Johannesburg - A couple were held hostage for four hours by thieves in their home in Benoni during the early hours of Wednesday morning, Gauteng police said. "They were held up from 00:00 to 04:00 this morning (Wednesday) and were tied up with belts and ties. Both men were armed with pistols, the one suspect was very well spoken and well educated in the way he spoke English to them," Warrant Officer Jannie Van Aswegen said. The couple lived in the secure Sunbird Estate townhouse complex in Brentwood Park.

The men had arrived on foot and cleaned the house out of almost everything, Van Aswegen said. They loaded everything into the BMW parked in the garage and drove off. The car was recovered in Tembisa later on Wednesday morning with the keys still in the ignition, he said. "They (the couple) are very lucky they weren't hurt. I told the woman she was extremely lucky she wasn't raped as it seems to be the norm nowadays."