I was just reading about an Aussie orange farmer and how cheap foreign fruit is being dumped here and being sold without labels so we don’t even know about it.

The lack of import regulations and inconsistent labeling is severely hurting farmers here.

“People who bring in orange juice from Brazil still use products that have been banned in Australia, I have to compete with that product,” he said.

“We have got to have all this quality assurance and there is none coming the other way and that adds a cost to my product.”

South Australian Farmers Federation chief executive Carol Vincent recently told The Advertiser that imported produce is hurting the agriculture and horticulture sectors of Australia.

“The amount of imports is becoming really dangerous to the sustainability of our agricultural industries,” she said.

“It is just absolutely ridiculous that we import produce that threatens the continuity of our industries.

“We grow exceptional produce and we grow enough for both domestic and export markets.

“The argument that it's all right because the cost of imported produce is cheap is ridiculous.”

AUSTRALIA'S 2009 IMPORT LIST: Oranges $22 million, orange juice $57 million, fresh grapes, $106 million; garlic, $16.7 million; onions, $11.5 million, beans, $11.4 million, potatoes, $93 million; tomatoes, $66.8 million; cashew nuts, $86.4 million; walnuts, $27.2 million; apricots, cherries, plums, peaches, $20.1 million; avocados, guavas, mangoes, $40 million; jams, $53 million; and apple juice, $43.8 million.

We produce the best fruit and veg here so why are we importing it?

It gets worse;

The Chinese government is buying out our farms to directly feed its population


Just how many farms are worth more than $320 million anyway?

The irony is that thousands of farmers are walking off the land, due to financial difficulty because they cannot compete with cheap imported food, so the Chinese buy up our land grow huge amounts of food, ship it off to China and most likely export it back to Australia and in turn more Australian farmers walk off their land and most likely sell it to the Chinese again.

And worse;

I just found out the Japanese bought out dairy farmers, it was acquired by National Foods (The irony is that our "National Foods" is not owned by our own nation) which is wholly-owned by the Japanese Kirin Holdings Company Limited, and consequently the Mitsubishi Group.

We are experiencing Asian colonization