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Thread: Strategic and Anthropological Issues

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    Captain Nemo - SF

    Question Strategic and Anthropological Issues

    I chanced on this forum, and I must say that I find some parts of it fascinating, particularly the writings and theories of a certain Agrippa.

    Time permitting, it would be a pleasure to discuss certain issues with him, but since I don't have any clearly defined Germanic heritage, and because of the apparent membership policy of this forum, I will have to pass...
    (If he writes on other forums, it would be great if he could inform me about those on this thread.)

    And now the purpose of this topic:

    I am interested if the members of this forum think that it is possible for Germanic people to preserve their heritage, biological and cultural, outside the frame of the wider preservation of the general biocultural heritage of all European people, and people of European origin?

    Basically, do you think that you can do it alone?

    If yes, why? what is your strategic vision for achieving such goal?

    If no, what kind of hierarchy of common strategic goals are you considering, and what kind of cooperation?

    The other question is more of an anthroplogical detail.

    I noticed that many, if not most posters on this forum work under the paradigm of "admixture", meaning that they explain most of the phenotypic differences seen in people of the same population, by admixtures of other populations/subraces.

    This in itself presupposes a paradigm of phenotipic homogeneity inside populations.

    I wonder if any of you considered another paradigm of non-homogenous, polimorph populations in which certain physical characteristics are not the result of admixtures, but represent "bio-semantic forms" (or biosemiotic, as some would probably prefer to call them), or "ecological niches" inside the same population - similar to the differences in phenotypes seen inside groups of social primates, where some members look more mature and some more infantile, depending on their position in the hierarchy - such polimorphism not being the result of "admixtures" ?

    I will finish with an observation:

    I noticed that some members (particularly the aforementioned Agrippa) use geographic terminology when it suits them (Nordic, Alpine, etc), but them shift to a "chronophasic" terminology when certain phenotypes do not correspond to their criteria of monomorph purity attributed to certain populations (subraces) - for example the case of infantile looking Nordics in the Sweedish parliament who are swiftly defined through chronophasic criteria (Upper Paleolithic, I think) rather than geographic, in order to avoid to define them as true Nordics... Even though they evidently originate from Nordic countries...

    This is related to my second question about the "Polimorph paradigm", instead of the monomorph "Admixture paradigm".

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    Wrong many Nordics orginate from Lithuania,Germany,Russia,Poland etc

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    Captain Nemo - SF
    Oh, I obviously didn't say that admixture doesn't exist, just that the purity/admixture paradigm has been really, really overextended by some to the level of exclusion of certain other paradigms, leading to the exclusion of certain people from certain groups or so called "subraces", as they do not fit the criteria of homogenous "purity" imagined for them by some - Like in the case of the photos of members of the Sweedish parliament, presented in a topic that was called "The Nordic Myth", or something like that.

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