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Thread: Strache Associated with Advocates of a Fourth Reich

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    Strache Associated with Advocates of a Fourth Reich

    A woman who belonged to Viking Youth and who claimed to have witnessed the organisation's 1989 rally in which FPÖ leader Heinz-Christian Strache participated said on ORF's "Report" Tuesday evening that the right-wingers who attended the rally wanted "a Fourth Reich in Austria and Germany and, naturally, the unification of the two countries."

    She added that the rally could in no way be characterised as a humanitarian endeavour to aid East Germans, as Strache had said.

    Members of the Free German Workers' Party, which was later banned, participated in it, she claimed, and participants sang political songs and engaged in folk dances "in a nationalistic manner."

    The woman also said that members of Viking Youth had worn military uniforms and conducted military drills.

    Meanwhile, former FPÖ member Ewald Stadler, with whom Strache said that he was feuding, has called him "paranoid."

    The SPÖ and the Greens have also criticised Strache. SPÖ manager Josef Kalina has wished "Che Strache luck in struggles in Africa's and South America's jungles."

    Kalina added that the FPÖ's effort to portray Strache as "a freedom fighter" simply showed that the party itself was no longer to be taken seriously.

    Greens' deputy Karl Öllinger has called on Strache to distance himself from his past and to apologise to the Documentation Center of the Austrian Resistance (DÖW) for calling it an "association for denouncements," an expression that Öllinger said smacked of extreme right-wing jargon.

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    1989 - that was over twenty years ago, and things have changed much since then. What alarms the enemies of our folk, shouldn't get our hopes up: twenty years is an awfully long time, and he has distanced himself from "advocates of a Fourth Reich" on many occasions - in some cases even denying some of the events ever took place.

    It is undeniable that Strache took part in dealings of the Viking Youth, and that he was part of Wehrsportübungen. But, what did Gottfried Küssel again allegedly say once? That Strache was the biggest coward already back then with the Wehrsportübungen, as he was always the first to run. A coward who is the first to run, and who is more concerned about tightening the Verbotsgesetz than speaking up for his former comrades is not the leader I want for my country.

    When we see the latest removals of people with their heads screwed on right in the Tyrolese chapter of the FPÖ, we also know that the naive belief I held myself long enough, that this party could be used as any type of springboard to achieving anything isn't going to happen. If anything, then it is a waste of time of all those high-ranking functionaries who still have some sense.
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