Freedom party leader Heinz Christian Strache is not allowed to call the Viennese Socialdemocrats Red Nazis. The commercial court of Vienna has declared an interim injunction in that case. Strache has also accept the injunction that he is not allowed anymore to spread the rumour the Socialdemocrats would act as violent stone-throwing demonstrators against dissidents. The court has noticed that the Socialdemocrats have a pristine white and clean slate, explained a member of Viennas Socialdemocrats.

The Freedom party has not received the interim injunction yet. Freedom parties secretary Hans Jrg Jenewein said that an interim injunction is not an adjudgment. Strache was talking about Red Nazis several times in newspaper interviews. Austrias daily newspaper Kleine Zeitung confirmed that Strache also said during a pre-election party in Styrias town of Kapfenberg: The only Nazis in Austria are the red Nazis. Now he has to stop that.