NordicDB: a Nordic pool and portal for genome-wide control data

On the left is an MDS plot using ~45k SNPs. Some explanation on the datasets: CAPS are Swedish; SGENE and MS are Finnish (Helsinki region); Aneurysm is Finnish (Helsinki and Kupio).

A striking feature of the plot is the distinctiveness of the different Finish samples (light vs. dark brown points). This is not so difficult to explain if one considers that the light brown squares (DGI-FIN) are from Botnia. This parallels the results of Salmela et al. (2008) or Jakkula et al. (2008) in underscoring the internal structure of the population of Finland

The familiar V shape was also observed in the PCA produced by McEvoy et al. (2009) or Nelis et al. (2009). In my opinion, it is produced by the differential representation of the two main population elements of the Nordic countries, namely the Germanic and Finnic elements.