The rise in forced marriages — estimated to be in the region of 10,000 every year, of which 20 percent involve male victims — is yet more evidence that Third World culture has been imported into Britain along with Third World immigrants.

In a disturbing display of the simple truth that a culture is merely the reflection of a people, and that cultures change when the population changes, the incidence of forced marriages in Britain has risen sharply along with the rise in the number of immigrants.

The numbers are so high that the British Government has set up a special unit, Forced Marriage Unit (FMU), whose sole job is to “combat” forced marriages.
Europe Becomes Less European With Each New Wave of Mass Immigration |

More Immigration for Europe Says Brussels

BUREAUCRATS are planning to encourage more new migrants to come to the EU despite rising levels of unemployment, it emerged last night.

Brussels officials are to simplify entry rules for workers heading to Europe to take up temporary seasonal jobs in farming, tourism and other industries.

EU home affairs commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said: “We need immigrant workers in order to secure our economic survival.”

She claimed more were needed to fill “labour shortages”.
More Immigration for Europe Says Brussels |

The Demographic Decline of Switzerland

An American traveler’s take on the natural beauty of Switzerland, the Swiss people, and the changing face of the country known for its cheese, its prosperity, and its peaceful nature.

The video has been Banned on Youtube but we have managed to get ahold of it again and republish it.

The Demographic Decline of Switzerland |