Micheal Hoffman has again reprinted the following book, one day it might be hard to get, surely every German should have a copy in order to defend the name of his people, heres the context as descrobed by Amazon:

"There should be no Talmudic hierarchy of victimhood. No one ought to be libeled because they cannot in good conscience submit to the demands of Judaic self-worship as it manifests within Holocaustianity.

The record of the persecution of German-Canadian heretic Ernst Zundel by a de facto Sanhedrin, for publishing the book, Did Six Million Really Die? is almost too fantastic to countenance. Zundel was prosecuted in Toronto under an archaic False News provision of an old Edwardian legal code. He faced two years in prison if convicted. In response, he put the so-called Holocaust itself on trial. Zundel's defense was initially regarded by the press and public as preposterous. How can anyone deny the Holocaust? was the incredulous response to the news that Zundel would vigorously defend himself and the free speech rights of all Canadians.

The trial was expected to be a quick and ignominious rout of Zundel and his supporters. But in a startling reversal, the survivors who had appeared in court in order to send him to jail, had to submit their testimony to scrutiny, the rules of evidence and cross-examination, something that had never happened before and has never happened since. Canadians grew ever more surprised and shocked at the amazing admissions which the defense team elicited from the supposed eyewitnesses to the homicidal gas chambers. As a result, television reporters and print journalists who covered the 1985 trial produced broadcasts and news reports that turned Canada upside down.

Zundel was tried again in 1988. This time he assembled the Leutcher Report, an on-site forensic examination of Auschwitz by Mr. Death Fred Leutcher the U.S. prison system s own capital punishment engineer. When Zundel could not be silenced by the Canadian courts, his enemies turned to bombs, arson and the dungeons of Zionist Germany. In the face of relentless repression and vilification, Ernst Zundel continues to steadfastly maintain both his right to dissent and his dignity as a human being.

Here's the link to buy it on Amazon:

The Great Holocaust Trial: The Landmark Battle for the Right to Doubt the West's Most Sacred Relic