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Thread: Racially Incorrect Commercials, Advertisements, Movies, and Television Shows

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    Diversity Org Admits Gays, Minorities Hugely Overrepresented in UK Television

    A major survey of the British television industry has found that, contrary to popular belief among “woke” commentators, gay people and ethnic minorities are massively overrepresented.

    The Creative Diversity Network (CDN) published its Diamond: The Third Cut report after surveying “over 30,000 diversity forms relating to over 600,000 TV production contributions”.

    The CDN found that “BAME [Black and Minority Ethnic] on-screen representation” is a remarkable 23% — far above the BAME share of the British general population, estimated at 14%.

    Gay people also get far more on-screen roles than their proportional representation in broader British society would suggest, accounting for 10.7%, 10.5%, 13.1%, an astonishing 18.1%, and 7.6% of on-screen contributions at the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, and Sky, respectively, despite making up just 6.4% of the general population.

    Gay people were similarly overrepresented off-screen, accounting for 14.7%, 14.1% , 16.1%, 12.5%, and 10.4% of off-screen jobs at the same five broadcasters.

    Women also enjoyed stronger representation, accounting for 52.4% of on-screen contributions and 53.7% of off-screen contributions, while actually accounting for just 47% of the working-age population.

    Still, the foreword to the report suggests that there is in fact “more work to do” behind the scenes, lamenting that women and minorities “remain absent from many senior creative roles”.

    For example, the report laments that “while females dominate contributions in some production roles, such as commissioning editor (64.6%), head of production (85.8%), and in hair and make-up (98%), they are still under-represented in other areas of production, such as camera (17.3%), sound (15.1%) and lighting (3.7%), and in some senior roles, for example writer (38.1%) and director (26.2%).”

    Gay people do not "make up 6.4% of the general population". According to the latest ONS data the figure is 2%.
    "Over the last five years, the proportion of the UK population identifying as lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB) has increased from 1.5% in 2012 to 2.0% in 2017".
    LGBT over-representation on screen is three times more extreme than Jack Montgomery says here in this article.

    It's even worse in advertising. One would think that Whites are a small majority in this country and don't have any money to spend either.
    Best solution to this social engineering garbage is not to spend your money on goods and services advertised in this way.

    On Australian TV, many ads show the multi-racial, blended family, unlike the single race families. This simply doesn't reflect reality.

    You only have to look at the BBC news and current affairs programmes; it's not British or European, you would think you were living in Asia or Africa.

    Proportional representation. 87% white people in the UK so it should be reflected as such on TV....But we know that would be racist now don't we. Go figure.

    Take a look at the adopted EU resolution Fundamental rights of people of African descent
    https://www.europarl.europa... ...
    In the strictest sense, it declares African invasion hordes to be new European overlords, free from any prosecution. E.g.
    > O. whereas people of African descent have contributed significantly to building European society throughout history, ...

    Diversity Org Admits Gays, Minorities Hugely Overrepresented in UK Television

    27 II 2020.

    Same throughout all the WEST.

    The Globalists use MSM to push and impose on us acceptance of our replacement by 3rd world stone-age and medieval gimmigrants.

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    The majority of US commercials are racially incorrect. Besides the ones featuring mixed couples and multiracial children there is the over representation of Negroes. You would think the US had a Negro majority.

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    Culture Sec Tells BBC to Ditch Metropolitan Elite Outlook, Reflect Real Britain

    Culture secretary Oliver Dowden has said that the BBC must abandon its “narrow urban outlook” and be sure to provide “genuine diversity of thought and experience” if it wants to survive.

    The newly-appointed Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport made the remarks at the Enders Media and Telecoms Conference on Wednesday and raised the current government consultation on decriminalising non-payment of the TV tax (which sustains the BBC) as well as the upcoming mid-term review of the BBC Charter which expires in 2027.

    Asking the questions whether the BBC “truly reflect[s] all of our nation and is it close to the British people”, Mr Dowden hinted that the BBC failed to observe the national mood on the EU when it embraced the Remain position, saying: “If we’re all honest, some of our biggest institutions missed, or were slow to pick up, key political and social trends in recent years.”

    “The BBC needs to be closer to, and understand the perspectives of, the whole of the United Kingdom and avoid providing a narrow urban outlook,” the culture secretary
    continued, saying that “diversity” in itself was not enough, “but also making sure there is genuine diversity of thought and experience.” The remarks come after a senior BBC editor declared it was the broadcaster’s duty to be “woke” and make politically correct, ethnically-diverse casting even if it is historically incorrect or gross abuse of an original literary source.

    The culture secretary also said that recent Ofcom research “shows the perception of news impartiality is currently lower for some public service broadcasting channels than commercial channels such as Sky and CNN”, adding that therefore “the need for that genuine impartiality is greater than ever”.

    A poll from late last year revealed that 48% of Britons do not trust BBC journalists to tell the truth, compared to 44% who did. Another showed that two-thirds think the taxpayer-funded broadcaster is biased. It is no wonder that half of Britons want the licence fee scrapped and for the media behemoth to earn its own money either through advertising or a subscription service, the latter an option reportedly being considered by the government.

    Number 10 recently lifted a boycott of the notoriously Europhile and liberal-biased BBC Radio 4 Today programme, in light of the coronavirus pandemic. While claiming that the ministerial boycott had “actually been welcomed by many”, the Today programme’s host, Nick Robinson, wrote in The Spectator this week that BBC presenters were also culpable for contributing to “tetchy and unproductive standoffs” on-air of which Britons “had grown weary”.

    Mr Robinson, who himself had tried, and failed, to ‘cancel’ conservative writer Douglas Murray through an Offence Archaeologyambush last year, admitted: “To be fair to politicians, I think that is a comment on us as much as them.”

    “It will always be a vital part of our role to hold to account those with power — in government, business or anywhere in public life. What the last few weeks have reminded us, though, is that this is far from the only function of an interview. There is a role for conversation as well as confrontation; enquiry not just cross-examination; explanation instead of disputation,” headded, signalling that BBC should learn its lesson from the effect of the government’s shut-out.

    While media minister John Whittingdale has said that a subscription service for the BBC may not be feasible in the coming years because of the technical difficulties of “switching off” the BBC to non-subscribers, that does not save the broadcaster from what is becoming more than its creeping irrelevance affecting revenue. Last month, former Conservative MP Michael Portillo said that the BBC cannot survive its current TV licence model because the younger generations are tuning out and watching subscription services, instead, often opting not to buy the licence at all. Similar analysiscame from the UK’s media watchdog, Ofcom. A report from February revealed that 200,000 people had cancelled their licence in a one-year period, almost exclusively the proportion going up month by month.

    Truly, the BBC is just another division of the enemy within.

    Why should Brits fund the BBC the organ and mouthpiece of the eu and therein the clanking gob of the globalist nutters?

    Taliban BBC commissars have destroyed formally great British drama and comedy.
    Woke BBC period dramas ludicrous. Zero historical integrity.

    The BBC doesn’t need ‘reform’ or ‘more balance’. It’s needs to be privatised so those that don’t want 24/7 leftist propaganda aren’t forced to pay for it.

    There will be meetings, reports, committees, sub-committees, sub-sub-committees, references to further committees, more reports prepared, consultations with affected parties, compromises, lessons learned, resignations, BBC-level severance payments, parliamentary hearings, speeches, and a promise to do better in future.
    And everything will carry on just as before.


    05 III 2020.

    Television is clearly going the way of Newspapers and Radio. Who reads Newspapers or listens to the Radio anymore?

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    The most annoying TV ads are multiracial clubbers being used to sell European liqueurs (it could be Disaronno, but I don't remember). What's the point of the message? Once you get drunk on their product, you're willing to party with anyone? If not that, perhaps they think if they feature a mixed medley, they have a better chance of sales through the canvassing.

    There's also a Mexican beer ad by Modelo that promotes illegal alien migration. Here's a whiner saying that isn't enough:

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