring the US Department of Education (USDE) to outlaw “anti-Semitism” on campus They scored a major victory two weeks ago in persuading Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education, to issue detailed guidelines “that in effect applies Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to the protection of Jewish students from anti-Semitism on campus.”

    Just as the federal hate law last year added homosexuality to special favored protection from hate crimes under the same Civil Rights Act, and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) would have added the same protection to gays and transgenders, the USDE now considers all members of the Jewish race in US public education to be protected from “anti-Semitic” criticism. What does that mean? The guidelines say negative generalizations about Jewish behavior or ethnic characteristics on campus are now illegal!

    What if "anti-Semitic" generalizations are true? Consider these true statements about most American Jews. They …

    1) Are predominantly liberals, favoring abortion, homosexual rights, evolution, banning Christian symbols in public places, etc.

    2) Support Israel’s policies against Palestinians.

    3) Oppose virtually all aspects of the Christian/conservative political agenda, including incorporation of Christian moral values in government.

    4) Tend to gravitate towards positions of power and influence, avoiding military service.

    5) Reject Jesus Christ and the need to repent and trust in Him in order to find spiritual fulfillment.

    USDE directives prohibit “anti-Semitic" harassment in public education as if the term’s definition is so obvious it doesn’t need to be spelled out. Webster’s New 20 th Century Dictionary gives us a clue. It defines anti-Semitism as “disliking or fearing Jews or Jewish things.” Clearly, USDE bases its criminalization of free speech on such skewed, PC definitions. This makes anti-Semites out of anyone who dislikes or fears the persecutive military might of Israel!

    According to USDE , it is now “anti-Semitic” and illegal for such general statements to be repeated on campus. Any institution of public education allowing such “hate” can lose federal funding. They can even face federally sanctioned lawsuits and indictment.

    Rep. Brad Sherman said, “The policy is now clear: colleges and universities will no longer be permitted to turn a blind eye when Jewish students face severe and persistent anti-Semitic hostility on their campuses.” The guidelines also state that if any publicly supported school allows “hostility” against matters Jewish ( Israel’s siege of Gaza or flotilla attack?) it can be forced to create a reeducation program for the entire school, to “eliminate” such anti-Semitism.

    Will Congress Uphold USDE Decree?

    Of course, Duncan's decree is unconstitutional. However, the USDE's Civil Rights Division has power to enforce the Civil Rights Act, making federal hate criminals out of "anti-Semitic" students and faculty. But for the USDE decree to be most effectively enforced and to repel Constitutional challenge, it needs to be enshrined in federal law by act of Congress. That is why lovers of freedom must make absolutely sure this legislation is vigorously resisted now. It represents the beginning of organized attempts to outlaw criticism of Talmudic Judaism and Israel, not just in public education but everywhere. If this bill is passed, it will be a small step under the Civil Rights Act to ban “discrimination” or criticism of Jewish issues in businesses of 20 or more employees, possibly including churches. Such censorship could progress, as happened in ADL hate law countries, to outlaw “hateful speech” in all of society! At that time, America will be under the jackboot of a speech crime gestapo with no regard for First Amendment free speech guarantees.

    What is Discrimination?

    Under ADL hate laws worldwide, you don’t have to deny housing to a homosexual or fire a black person to be guilty of “discrimination.” You can face this charge simply for causing “emotional distress” by criticizing them. When sponsor Rep. Brad Sherman says “severe and persistent anti-Semitic hostility” will not be tolerated in schools, he is not talking about physical violence or even bigotry but persistent criticism of Israel! Since “anti-Semitism” is now defined by the U.S. State Department's Office of Global Anti-Semitism as “strong criticism of Israel,” Sherman is really telling us that the USDE “harassment” guidelines already cast a chill over all publicly supported US campuses from grade school through grad school, forcing administrators to end free speech about Israel. (See, The Real Motive Behind the "Department of Global Anti-Semitism")

    ADL has been strongly promoting “anti-bullying” bills on the federal and state level. They were withstood last year when the National Prayer Network led the charge, stimulating Republican House Judiciary rejection of ADL’s cyber-bullying and AWARE bills as unconstitutional.(See, Media Mocks Cyberbullying Bill) Since then, ADL has doggedly bypassed the need for legislation and simply persuaded the USDE to enforce ADL's program of banning criticism of homosexuality in US public schools. The League invaded the Dept. of Education with its “anti-bullying” agenda against “homophobic” Christians in school, and now it has persuaded USDE to aggressively ban criticism of Jewish issues as well. (The USDE guidelines, ostensibly issued by Arne Duncan, reek of the writing style, twisted definitions and arguments of ADL director Abe Foxman.)

    No Protection for Christians

    In the 1960s, black Americans received special rights not afforded to whites. Yet not even they have possessed what HR 6216 promises Jews: special federal protection from criticism of Jewish religious, cultural and ethnic issues.

    Adding “religion” to the Civil Rights Act will not protect white, Christian conservatives. They will find no haven from ongoing “hostile, intense and consistent” criticism from liberals on campus. Christian students must endure the defamation of their own characteristics (“xenophobic,” “fundamentalist,” “sexist,” “anti-sex,” “racist,” “homophobic”). Their values will remain daily mocked and undermined in the classroom. Any claims in the bill to give equal protection are false. Like all ADL-inspired hate crime laws, this bill will protect only a small minority alleged to be historic victims of white Christian civilization.

    Special Protection for Islam

    With Judaism, Islam will merit special protections under this bill, as it does under the federal hate law. Attorney General Holder indicated that, while most violent “hate criminals” will face triple penalties under federal hate crimes law, Muslim criminals will not. They must be indicted as common criminals on the state level. Under the USDE ruling, Muslims will also receive the privilege of non-criticism concerning their ethnic characteristics.

    Most Christians will likely be untroubled by this bill because it criminalizes what they believe God also hates: criticism of His chosen people. Yet they should be aware that, in allowing HR 6216 to pass, they will be empowering a “speech crime” agenda designed to end free speech for Christians. Already, under USDE guidelines, any student is subject to discipline and possible prosecution if he or she continues to make negative statements against Islam. This could include the following:

    1) Islam was birthed in violence. Its Qu’ran advocates such violence toward infidels.

    2) Islam aspires toward world dominion.

    3) Islam wants to enforce Sharia law worldwide.

    Already under hate law bills in Canada, France, England, Holland, etc. local Islamic counsels take full advantage of ADL-inspired hate laws to bring vengeance on their critics, seeing them harassed, fined, and threatened with prison (link to hate bill Jihad video).

    Rep. Louis Gohmert warned that pastors, talk show hosts, and publishers, whose speech might be construed as inspiring hate crimes, will also be indicted (under the Civil Rights Act’s Title 18, Section 2a). Under HR 6216, those critical of Muslims could face similar federal prosecution, accused of stimulating others to act violently. Also, this bill, like all hate crimes legislation, strongly suggests that if a member of Congress votes against it, he, by definition, is in favor of “hate” (i.e. anti-Semitism) on campus. The message to the politicians is clear: “Be safe. Vote for a bill that outlaws anti-Semitism - a scourge most agree is a mounting world problem.”

    Members of Congress need to know that Americans, including their pro-Israel supporters, strongly support their opposition to this legislation.

    The Jewish supremacists quietly promoting HR 6216 are hoping no one will notice or object that “religion” is being added to the Civil Rights Act. Don’t let them get away with it! We can destroy this new hate bill just as we destroyed ADL’s cyber-bullying, AWARE, and ENDA bills last year.

    Come to Action Page for the names of Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee. Call them all with this message:

    “Please oppose HR 6216, which would add “religion” to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It gives Jews and Muslims special protection from criticism on campus but doesn’t give such protection to Christians. This is more biased hate crimes legislation from the Anti-Defamation League to take away free speech and make Christians hate criminals.”

    Call 877-851-6437 toll-free or 202-224-3121 toll.

    Because HR 6216 shields Jews and Israel from criticism, it may be regarded by leaders of the religious right as a “pro-Israel” bill – causing them not to oppose it. Also, because they fear appearing anti-Semitic, we can’t count of any of them to warn against this dangerous legislation. It’s up to YOU to help NPN bombard your members of Congress—especially Republican members of the House Judiciary—today.

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    I wonder how all those over-paid Jewish politicians, lawyers, and people working for the ADL sort of skipped over a rather important thing called 'Amendment I'. They also forgot no one has a right not to be offened.

    It's honestly scary that things like this happen in congress...

    "The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion." - Edmund Burke

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorseWarrior View Post
    ...rather important thing called 'Amendment I'.
    I've been searching the Talmud and can find nothing about
    an 'Amendment I'.

    Seriously though, this is very aggravating and dangerous.
    Thanks for the heads-up Ralf Rossa.

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    I don’t think it’s too difficult to see where all this is heading, and it won’t just be confined to the USA either!

    I’ll give it 30 years (max.) before folks start realizing that all those crazy “conspiracy theorists” back in 2010 were right. They won’t ever tell us though, because by then we'll already be at the stage where they wouldn’t dare!

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    Some useful resources here. Check out the manuals such as the Hasbara Handbook - a ready made collection of standard ZOG scripts and responses to dutifully parrot to those who criticise Israel.

    It's also interesting to note how interested our friends are in promoting "Arab and Iranian" democracy.

    It's a sure indication that the recent unrest and civil disobedience which swept Iran was no spontaneous "people's uprising". It was sponsored by the usual Zionist agitators. "Freedom Loving" idiots from all over the world are then roped in to play along.

    The Zionists don't want Freedom or Democracy (real democracy) in the Middle East. They want Puppet Governments, the same as ours.

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