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Thread: One Post, Four Stories On White Struggle

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    One Post, Four Stories On White Struggle

    I had to translate most of the reports as they appeared only in Afrikaans media. Below is the four stories that made my blood boil with rage:

    Gardener kills woman, kicks body

    A Pretoria woman presumably opened the gate for her gardener on Thursday, moments before he shot her in the head. Then he forced 53-year-old Christa du Toit's friend and her domestic worker to step over her body four times. He also kicked the body. Du Toit died in the passage of her house in Swacina Park on the Uitzicht smallholdings in the west of Pretoria, at the spot where she opens her electric gate from inside the house. "It's terrible. The one moment you're talking to her, then you come back and she has a gunshot wound in the head," said her friend, Mickey Coetzee, 48. Du Toit, Coetzee and the domestic worker, Maurine Mambo, 30, were home alone on Thursday morning after Du Toit's fiance, André du Plessis, 54, left for work in Kempton Park.

    Du Toit's two gardeners did not show up for work as usual that morning. At about 08:30 Mambo saw the one gardener strangling Du Toit in the house and heard her scream. At that point Coetzee was in her flat on the same premises. "The next moment Maurine came running over and said Christa is being held hostage. I told Maurine to lock the door. She had only just locked it when a shot was fired through the door." Coetzee said.

    The man forced Coetzee and Mambo into the bathroom before taking them to the main house. He held a firearm to Coetzee's head and repeatedly demanded money.

    "We walked into the hallway and saw Christa lying there. We had to climb over her body to get to the master bedroom. He forced us to step over Christa's body four times. The first time we climbed over her body I asked him if Christa was dead. He kicked her body and told me to be quiet," Coetzee said.

    After the fourth time he shoved them out the back door. Mambo grabbed the gardener's firearm and threw it in the air. It fell apart as it landed on the ground. Mambo ran away and sought help from a neighbour.

    That's when the murderer tackled Coetzee and punched her in the face several times. She lost consciousness. When she woke up, he was gone. Officials from the Hercules police station, the police's air wing and the Pretoria K9 unit (formerly the dog unit) were at the scene within minutes. Police spokesperson Louis de Bruin said the police are looking for Nyasha Mabure, 19, who may be able to help with the investigation. De Bruin said it appears that the attacker demanded money but didn't get any.

    Nothing was stolen.

    - Beeld

    Well known lawyer attacked, friend raped

    Quiet suburban life in Langenhovenpark, Bloemfontein was shattered when a well known lawyer of the city was attacked in his home and his female friend raped. According to lt.cnl Annelie Wrensch, police spokesperson, the 66yr old lawyer and a 58yr old female friend were watching TV at the house in Jan Brand-street when 3 armed robbers attacked them at about 19:00. The attackers assaulted the man and woman and then raped her. According to Wrensch the attackers gained access to the house by removing a security gate.
    They loaded three electrical appliances and firearms into two vehicles, but could only manage in escaping with one of the vehicles. The registration number of the vehicle was send to all the police departments around Bloemfontein, members of the Kopanong- department then spotted the vehicle. The police arrested a suspect that was in the vehicle. He then took them to four more suspects which were then arrested. Wrensch says all the stolen property except for one firearm were retrieved.
    Mrs. Amanda Appelgryn, spokesperson of Bloemfontein Medi-Clinic, said that the man was treated for cuts and the woman for soft tissue damage. The woman was severely traumatized and had to receive counseling. Both were discharged from hospital.
    The names of the victims were withheld as result of the sensitivity of the case. The five suspects will appear in the Bloemfontein magistrates’ court on account of armed house robbery and rape. .
    - Volksblad

    Farm attack- Woman gangraped, police do not respond

    Lephalale - Farmers in Limpopo have condemned the police's slow response to a farm attack that took place near Marken on Sunday. Instead, it was the farmers who ended up catching the suspects.

    A farmer and his wife, both 66 years old, were attacked by three men who threatened them with a knife. The farmer was tied up in an outside toilet while his wife was raped by all three attackers. Spokesperson for the Transvaal Agricultural Union's northern branch (TAU-SA North), Dries Joubert, said "as usual" farmers were first on the scene after the farmer managed to untie himself and call for help."The landline of the Villa Nora police precinct has been out of order and the police gave us a cellphone number to report crime," said Joubert.

    The cellphone number was not answered on Sunday, however. Joubert said one of the union's members then phoned the station commander on his personal cellphone. "The police arrived on the farm about two hours later, while the farm is only 35km from the police station," Joubert said. He said that members of TAU-SA North eventually caught the attackers near the farm and handed them over to the police once the police arrived.

    Lephalale police spokesperson Frans Mokoena said on Thursday that the Villa Nora precinct used only one telephone line, which would ring unanswered if the operator was busy on it. "The phone may ring without being answered, leading people to think that the police do not want to answer," he said. Mokoena insisted the police responded to the farmers' call without delay. "The reason the farmers think we were slow in responding is that perhaps our members were searching for the suspects in a different area from where the farmers were,” he said.

    Meanwhile, the three suspects were remanded in custody when they appeared in the Mokopane Magistrate's Court on Tuesday. They will appear in the Mookgopong courts on September 30. “They have been transferred there so they can be close to the serious and violent crime unit, which is investigating the case,” Mokoena said.

    - African Eye

    Doctor laughed at patient with gaping wound

    A doctor from the Kimberley-Hospital laughed at a man who’s neck wound opened up after being operated on at the hospital. Mrs Janine Jacobs, a family friend of Mr Johannes Terblanche, said that he was operated on the 10th of September this year. “The doctor removed a cyst from his neck. He went home the next day. The Sunday I saw that the bandages were coming loose, then I saw that whole wound were torn open,” Jacobs said.

    They immediately went to a pharmacy where the pharmacist told the that the wound needed urgent attention and had to be stitched back up. At the Kimberley-Hospital’s emergency ward the doctor on duty started to laugh at what the pharmacist said. “The doctor said that it was the first time that a pharmacist referred a patient to him. He said that he could find nothing wrong with the wound. The doctor then just cleansed the wound and gave them a follow-up appointment. We went back to the hospital last Thursday, again we were told that the wound was normal,” Jacobs said. The wound then completely tore open on Monday.

    “I took him to the Kimberley Medi-Clinic on my own cost. There the doctors asked why we had not taken him to hospital much earlier. We have another appointment for Thursday at 11:00. The nurse aid that the infection had to be treated before they could stitch it back up again..

    Ms. Lulu Ntsie, spokesperson for the Department of Health in the Northern-Cape, said that when Terblanche was treated at the Kimberley-Hospital there was no blood or infection in the wound.okters aan ons gevra waarom ons hom nie al lankal hospitaal toe gebring het nie.”

    Ntsie said that his condition were normal with this type of operation that he underwent earlier. The patient was also shown by the doctor hoe to care for the wound. It is really surprising that the wound is infected now,” Ntsie said.


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    Ai, Metro, it is so sad to hear stories like these.
    Africa under indigenous rule is too cruel for human beings to live in, thrive and prosper..... and humanity would not realize that untill the last 'settler' is murderred!

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