Hum Immunol. 2003 Jun;64(6):625-8.

Linkage disequilibrium between S65C HFE mutation and HLA A29-B44 haplotype in Terceira Island, Azores.

Couto AR, Peixoto MJ, Garrett F, Laranjeira F, Cipriano T, Armas JB.

Servico de Imunogenetica, Hospital de Santo Espirito de Angra do Heroismo, Azores, Portugal.

Our objective was to investigate the frequency of HFE gene mutations and to study linkage disequilibrium (LD) between HLA-Class I alleles and these mutations in the population of Terceira Island, Azores, Portugal. A total of 218 unrelated individuals were investigated. Three HFE mutations--C282Y, H63D, and S65C--were identified by restriction endonuclease digestion of polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-amplified genomic DNA. HLA-Class I alleles were typed by PCR-single-strand polymorphism. Gene frequencies and LD were estimated using Arlequin V 1.1. Six genotypes were found in the population: WT/WT (58.3%), H63D/WT (31.2%), H63D/H63D (2.3%), H63D/C282Y (0.9%), S65C/WT (4.1%), and C282Y/WT (3.2%). No cases of C282Y or S65C homozygosity were identified. HLA haplotype A3-B7 was in LD with C282Y; HLA alleles A29, B44, and HLA haplotype A29-B44 were in LD with S65C mutation. HFE gene frequencies in this population are similar to those in other European populations; HFE S65C mutation was found in LD with the alleles A29, B44, and with A29-B44 HLA haplotype.