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Thread: Classify Ethan Hawke,Gary Oldman, James Blunt and Justin Chatwin

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    Question Classify Ethan Hawke,Gary Oldman, James Blunt and Justin Chatwin

    All Keltic Nordid?

    Ethan Hawke 5'10½" (1.79 m)

    Gary Oldman- Keltic + Bruenn 5'9 in height

    James Blunt
    5 ft 7

    Justin Chatwin ( Son of Tom Cruise and brother of young Dakota Fanning in War of the Worlds alien movie )

    height 5'11-6'2

    do you think Keltic Nordid hair looks different when it is long than to other people?

    do you think their facial hair is different too?

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    I wonder how old Justin Chatwin was when those pictures were taken, he looks quite young even "childish" there which, if the pictures were recently taken, could also be due to some kind of reduction or infantilisation.
    In any case atleast his bigonials and his head in overall seem far to broad for Keltic Nordic only, there's something Cromagnoid or Alpinoid at play in my opinion.
    Or could he even be Brünn?

    Ethan Hawke might be rather North-Atlantid than Keltic, his nose doesn't seem to be that prominent or long. Additional, his cheekbones aren't compressed, as should be the case, at least for a typical Keltic Nordic and for a North-Atlantid too actually. North-Atlantid+ (slight)Cromagnid (?)

    I agree in the case of Gary Oldman, Keltic Nordic+Cromagnid.

    James Blunt reminds me of someone from my class in school, whom I always pictured as a quite typical example of a Dinaric. Their facial traits are about the same, but the guy I'm talking about was black/dark brown haired and also had brown eyes, but somehow very unusual pale skin, which I know isn't a characteristic of a typical Dinaric. He was a native south-western German by the way.
    I'd say James Blunt might be rather a Bell Beaker Dinaric, taking his place of origin into account, than a Keltic Nordic proper, but we're lacking a profil shot to make things clear.

    I'm just a beginner by the way, so don't be to harsh with me if I'm utterly wrong.

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