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Thread: 'Education for Death: The Making of the Nazi' (Walt Disney)

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    'Education for Death: The Making of the Nazi' (Walt Disney)

    Education for Death: The Making of the Nazi is an animated short film produced by Walt Disney and released on January 15, 1943 by RKO Radio Pictures. It was directed by Clyde Geronimi and principally animated by Ward Kimball. The short is based on the non-fiction book of the same name by American author Gregor Ziemer.

    Hitler's Children is a 1943 American black-and-white propaganda film made by RKO Radio Pictures. It was directed by Edward Dmytryk and Irving Reis from an adaptation by Emmet Lavery of Gregor Ziemer's book 'Education For Death'.

    The film stars Tim Holt, Bonita Granville, and Kent Smith. One of the most financially successful films of the RKO Studios, the film is also known for its brutal, graphic overview of the Hitler Youth, and of two people indoctrinated into it.

    Time Magazine: Education for Death
    Monday, Nov. 03, 1941

    Adolf Hitler's plans for America are no secret in his schools. Every young Nazi is taught to hate the U.S., knows that some day he will have to fight it. This week an educator who had heard Hitler's plans from the mouths of Nazi babes told what he had heard in the most vivid factual firsthand account of Nazi education yet published outside Germany, Education for Death (Oxford; $2). Its author, whose integrity is vouched for by such authorities as William L. Shirer and Douglas Miller, is Michigan-born Gregor Athalwin Ziemer, 42, for eleven years headmaster of the American Colony School (for U.S. diplomats' and businessmen's children) in Berlin.

    > In a Nazi school near Pastor Martin Neimöller's old church, Ziemer heard a geography lesson for nine-year-olds. Teacher: "[The U.S. has] a low type of government, a democracy. What is a democracy?" Pupils: "... A government by rich Jews. ... A government that will be defeated by the Führer." > Excerpts from a favorite song of Berlin University students (tune: O Tannenbaum ):

    America, America,

    Oh, Jewish land, America.

    You certainly conceited are;

    A big fat pig, that's what you are.

    America. . . .

    In Hamburg, a teacher displayed to his class a pamphlet, The Jews in the U.S.A., with pictures of New York City's Mayor LaGuardia beside a gorilla, "Jewish Judge Marcus Pecora" (presumably meaning New York Justice Ferdinand Pecora—who is a gentile), the "Jewess" Madam Secretary Frances Perkins. At lesson's end, the teacher asked: "And what do you think of a country like that?" The class roared the Nazi Party battle cry: Judah verrecke! ("Death to the Jews!").

    Schoolmaster Ziemer managed his investigation of Nazi education by such devices as bribing Nazi officials with coffee and persuading Education Minister Bernhard Rust of his professional interest in Nazi educational "efficiency." Ziemer quit Germany for the U.S. at war's outbreak, smuggling out his notes and private Nazi pamphlets by hiding them under copies of Mein Kampf. His book is documented with names, places and direct quotations.

    Prime aim of Nazi education, Ziemer found, is to fire Germans with zeal to give up their lives for Adolf Hitler. A German boy takes his first solemn oath to die for the Führer at six, repeats it at ten and 14.

    But the Nazis' interest in a German child begins even before it is conceived.

    First stop in Investigator Ziemer's educational tour was a women's hospital in Berlin. There he saw six doctors hard at work in an operating room—sterilizing women. Swiftly and methodically hospital beds rolled in and out of the operating room. Their occupants were weak women, women who had borne weak children, women considered "enemies of the State." Ziemer also visited a home for feebleminded boys near Leipzig, was led to a small, clean, white-painted hut, known by gossip as a Hitler Kammer. There boys who were still hopelessly clumsy at age ten were put to death. In Nazi homes for prospective mothers, Ziemer found girls who were about to bear State (illegitimate) children showered with admiration, learned that German women, married or unmarried, who had fewer than four children were considered slackers. Once he saw a group of twelve-year-old Jungmddel (members of the Nazi organization for girls under 14) chase and beat one of their number. Her crime: she had "insulted" a Jungmddel's sister by saying she should not have had a baby without being married. Concluded Ziemer: "If we are to combat the spirit of German youth with our own spirit of Democracy, it will have to be ... a spirit as fiery in its concentration as Naziism is in German schools. . . . Hitler is making fanatics. We should at least make believers. . . . Young Germany is awake and ready to die. Let young America and its parents, its instructors, and advisers be awake and ready to live.",00.html

    In households with television, the average child sees between 15 000 to 30 000 hours of television before leaving school! (Nielsen Media Research 1995). During the same time period the average child will spend from 11 000 to 16 000 hours in school and less than 2 000 hours of quality interaction with their parents (The Media-Wise Family by Dr. Ted Baehr). Many children spend more time watching TV before reaching age six than they will spend with their fathers throughout their entire life!

    To most young people films are more real than reality. Movies show you what to do, how to do it, when to do it, why to do it and how to feel about it! Children learn by teachers presenting information and behaviour, repeating the information and behaviour and rewarding the accurate feedback of the information and/or behaviour. Television presents, repeats and rewards behaviour even more than teachers or parents do, because it occupies more time, delivers more information per minute and it is exciting, entertaining and captivating. So what are films and TV programmes presenting?

    Info on Ziemer is hard to find can anyone confirm weather he would be jewish or not?
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    Although the word "Commando" was wrongly used to describe all Boer soldiers, a commando was a unit formed from a particular district. None of the units was organized in regular companies, battalions or squadrons. The Boer commandos were individualists who were difficult to control, resented formal discipline or orders, and earned a British jibe that"every Boer was his own general".

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