Billionaire World Jewish Congress president arrested for underage prostitutes.

We see the relentless assault against the Catholic church coming from Hollywood and the national media. Ask yourself why crimes committed by Catholic clergy are national news stories, but never reported when they are members of certain other religious groups.

If the man arrested below had been Vatican official, this would be a major international news story. However, as a major figure in the largest Jewish organization in the world, the story is completely absent save for a few Jewish publications.

Why does Hollywood and the US media attack Catholics relentlessly, but actively protect the image of Jews?

Besides being one of the five regional presidents of the world’s largest Jewish organization, Alexander Mashkevitch is also one of the richest men in the world. He owns mines all over Africa, as well as Russia and Kosovo. His corporation ENRC, made a $1.5 Billion profit last year and is valued at nearly $7 Billion on the London Stock Exchange.

The previous head of the WJC, Billionaire Edgar Bronfman, stepped down in 2007 after one of his aids was accused of stealing large amounts of money from the organization. Bronfman became a billionaire from liquor sales and his American media empire which published violent “ganster” rap music and trashy hip hop aimed at teens.

From JTA…

A Jewish billionaire who heads a branch of the World Jewish Congress was among 14 businessmen and underage prostitutes arrested on a yacht in Turkey.

Alexander Mashkevitch, born in 1954, heads the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress. He is a citizen of Kazakhstan and Israel.

The arrests came in late September after a tip to Turkish authorities that the luxury boat was being used for illegal purposes, The Los Angeles Times reported. The Turkish government, which had leased out the yacht, has repossessed it.

The yacht once belonged to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey.

Turkish authorities say they have documents proving that Mashkevitch paid up front to rent the yacht for five days and that the prostitutes were on board, Ynet reported. The boat reportedly was rented out regularly as part of a sex-trade scheme in which passengers would pay several thousand dollars for one night on board.

Some commentators reportedly are saying that the scandal besmirches Ataturk’s name, which is a punishable offense.