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Thread: Swedes vs. Danes: Opinion on Islam, Immigrants

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    Swedes vs. Danes: Opinion on Islam, Immigrants

    Swedes are less concerned about Islam and immigration (DA) than Danes, according to the first study comparing the two. The study was conducted by Sifo, the biggest Swedish opinion research institute, and Rambøll/Analyse Danmark for Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten

    65% of Swedes say they think immigration is positive, compared to 50% of Danes. 20% think it's negative, compared to 42% of Danes.

    47% of Swedes say they don't see Islam as a problem for social cohesion,compared to just 18% of Danes who think the same.

    Professor Christian Albrekt Larsen claims the differences aren't as great as they appear (DA) (h/t Uriasposten). In 2009 he conducted an anonymous-answer study which focused on non-Western immigration. In this study, 63% of Danes said non-Western immigration was negative, as did 65% of Swedes. 29% of Danes said non-Western immigrants were 'lazy', compared to 21% of Swedes.

    He says the most neutral question was whether to spend more or less money on this group, since it's an issue of priorities. 32% of Danes said that too much money was being spent on improving conditions for non-Western immigrants, vs. 42% of Swedes who thought the same.

    Asked about the conflict in general, 6% of Swedes said the conflict between ethnic Swedes and non-Western immigrants was 'very big', 48% answered it was 'big' and just 2% answered that there was no conflict at all.

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    Would it bother you if your son or daughter married a refugee or immigrant?
    80% No in Sweden
    64% No in Denmark

    I am confounded

    Don’t they know this should bother them more than all the other things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just hope the Professor’s anonymous-answer study is more in line with people’s opinions

    Reading things like that really knocks the wind out of me

    Don’t the Danes and Swedes realize that by their children doing that they are pretty much throwing away the recessive racial features that have made them renowned for their beauty around the world. It is the most important part of their identity and something their ancestors fought hard to preserve. The children of such unions are no Dane or Swede and certainly when they grow up and travel the world nobody will recognize them as such.

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