Of recent, we have sadly had to notice a steady decrease in the general discussion etiquette here in the forum, and it has become fashionable to name-call one's opponent, or otherwise take cheap shots. Remember this – it doesn't matter how strong your arguments are, once you resort to name-calling you're getting yourself into a weak position, and you're the one that's posting against the Rules.

We here as Staff are here to safe-guard the Rules and the Mission Statement, so it's in all our interest that debate be civil. It is a Free Speech forum for Germanics, and as such, as long as opinions are not directly hostile to Germanic preservation by general Staff consensus (actually a reason why Staff is made up from all different types of viewpoints), there is little we can do about it.

From a Moderator's viewpoint, there is nothing more painful than having to use editorial discretion upon a post with whose general message he may actually be agreeing. If you do feel that a member's posting record is not in accord with the Mission Statement, yet upon reporting a problematic post it is not enough to justify sanctions within the relatively lenient interpretation of that Mission Statement, then there is alas not much to do about it from an editorial point of view (though there will be about your post if you resort to ad-hominems).

The only thing you could technically do in that case is to use your words and arguments to civilly provoke the discussion opponent into actually making admissions that do go against the Rules or against the Mission Statement. If that is not possible, then all that is left to do is to accept that other people have differing opinions. We're all here for a shared purpose, even though we oft have vastly different approaches to it, and might even see another approach as harmful to what we try to achieve.

In that case, let's remember that we encounter issues in our countries about repression and intolerance towards our viewpoints by a lack of Free Speech, let's be better than that, and keep it at the civil disagreement expected of high-brow debate between grown men and women.