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Thread: Recommended Books for 2010

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    Recommended Books for 2010

    Hails all!

    Looking for opinions and offering suggestions for those lovers of Viking Sagas and good Anglo Saxon era novels.

    This past year I picked up some real gems. Still got a rather sizeable stack to try and finish up but here is what I would recommend if you're up late nights by the hearth and need of a good yarn.


    The latest in Cornwel's Saxon series. Another gore-sopped stroll through Alfred's England. Danes beware, Uhtred is on another rampage! I picked this one up on audio book format. It really helps the stress of being trapped in morning traffic, listening to a good old fashion bloodbath!


    Yep, the Oathsworn are on the prowl again. This is the fourth in the series of Viking tales by Robert Low. Quite enjoyed this one, though not my favorite of the series. Worthwhile indeed!


    Wha..?? This one I stumbled on quite by accident while perusing Amazon. The plot sounded interesting and I ordered. As it turns out this ended up being perhaps the most surprising novel I have read in years regarding the Viking Age in England. Absolute authenticity, epic in feel and scope with the ability to draw you in so far you can't put it down. Nearly 500 pages long, this one is apparently only the first in a series. Great stuff. Dark, gritty, emotional and superb. Can hardly wait for more.


    Admittedly, I am not yet done with this. There are several sagas contained in this magnificent volume of classic Icelandic literature.

    Working on a couple of more at the moment as well. As autumn approaches the urge to take on more reading is always inevitable. Gray days, you inspire me!

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    I neglected one other and I am rather ashamed I had not gotten around to reading this masterpiece of northern saga-lore. This is a thoroughly enjoyable read if you like sagas in the old Icelandic tradition. It was published in the 1940s and remains a classic today.

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    Recommended Reading - Germanic Theme

    Please post table of contents where practical

    Teutonic Unity
    By Earnest Sevier Cox.

    An engrossing history of the Teutonic (Germanic) peoples from the time of the rebellion against the Roman Empire under Hermann to the twentieth century.

    First defining the Teutons as of North West European origin, Cox takes the reader on a broad brush sweep of the Germanic peoples’ wanderings in Europe and into the New World, and ends it with an optimistic overview of their future.

    Along the way, he deals in some detail with the forced conversion of the Germanic peoples to Christianity, which he highlights as an important event in their history.

    Written just after the end of the Second World War, Cox also argued for an alliance of the Teutonic peoples in order to prevent another war.

    “Not here, or elsewhere, do I set forward a claim that civilization, even modern civilization, is exclusively of Teutonic origin. Not every discoverer of natural law, not every inventor, not every explorer, may have been a true Teuton; but they came, generally, from areas saturated with Teutonic blood.”


    I. The First Migration
    II. The Second Migration
    III. Baptism or Death
    IV. The Third Migration
    V. Teutonic Empire
    VI. Teutonic Culture
    VII. Teutonic Hegemony
    VIII. A White World
    IX. The Negro in the Western World
    X. The Monroe Doctrine: Race Determination
    Appendix A. Nordic Blood in Spain, Portugal and Italy
    Appendix B. The Guiana Highlands

    Paperback edition
    Pages: 167
    Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback
    Interior Ink: Black & white
    Weight: 0.3 kg
    Dimensions (centimetres): 15.24 wide x 22.86 high
    £11.95 (Plus shipping, calculated to your location and choice of shipping method).

    Hardcover edition
    Pages: 167
    Binding: Hardback (dust-jacket)
    Interior Ink: Black & white
    Weight: 0.31 kg
    Dimensions (centimetres): 15.24 wide x 22.86 high
    Price: £15.26 (Plus shipping, calculated to your location and choice of shipping method).

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    The Northern World
    The History and Heritage of Northern Europe · AD 400-1110
    Edited by David M. Wilson
    With texts by Christine E. Fell

    This brilliant and authoritative survey is for everyone who seeks to know the true story of the foundation of Northern Europe.

    The Goths and Franks, Saxons and Celts, Slavs and Vikings all made as vital a contribution to our civilization as the Latin peoples of the Meditteranean and together with seven other distinguished archaeologists and historians, David M. Wilson examines their distinctive cultures to reveal the reality behind the myths.

    The text is accompanied by an array of stunning illustrations, and covers the gods and heroes, the Germanic tribes, the Celts and how they contributed to history, the rise of the Vikings, the sagas they left behind, and finally the way in which the painters, writers and composers of the nineteenth century turned the history and mythology of the North into some of the great masterpieces of the Romantic age.

    Table of contents

    by David M. Wilson

    1 • Gods and Heroes of the Northern World
    by Christine E. Fell
    The realm of Thor • Odin, the All-father • Tyr, Frey and Freyja • The gods in folklore • Worlds of the living and the dead • Weland the smith • The story of Sigurd • The heroic ethos

    2 • The Germanic Tribes in Europe
    by H. Ament
    Six tribes: the Franks, Alemanni, Burgundians, Visigoths, Saxons, Thuringians • The Merovingian kingdom • The social order • Community and economic life • Paganism and Christianity

    3 • The Anglo-Saxon Settlement of England
    by Catherine Hills
    Angles, Saxons and Jutes • Migration and settlement • The Anglo-Saxon village • Provision for death: the cemeteries • Augustine’s mission • The formation of the English state

    4 • The Celtic Contribution: Picts, Scots, Irish and Welsh
    by James Graham-Campbell
    Ireland: beyond the Roman Empire • An artistic flowering • Dalriada, kingdom of the Scots • ‘The Painted Men’ • North Britons • Wales and the Irish • The realm of King Mark • Survivals and revivals

    5 • The Scandinavians at Home

    by Else Roesdahl
    The Germanic Iron Age • Wealth and war • Stories in stone • The graves of Vendel • Ribe, Hedeby and the Danevirke • The rise of the Vikings • The new faith

    6 • The Viking Adventure

    by David M. Wilson
    Raiders from the north • The route to Byzantium • The settlement of England •
    The Celtic west • Knut the Great, King of Denmark and England • Lands of mists and monsters • Vinland the Good • The Viking heritage

    7 • The Northern Slavs
    by Joachim Herrmann
    Changing structures • A land of forts • ‘The way from the Varangians to
    the Greeks’ • Trade and culture • North-western Slavs and the Germans

    8 • Romanticism and Revival
    by Jöran Mjöberg
    Sagas reborn • Gods and men • The roots of Romanticism • Images of Nordic antiquity • Odin or Christ? Political idealism in old Nordic disguise • Today’s perspective

    Select Bibliography
    Sources of Illustrations

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